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  1. Dtwo


    No. Just no. Spend the money and get the right stuff or you are wasting time, effort and money.
  2. I am a very average user with f'all interest in monitoring stuff 24/7. My lithium "monitoring" system is a small black box with 10 bars and an orange light that comes on when I need to charge. The glory of lithium is we charge until we get sick of having the generator running, then we turn it off. We are sticking about 130A in so it doesn't take long and we don't worry about 100% charge and all that old lead acid PITA stuff. If you get the system design right first, and use the correct gear when installing, you will be protecting your investment in multiple ways while keeping it simple to operate. Once you get your head around what you are doing with the system, it is actually quite straightforward.
  3. We used vinylester for our tanks, both water and diesel.
  4. Hey I was joking about the Paddle Crabs, but sadly it's closer to the truth than it should be! With regards to marinas - if you don't have fan worm going into Gulf Harbour, you'll have it when you come out. The place is crawling with it.
  5. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/biosecurity/news/article.cfm?c_id=500816&objectid=12310497 New rules have been introduced after Asian Paddle Crabs established a population in Tauranga. Prior to moving a boat from the area, boaties are now required to agressively treat their hulls to ensure that mature crabs are not clinging to propellors, hull transducers and P-brackets. Boats must be hauled out and any mature crabs boiled until tender. Biosecurity spokesman N. O. Idea says "It has completely bewildered us how these crabs could have arrived in Tauranga, a port with very frequent links with China, on the hull of a cruising boat. Boaties should pay for their complete recklessness with random spot fines just for the hell of it". A spokesman representing the commercial shipping lobby refused to comment, telling our reporter "we pay Winston and Simon good money to represent us, go ask them".
  6. Dtwo

    Optolamp anchor light

    Hmmm, more info. I saw a note on Cruisers Forum that suggested disconnecting the wires for a few hours to give the capacitors time to discharge fully (might not have the electronic term correct) and then reconnect. I did that and it was working last night when I checked a couple of times. Matt with your knowledge is that a plausible scenario?
  7. I have a Optolamp Amozonia Mirim 3 that is starting to give problems. Basically I just leave the anchor light switched on and the photo sensitive thingy turns the light on when it gets dark. Recently, it doesn't. Sometimes it will strobe. Sometimes if I turn it off, wait, then on, it will turn on but that has become a brief period of light, then nothing. Last night it strobed briefly then died. I was super careful when I wired it up (mast out of the boat). It has been working for about 3 years. The strobe is not wired, I just use the Tri and anchor light. Tri works 100%. Could the light sensor die?
  8. Ulrich Aluminium - check them for a pole. Re-use the old ends because new ones a feckingly expensive.
  9. Dtwo

    Iridium Go

    BP did you go ahead with the Iridium Go? Thoughts?
  10. Report was made to MPI. Mate - I wasn't asking for any advice and I can tell right from wrong. I can also estimate the size of a 15cm snapper from 50m using binoculars, just to clear that up. Perhaps some reading around libel laws would be instructive for you as well. Kevin - feel free to deal with a similar situation however you judge to be the best way. I'll do the same and refrain from criticising your methods as I definitely won't be near enough to you to witness it. To me it is theft to be taking these fish. It is against the law and that is not an opinion.
  11. Anchored in Kiwiriki with friends aboard. Idly watching this a%#ehole fishing away in about 10 m, stray lining. He hooks up and pulls out about 15cm snap, throws it in the bin. I couldn't believe it so I told my mate and we both watched him do it again and again. He could see us watching so he started to retrieve from inside the covered cockpit when the boat was hanging away from us. He was at it for about 4-5 hours. Before you ask why I didn't say something at the time - wifey wouldn't let me go thermonuclear at him in front of our friends. The boat is a Vindex 375 called Affinity. Couldn't see a port. I can't understand why you would bother even catching these fish, there is no meat on them anyway, even if you are enough of a tosser to ignore catch limits and quotas. If anyone knows him, a gentle reminder would be in order.
  12. According to some on this forum, if you were in the "real world" you'd be "laughing about it". Perhaps the answer might be someone training it not to destroy people's valuable property.
  13. All safe - "couldn't maintain anchorage" https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=12298288
  14. Dtwo

    woolly jumper

    Doesn't it have alloy framing? If I am correct the real issue may be fizzing and it would be a bugger to fix, if it was possible. I may be wrong, survey would confirm.
  15. Where did you get those mats to hold your mugs when you are sailing with extreme heel? I'd like to get some....
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