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  1. Gee KM, the Reptile has shrunk a bit... And I thought you'd finished painting it? Or is this another one of your mods? You should stop thinking so much and just finish that project, y'know.
  2. Funny, I was listening to an article on RNZ about McQuarry Island, where they made a machine that could boil up 2,000 penguins a day for oil. The company was set up by a Kiwi in the 1800's. Think he was a Prime Minster or something. Apparently they ran out of penguins... Made loads of $$$$'s first though. Apparently something to do with no RMA back then. The kids watch the Lorax movie they other day. Very strong parallels. Anyway, power wont be a problem now. The Nations power demand just dropped something like 15%, freeing up a massive green source of electricity. Bit of a problem for the 2,600 out of work though. I kind of wonder if the MP for Southland should have been focusing on that instead of weather or not a spreadsheet was password protected... But I guess I'd better move my thoughts on that to smalltalk
  3. Bugger. That is sad. Crew / owner must be gutted.
  4. Fish

    Diesel bug

    Flush and drain with fresh diesel as much as possible, get a good diesel bug additive and use it from now on, but the main bit: Install a good glass bowl diesel water seperator (filter), and if having your engine running is mission critical, install 2 with valves so if one fouls up, you can switch to the other with the flick of 2 valves. A good filter should be about $150, but all the fittings to put in 2 can add up quick. You may also want to be able to bleed your engine super quick and easy. I've installed an outboard motor fuel priming bulb. Cost about $15 and super quick to pump diesel through, 10x faster than the little engine fuel pump... We've had the bug, it is a major pain in the arse. We pulled the tank out for a thorough clean. You will need to learn to live with it, hence the need for 2 filters (I think), the biocide, and as much flushing as possible.
  5. What happened to Lucifer? Wasn't windy enough for hand stands was it?
  6. I've not watched their videos, but when I read the news story, I was wondering what the feek they were up to, leaving a perfectly safe and stable country, with no firm destination and the high chance of not being able to enter any country, or having to sail a very long way... just cause it was cold, and not wanting to 'just live on their boat', but likely being stuck on their boat for a very long time, sailing to the North Pacific (Guam). What do you do when you get to Guam? Hang out with the US navy? Then you guys pointed out they are vloggers. Sounds like they made a conscious decision to do something stupid so they can create a crisis and sell more videos (or what ever vloggers do). The whole interaction with the Tongan Navy an Minerva sounded perfectly fine, I couldn't really see what the issue was. Unless you desperately want an issue to make an episode for you vlog.
  7. The alternative is to drink your neighbours piss, i.e. wastewater recycling. The Ministers response to that was hilarious... he said we are already drinking Hamilton's piss, so couldn't really see the problem with Aucklanders drinking their own piss. Glad I'm on tank water....
  8. No joke. The Saudi's have these desalination barges, they use them over part of the year but don't really need them for the rest of the year, so we can lease them. One barge can produce about 5% of Auckland's daily consumption. Of course the Saudi's have loads of cheap oil to run these things with. I'm not sure what we would run them on, but it will be expensive either way. On a related note, I am struggling to imagine the economic impact if water restrictions are increased. A water shortage could be as bad, or worse than lockdown for the economy. Think of any business that does any food prep, resturants, take aways, cafes, food processing factories. Then other water intensive industries, construction (concrete), a number of manufacturing processes, on it goes...
  9. Yes. 'We' are seriously looking at desalination...
  10. I wouldn't be surprised if it gets re-purposed as a desalination pick-up pipe by this summer, to help with the water shortage. Excellent spot for it, high tidy flow for dispersion of the brackish water, plenty of space there on the Pt Erin side of the harbour bridge for the desalination plant to be located, and they can hook into the big water mains going over the harbour bridge for distribution. Strewth, they could even park one of these rumoured Saudi desalination barges inside Watchman Island, or tie it up to the jack up platform that is there now. It would look like they are still constructing the stormwater outfall, we wouldn't even know its a desal unit unless they told us...
  11. I wonder if any cardboard, or cardboard derivatives were used in the construction of this ship's engine?
  12. Apparently they're Merican.... They sure sound Merican. Asked why they shouldn't stay longer in New Zealand Renee replied: "Eww, it's cold, it's winter. There's not going to be a lot of adventure. We're not travelling, we're just living on a boat." "If we stay in New Zealand we probably won't put videos out because there's really nothing to film and who wants to watch a family living on a boat doing nothing but school and living life like normal? Maybe we could get the kids involved in a New Zealand soccer team or something."
  13. A ship has lost power, leaving it stranded in the Port of Tauranga shipping channel. The Singaporean-registered log carrier, Funing-9690913, was departing the port bound for China when it lost power around 12.30am on Monday. Crew dropped anchors and the ship is holding position between Mauao and Matakana Island, Maritime NZ said in a statement.Two tugs are with the vessel and providing support to the ship that appears to be on the edge of the shipping channel, which has a sandy seabed at that point. Tauranga port authorities have set up a response centre to manage the event and Maritime NZ has established a team to provide coordination and support. https://www.stuff.co.nz/bay-of-plenty/122043791/ship-stranded-after-losing-power-off-mt-maunganui I bet the crew forgot to open the raw water inlet, and the engine overheated just after leaving berth, it's hard to get good help these days...I mean, what could go wrong, Tauranga has never had a massive clusterfuck cause a foreign ship's crew were on the piss instead of paying attention... Only a matter of time before something happens in the Rangi channel.
  14. Thinking the tide will have some influence, big fat moon, no notable wind showing on predict wind... Good weather for spotting wild life, calm.
  15. Never in a million years. ETNZ doesn't have an election coming up, and it isn't a democracy...
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