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  1. I have found Hempel Globic NCT to be reasonable, better than Altex No.5 and similar to the original Micron 66 and at a reasonable cost plus less fussy to apply. That is it can be applied over existing antifouls in most cases. Other local yachties have found a similar story.
  2. 1: Massive New Year's party at Peachgrove Bay, Mercury Islands. Lots of people, helicopters and tequila. Reportedly 40 bottles of tequila were used to break the world tequila train record. A few notable people attended - Peter Burling and Blair Tuke included. A great atmosphere of fun and friendship prevailed, thank you Fay-Richwhite! 2: Next trip up the coast to the Merc's after winter
  3. Where is the 2 to 1?
  4. Have you tried https://www.boatbooks.co.nz/ A well established business which has lots of books and is at Westhaven, a search reveals it has some copies.
  5. That is Extreme (Young 31) which is a radical development of the Rocket, maybe??
  6. I went to the NY party at Peachgrove Bay at the Mercs. Started at 2.00 pm and had an amazing Tequila train (like a Mexican Wave of people having shots) with about 40 (not confirmed) bottles of Tequila used. Everyone was very friendly and the atmosphere was relaxed and joyous with some celebs mixing it. I have photos of the T train but I can't seem to upload them to my Gallery as the upload button seems to be missing??
  7. Thanks Ed, it can get pretty rough out there and it's good to see that sort of consideration being enforced. I hope everyone has a nice trip
  8. What safety category is this race and how are these categories determined?
  9. Anyone know if either of these clubs have spares such as rudders lying around as one is needed in Tauranga?
  10. The funeral was a great tribute to Stu, he was a person who liked to help the under-privileged and youth selflessly. I consider myself lucky and fortunate as well, to have sailed with him on Ballistic for a season and to meet socially while cruising at various times and at the TYPBC events. It was also very sad, hearing the trauma of the event and feeling the sorrow for all involved. The rescue personnel did an amazing job in very difficult circumstances, huge waves and 60+ kn winds. RIP Stuart
  11. They sailed it as a family back from the Med and kept it in Auckland for a few years, it was a big heavy cruiser. The conditions were windy but manageable until it encountered a sea change that produced a confused and powerful wave action. Screwing in shutters would almost be impossible under those conditions was the opinion of a crew member.
  12. Some the results of the last race show boats as having a huge handicap e.g. Satchmo, Boogie Flash with them finishing hours behind others on corrected time??
  13. I know what that is, I was looking for an alternative
  14. Who stocks pourable silicone? I haven't been able to find anything that will pour and self-level except a Sika product for teak decks that has to be bought in bulk and has a short shelf life!
  15. If you add a dye, relatively cheap, to the system it makes it easier to find the leak using UV light source to find it.
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