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  1. Fish

    Cold Front Today

    The clip ons go direct to the bridge piles, they are separate structures. In saying that, they needed a load of work to address cyclic fatigue. That was when trucks were banned from them. I understand they were welding / re-welding a load of structure in the internal clip on cavities (box girder thingees).
  2. Fish

    Cold Front Today

    I am fascinated by the power of the weather, especially a moderately straight forward cold front, to blow a couple of trucks over and take out a piece of key transport infrastructure. That's why I put it in marine talk. The council or govt have nothing to do with the weather, nor with the Harbour Bridge. That would be the New Zealand Transport Authority. So please don't make it about something it isn't, and please don't go round trolling for a fight. I'm not interested. The fact that these trucks rolled very close to where that micro burst nailed Westhaven, laid flat a super yacht, s
  3. So Auckland had a cold front today. Was kind of nice, blew through fairly fast. Bit of rain. Bit of wind. Easily third reef kind of weather. Now the Harbour Bridge is fucked, and could possibly be out for weeks. Just the middle four lanes mind, so technically a 50% reduction in capacity, but more than that (60%) when you consider the tidal flow. A truck with a shipping container got blown into a girder, righted itself and kept on going. Girder got sheared... NZTA sorry Waka WhakerUpper just trying to work out how to fix it. Note that is different to the curtain-sider that got bl
  4. Cheaper than hiring a lawyer... But it makes MNZ look strong, "guilty pleas" etc etc
  5. Takes balls to sail down there at this time of year.
  6. I was going to reply to Carpe Diem's post with the question, would you rather do something that improves safety but does not comply with the regs, or do nothing in order to comply with the grandfather clause of the current regs. In the commercial regulatory environment, it is harder to apply judgement and own that risk yourself. PS, It Got, are you still having a bad day? I've been hoping you'd change your name back again, just so we know which one of your personalities we are interacting with today
  7. Fish

    Boat Show

    They've still got tickets on sale this morning. I'm not keen to buy one though. No exhibitor maps available either. I understand its at the Cloud and Viaduct Harbour, what with TNZ taking over the other place. Would certainly have a disjointed feel to it.
  8. I wonder if the Master and Chief Engineer were allowed to leave the country if they pleaded not guilty and it went to trial? Not saying they didn't screw up, but asking if there was undue pressure (being detained in a foreign country) to encourage an early guilty plea?
  9. Post from his tracker page Land ho! The precipitous coastline of Fiordland emerges out of the cloud. I can just see the narrow steep walled entrance of Milford Sound up ahead. In about an hour I should make the outlying point and leave behind the equally precipitous blue mountains that are rearing up under my stern.
  10. Post dated 15th Well I got absolutely hammered last night with winds up to 40knts and 5 meter seas. I’ve had enough of the last two days incessant pounding on the hull, the screaming wind and the violent motion. The final straw came when I was standing in the doghouse and a giant wave completely buried the boat and nearly threw me down the companionway as we were slammed right over on our side. I have given up trying to reach Doubtful Sound and am now running directly downwind towards Milford Sound where I hope to find a safe haven. https://www.waihekeworkingsail.org/mikes-journey/fo
  11. He is still posting on the tracker both dated today. The wind dropped to below 20 knots for a brief time so I got up on the cabin top and dropped the main. Still a big sea running so it was like riding a bucking bronco.It’s a relief to have it down now as the wind is forecast to get up to 30+ knots tonight and it’s just too much canvas (alright dacron) up there as last night proved and I had run out of reefs. What I really need is a trysail on a separate track. That’s a great heavy weather sail. Well I don’t have one so the genoa will do the job and it’s a lot easier to make smaller.
  12. Predictwind and Windy are showing swell height of between 5 to 7 m, and a period of 10 - 12 secs for tomorrow and Wed. And 30 gusting 40 through until Thurs am, then again again from Friday, oh, SW, so onto a lee shore and all of that. I'm not familiar with that particular area, but how do you get into a Fiord when it's like that? Don't they have some shallow bar thing at the mouth? Like a pile of moraine debris? Will be character building doing it solo.
  13. And that is a Breton Flag flying from the VHF aerial. I know those Bretons are crazy, but I would have thought they would know their port and starboard.
  14. Seriously BP, Yahoo News? What are you smoking? If you want recommendations for actual news, or news that at least pretends to be based on journalistic investigation, just ask. But Yahoo news? Really? PS, I think this thread may suite the fake news section of smalltalk, rather than lowering the standard of marine talk...
  15. tracker link https://www.waihekeworkingsail.org/mikes-journey/follow-mike/ Looks like he will have a typically bouncy rounding of Puysegur... Three Day Outlook Northwest easing everywhere Tuesday morning 35 knots. Changing Tuesday afternoon southwest 40 knots. Becoming early Wednesday northwest 50 knots, easing for a time Wednesday afternoon 40 knots. Changing Thursday southwest 30 knots. Sea high at times. Heavy southwest swell. Moderate northwest swell at times, easing Thursday.
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