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  1. Hi Do you have the luff measurement please. Strath
  2. Go on line and have a look at Devonport Yacht Club, handy to Hobson Bay, They do cruising races to nearby destination Waiheke Island, Rakino and further etc. for a beach BBQ and over night stay, over the summer months, also some longer races. They have several under 30ft boat sailing in the cruising series. Go visit the club for dinner on a Friday night introduce your self to the duty officer and have a chat to see if sailing with them fits your requirements.
  3. The question is, under Level 3 can a few of us go down to the lake and sail our Radio Controlled Yachts as long as we stay 2 metres apart?
  4. The question is, under Level 3 can a few of us go down to the lake and sail our Radio Controlled Yachts as long as we stay 2 metres apart?
  5. I have Farr 1020 A couple of years ago I to remove the front runner from the boat, finished up with plywood liner and a glue mess,. I then preceded to make panels that spanned across the full cabin ceiling and have them covered in vynal. This finished up a really nice job. The process 1/ I set out the panels to suit the width of the vynal and the position of any posts, or hatches, I started from the galley posts working forward, also to suit sheet of plywood, in this case they finish up approximately 550mm wide, 2/ Having clean up the ceiling as best I could, 3/ Using heavy brown paper, the type floor layer use, I made 550mm wide patterns, taping it to the ceiling making sure you start parallel to the bulkheads and scribing the ends, 4/ I purchased 6mm plywood, which has a thick core that runs across the sheet, this makes it easier to bend to the curve of the cabin top. 5/ I then laid the pattern on the paper and cut the first sheet. 6/ I then fitted the panel into the boat holding them up by propping it up off the floor, you need a few props, as you must push the sheets up all the way across 7/ Then progressively making a pattern cutting the plywood and fitting each panel inside the boat, scribing the ends and side to match the previous sheet, the cabin top the curve changes and getting tighter as you go forward. 8/ You need to allow 4-5mm clearance on the sheets ends and a 3mm space between sheets. 9/ Once you have fitted all the sheets, sanded the edges and give them and small round. 10/ This is where I cheated as I took the panels to the local upholsterer in Gulf Harbour where he covered the panels with 3mm foam sheets and then rapped them in vynal The finished lookes great a slightly padded vynal panel. It was at the upholsterer recommendation I used 6mm plywood as he wanted wrapped the vynal around the edges to and use 100s of staples to fix on the back. Apparently you can not get shorter staples the 6mm. The sheets are secured in place using industrial valcro stapled along all the edges of the panels and to the underside of the old plywood ceiling to match. It is a fiddly job but well worth the effort, having been a carpentry joiner a past lifeCeiling panels.msg helped. One of the benefits with the above system is that your can remove the panels to get to any bolts fixing turning blocks and deck gear.
  6. Has anybody heard when Leg 2 is starting?
  7. In The Herald this morning Auckland Council Meetings Hauraki Gulf Forum 1pm Monday 17 February 2020 Albany Community Hub, Fruit Growers Room, 575A Albany Highway Albany Find out more; Phone 09 301 0101 or visit aucklandcouncil.govt.nz
  8. strath

    Protest question

    Clarification from Insurance Co. Hi Peter , The definition of Social Racing as below : ‘Social Yacht Racing’ means yacht racing which does not include the use of spinnakers and/or extras, and does not exceed a distance of 25 nautical miles measured by the most direct route of the course, within the Geographical Limits of the Policy. If you are using spinnakers and/or extras then this will be considered racing & the racing excess will apply. Regards
  9. strath

    Protest question

    My Racing Excess has just gone up from $1,000 to $2,500 I have request the following clarification as the policy documentation states Racing excess is $2500 however "club racing" comes under the normal policy excess of $1000 Could you please clarify for me where Racing risk Excess and social racing starts and stops. I assume that if you were competing in the Farr 1020 Nationals, the $2,500 excess would apply to a claim. Again I would assume that if you were sailing in a club race to a club outing to a destination, this would be Social Racing, $1,000 excess would apply to a claim. The question is if I am sailing in a club Wednesday night or a Saturday around the buoys race which excess would apply ? Ill keep you posed when I get a reply
  10. Hi I am after a gas fitter to replace my gas line in Azure ( Farr 1020) Any recommendations?
  11. Hi I am replacing a damaged Raymarine Airmar Speed/Temp paddlewheel insert fitting. The instructions state "Use water-based antifouling paint only" to the low section and paddle wheel. Is waterbased anti fouling available in NZ? Or do you have any alternative tips? Strath
  12. Hi Is there anybody in Auckland are servicing older B&G wind gauges? Strath
  13. Wanted Farr 1020 No2 sail in good condition if anyone has one that is supplies to there requirements. Peter AZURE 0292977705
  14. I have two tins of Altex No10 antifouling, no long needed. Each tin no less than 3Lts. Colour White ( more light Grey) Must be worth $100 or 2x Mount Guy Rum Strath PM me.
  15. I have decided to upgrade to a 30hp motor. Motor and saildrive out of 34ft yacht. $7.5k spent on motor and sail drive in 2013. Motor starts and runs very well. Unknown engine hours. Tachometer key start panel and original manual. No morse control & cables, no frig compressor. Can be seen running in the boat at Gulf Harbour. Please note motor and leg are second hand, therefore no warranty. $1500
  16. Hi I am pulling out on Monday next, for a bottom scrape. I have previously used Alex No10 ( light grey colour) I want to go back to a softer ablative antifouling and have use Altex No5 before. However I would like stay with the light grey colour but Altex No5 only comes in Red, Black or Blue. The boat is on the marina at Gulf Harbour. So I would like some feedback on Warpaint light grey colour please. Strath
  17. I have an Electron, and live in Gulf Harbour if you want advise and to have a look etc. I belong to the Gulf Harbour Radio Yacht Club. We sailed the Des Townson Memorial regatta on Regency Lake last Sunday 22 boat. Give me call if you like. 029 297 7705
  18. Hi Neil Give protect a ring. Protech Phone 09 818 5115
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