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  1. Good house keeping. Wash and polish to keep salts from forming on the surface of the paint. Salt will intensify UV like a magnifying Glass. It is also aggressive. Good polish with a UV filter will help. Also need to be very careful when when polishing some paints, if you polish a Linear polyurethane too much you will actually take away a lot of its protection and the coating will prematurely go chalky. Not every product needs the same care so recommend finding out what coating you are dealing with.
  2. It is called FOXTROT uniform Charlie kilo Looking forward to the next regatta!
  3. What about Catasrophic ? Not a song but its got a good ring to it...
  4. ok All, I didn't think it would be so hard naming a boat. I now wish I didnt re name my old boat "In Too Deep" because thats the name I would like and as the old one is also an A Class cat I cant use it again. I would like the name to Be a name of a GOOD song have more than one meaning no reference to the colour blue unless its good note, the sail number is 266.
  5. Matty


    +1 They should chuck a fleet race in there! Like a invitation race...
  6. Matty

    In Too Deep

    Old add was just platform, new add is complete boat ready to sail.
  7. Matty

    In Too Deep

    bump, Cheaper and now comes with a trailer!! must sell to make room for my new project http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing ... 14&ed=true
  8. Matty

    In Too Deep

    Selling my A Class to up grade. Buying this boat was the best thing I ever did to get involved in the class and be able to go for a hoon on a sunny afternoon. Easy to sail and Very fast boat! Am selling the boat with or without the trailer and carbon mast. http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing ... =547261023 Cheers, Matty. 0211696925
  9. Matty

    ETNZ AC72 Sailing

    I know a few guys that work for ETNZ and they work their ass off. Long hours and not many days off. Give the guys some family time over christmas and well get more out of them next year Go ETNZ +1
  10. Matty

    2012 Nexus Gold Cup

    No its not, so it will be interesting to hear what it was doing by vodafone if they were in there start sequence. That would be what you call a cock up in timing, by about 5 minutes, don't think it caused anyone an issues sorry if it did. It didn't cause any issues from where we were, did think it was an interesting spot to be in tho. Had an awesome day out on the water, good to get tied up before the westerly came in! Really enjoyed the legs from whangaporoa, saddle island and back. On the way there we saw Vodafone smoking with their kite up! On the way back we saw equilibrium and akatea looking like the had good pace upwind! Wish I had to go pro (not that I had much time to f**k sound with it tho! Anyone get any good pictures of the fleet?
  11. Matty

    AC 72 Design

    multihulls cant go to windward!
  12. You can always just push "stop" at the top of the page to stop the photos reloading. That's what I do.
  13. Matty told me last night, cant recall what he said but it pretty much means "im gunna go really F*#kn fast"
  14. Another picture, will be awesome to see it out! viewtopic.php?f=37&t=17145
  15. you can get ultra to a range of grey colours from anywhere that stocks International Paint. it comes tinted from the warehouse
  16. In the many SSANZ series I have done on Sundreamer and the one on Tigre I do find the last start is a good option. The reason I say that is there is far less traffic round the committee boat when the start sequence gets underway. It’s all well and good saying people need to stay clear for the start area if it is not their start but in reality that does not and will not happen. Boats are more compact in the starting area and there is less time to react if another boat alters course. After the start yes you are going a lot faster but you also have a lot more room and time. just my 2 cents worth.
  17. Matty

    B&G Simrad 100

    That comment deserves a bit more of an explanation! well got sea sick 30 minutes after we hit the rough stuff and spent the next 5 hours with me head over the side of the boat. those keel boats have a far different motion in the ocean than the multies! feeling pretty gutted to let skins down like that. big respect to all those hard guys who can handle it!
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