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  1. Pleasurecraft are already allowed in - superyachts with 50k of pre-booked work. Ma and Pa cruisers won't have 50k of pre-booked work but they would contribute, I would guess, not too much less. Nett positive cashflow for NZ and certainly positive for Whangarei. Before you leave your last port to come to NZ, you are required to submit a shed load of paperwork. It isn't a case of turning up at the door. In any case, the current situation would enable them to have a "superyacht with 50k of pre-booked work". I'm not sure your argument is founded in reality.
  2. Good points, but - - already letting superyachts in if they have $50k pre-booked work - safety is an issue, like it or not. I am guessing but there's a strong chance that the cruising boat's insurance may not cover them sitting in FP during cyclone season. Nobody wants Covid to get established here, but we should be looking at this situation and evaluating the relevant risks rather than conflating it with planeloads of people from virus infected countries.
  3. What sort of prop setup do you have? Coupling tight?
  4. What is next? https://www.nzherald.co.nz/world/news/article.cfm?objectid=12351830&&ref=recommended
  5. Agree. Local small businesses rely on some cruising income. If they can let in superyachts, what is the difference.
  6. Hmmm, the angle I got was that the "golden age" was when designers were following their instincts, in comparison to the modern age when everything is modelled extensively before the lid comes off the carbon jar. Certainly US-centric but interesting nonetheless. The conviction of putting your ideas down on paper, seeing that turn into a yacht - and then waiting to find out how it performed! I think that was the point personally.
  7. Definitely worth getting up to speed on. There are many factors at play here and not just "quota is quota". Such as: - the issue of who owns the resource (QMS has conferred ownership whereas the public of NZ owns the resource) - who is allowed to fish (ATM more and more quota is held by a small, wealthy and influential group) - is the QMS actually protecting the resource? - this resource should be controlled by an independent science-led process. Currently it isn't. - MPI fisheries management is "owned" by the quota holders .... and many more. Pretty important that we all understand the issues.
  8. Interesting, worth a read.
  9. Personally I was able to understand this and agree. It has to happen. I don't understand how anyone could fail to grasp the issues at hand.
  10. Good advice, thanks Dave
  11. What I have learnt about this stuff: - Molly's advice at Kiwi Yachting has cost me about $2k and I still don't have working windgear - before submitting your kit for testing at Kiwi Yachting, make a note what age you were when you took it in. It won't make it any quicker but it does help when trying to work out how long it's taken. - Garmin Help is run by either a talking chimpanzee or a bot. Whatever the answer is they are f*in useless Please advise your progress on this. My experience has led me to begin designing and building a Death Star.
  12. Dtwo

    Boat insurance

    Is that the website - if it is it's better to call them. They are brokers so they will find something that works.
  13. You mention this as if it's a real thing, when in fact the plan is to wait until flying cars come out
  14. There is a totally green option of burning seal oil
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