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  1. Some great photos of her and others from a Dragon regatta few years ago. http://oceanphotography.co.nz/lightbox/index.php?module=search&pId=105&start=0
  2. I know there was a lot of rain but...
  3. Pussy Cat GBE Sold mast-less on Trademe ? Sublime - GBE - Sandspit - Ben & Brenda Howson (Not mast-less for much longer)
  4. Beau Geste off Takatu Pt now
  5. Some good Phase 2's for not a bad price in Trade Me lately. $1200-$1800 typically. One pretty good one went for $500. www.phase2.org.nz. Sunburst a good option for class racing.
  6. 2nd the Phase 2. One went for $500 on TM lately, but typically $1500-$2000. Easy to maintain, sail single handed and with heaps of space for crew. I had 4 onboard last weekend. (Little ones) PM if you are north of Auckland this summer if you want a sail. www.phase2.org.nz
  7. Great day on Kawau Bay today for the North Harbour Form 1-4 Regatta, hosted by Mahurangi College.
  8. Might need a bit more breeze to entice me down I am afraid. What's happening down there wind wise?
  9. I'm planning on taking the Phase 2 down. Any likelihood of one or two more?
  10. Form 1-4 (Year 7-10) Regatta incorporating North Harbour Year 7&8 Optimist Champs Monday 26th November at Algies Bay. A great one day regatta for anyone in the age group, including the those looking to do their first regatta. One Optimist course and another for P-Class, Starling, Splash, Laser 4.7, Laser Radial, Techno, 420 (without spinnakers). Entry fee: Optimist, P class, Starling, Splash, Laser 4.7 & Radial, Techno $20 per boat; 420 $30 per boat on race day. (If paying by cheque – Payee: Mahurangi College) Lunches (French stick filled roll, cake, fruit, drink) can be ordered o
  11. If my Saturday night investment plan ever comes to fruition, I'd give Tim a call on Sunday. Some great innovations plus you might even save money on the spars.
  12. I recently did just that (belt sand the moulded tread off). A bit of careful work, especially on concave surfaces. Don't be deceived into thinking that because you are slapping non skid on the odd lump and hollow won't show. I took photos of the original tread pattern and very slightly enlarged the painted area. The application of the nonskid is a bit of an art. The advice I got was to keep the brush it on evenly, quite thickly and use a loaded roller to add the texture. Once it is going off, don't touch it. I am happy with the result and would do it again.
  13. And the Phase 2 stand. Great to see the dinghy display back.
  14. Robertson's is the one closest to the village. http://www.robertsonboats.co.nz/ Mahurangi Marina is the one at the old cement works http://www.mahurangimarinas.co.nz/ Others will be better qualified to discuss the differences.
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