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  1. 4200 mostly. I used to like the old polysulphide but it seems to have gone out of favour.
  2. It doesn't sound like you have ever used Silicon, it has absolutely no place on a boat these days.
  3. Saw you on the road, looked good!
  4. Agree with this. Start with a chart, get used to working out your location/position and accustom yourself to eyeball pilotage. You can use all the aids available but you should get in the habit of constantly assessing all of the possible inputs to confirm you know where you are. The east coast north of Auckland is a fantastic area to learn to navigate simply - all sorts of challenges but no fog! Using a plotter is too bloody easy to teach you anything apart from watching the tv!
  5. I think you will be fighting vested interests, paid-off politicians (ref National's connection with commercial fishing), and profit-before-anything-else logic. But I agree that such a potentially high-value resource should be utilised by and for the people that claim ownership - i.e. Kiwis.
  6. Dtwo

    Jigsaw blades?

    Buy lots. Bimetal for thicker, wood for thin - but buy even more. Go as slow as you can.
  7. Dtwo

    cruising Level 2?

    If anyone is looking for a good recommendation for power tools I would give a vote for AllTrades Electric Tools in Henderson Valley Road. They really know their sh*t and make the big box stores look like amateurs. Good to support a local business.
  8. Dtwo

    She's Back...

    And also messaged inflatable boat repairers to go ahead with the additions to the house - they'll be able to afford it....
  9. Dtwo

    Maritime NZ

    Not sure if I'm on board with the "no WOF" argument. The lack of an engineer had SWA to do with the boat running aground. Seems like a bit of excessive book throwing by MNZ - the young deckie, first trip out, was fined $1700. Good way to encourage locals to join the fishing industry - not.
  10. Dtwo

    Maritime NZ

    A quick synopsis - boat goes fishing, young deckie does not follow instructions goes to sleep and boat runs aground. MNZ prosecute for not having an engineer on board. WTF? https://www.stuff.co.nz/business/300011815/boat-ran-into-mt-maunganui-as-skipper-and-deckhand-slept
  11. Dtwo

    Bilge + Locker paint

    The brushing gelcoat is a good hard-wearing surface, depends on what/how your lockers and bilge are though?
  12. Hmm, have had little or no reaction in Mahurangi/Scott's Landing. Have been asked twice by people walking on the beach - as we load up the dink with a sh*t ton of laundry and shopping - "heading out?". When we answer "nah, washing and shopping, back to the boat, been here 5 weeks", there has been nothing negative. Looking forward to leaving!
  13. My take is that hey were still working through those questions.
  14. Not really on topic but I'm bored. Here's a vid from February. Windy.mp4
  15. Yep, we just sit here and take it, we're 15 tons and it has to be over 30 before we really notice. SW 20-25 at the mo - but the tide just changed......8>(
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