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  1. Hi... I chose my ferro boat because she happened to be a long keel, centre cockpit ketch - with a dog house. I knew looking at her she would make a great blue water cruiser. however, I agree, I'm not sure I would build a ferro nowadays...although the advances in materials would make them even better???
  2. I am arguing for ferro.....but I can't argue with the statement that a well built boat is a well built boat whatever the material - that a guy can row the indian ocean solo in a plywood 20 footer (i think) proves that. GRP is without doubt a fantastic material. The millions of boats and yachts built in it is testament to that! The only reservations I would have is the light fabrication of modern yachts and the cost of repair (and to some extent the complexity). When I say complexity I mean matching the gel coat .....that is a skilled and difficult undertaking????? Ferro doesn't have that issu
  3. Here's my logic... Next to me is a guy who bought a Moody 44 grp yacht. He paid £120,000 and £700 for a survey. Then he had to pay £3500 to have the nuts on the keel bolts replaced - they were intentionally made of mild steel because as the bolts were steel they did not want to use SS. In a years time he will have to replace his SS rigging at a cost of at least £6000. So before he's even thought about raising his main sail he has paid out...around £130,000! When I put my footpath in the water in July pretty much finished I will have spent max £12,000... Now when he comes to sell it in five ye
  4. Ferro gets a very bad press and I can't be arsed defending it to idiot armchair warriors. I love my lump and it will take me all over the world in a few years - of that I am certain! Below is a couple of pics of a ferro yacht 'Roc' that entered the 1974 race'. He was caught in the middle of a Cyclone and survived. It's in 'Voyages of a simple sailor' - Roger D Taylor (one of your lot I believe)!!! I think the design of the yacht contributed a lot to his survival- it had only 1 opening hatch 500x500 which he squeezed in and out of. Apparently it just bobbed like a cork but was rolled and t
  5. 'large footpath'...lol...I just refer to her as 'The lump' or 'lumpy'.......She'll probably end up as one of those hulks acting as a break water... (hope that's not tempting fate) So what's the plan for yours Knot me? Any more pics? This pic was taken when I bought Lumpy just over a year ago!!!!
  6. Hi Guys. As you all know I've scraped back my hull back to bare ferro and intend putting 2 coats of epoxy on the hull. A ferro owner I have spoken to says he has had real problems getting his anti foul to stick for longer than a season. He says he has owned his boat for 21 years and has tried everything. Any ideas? What can I do now to ensure my anti -foul sticks and what products have you all used? Is this why some ferro owners have chosen CC? thanks.
  7. I know wheels, I couldn't believe that one. The guy then said, 'well...Liverpool city centre is only 5 mins away'. 'Yes', I replied....'And that's a sh@thole'!!! (which it is)!!!!!
  8. Well Haiqu...that's a good question!!! When I bought this boat I knew it would take 2-3 years to renovate it to the standard I wanted, so I only bought it if the yard gave me a really really reduced rate for three years. So the storage fees are next to nothing. However if I had to pay normal fess it would be £400 per month. However, I take your point. To do something like this does cost a lot (even with the reduced storage rate). Labour, materials and time and effort are substantial. But my rationale is that if I spend some time and money now getting the hull 100 per cent sorted, in th
  9. Hi motorbike Good advice. I've decided to epoxy (2 coats [1 primer and 1 top coat]) the wet area of the hull and just prime and paint above the waterline with a 2 pack matt white paint...probably international or something similar. The reason I've gone to all this trouble of scraping the hull is to check everything and make sure it's spot on so I can have 10 years of trouble free sailing (hopefully)! I've looked at all the evidence and I feel that epoxying the hull is a worthwhile way to add a barrier coat. If it only gives me peace of mind it will be worth it. I'm not sold on CC. It's a
  10. I've finished scraping the port side of my hull.....Here's a vid link.... https://youtu.be/Y5XNQeeCqf8
  11. So...whether you use CC or traditional anti foul, periodically, you have to bring out your boat and either re- activate or re-coat. And...having looked at the evidence I can see no issue with copper coating a ferro yacht (as long as the hull is sound). So Wheels, I know that you are no fool, why did you go down this route? Was it cost? If so what did you think the savings would be?
  12. what about the guy who created the Manson supreme Anchor.....I have to give him respect! and he didn't get it built in china like that Rocna twat!!!!
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