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  1. I just want to know who's sock puppet sailing nz is. I know I've seen it before, I just can't place it.
  2. Das Boot is one of my all time favourite movies - the original one that is, not any of the series or re-makes. For some reason, my missus never ever ever ever wants to watch it, or even let me watch it. Hopefully without spoiling the plot for anyone, the movie conveys the tedium of life on-board, interspersed with shear terror, and overall, the movie leaves you with a deep sense of complete futility, which I think sums up what war is really about.
  3. Fish


    Is this one of those smalltalk threads that isn't in smalltalk cause you banned yourself from it?
  4. Hypothetical question. What is the consensus of the safety and risk of going paddle boarding on an inflatable paddle board, if you knew happy teeth had taken up residence in the particular piece of sheltered estuary water you frequently paddle board in? Of course while complying with the spirit and letter of the law for self isolation, being close to home, exercise only, carried out in isolation, without crossing paths with any other human etc etc. Asking for a friend, of course.
  5. But only if you want to keep it in a marina. There are options where you can pay that for a year to park it in locations not exposed to the weather (storms) that are about as secure as a marina, for the size boat the OP is talking about.
  6. From what I have seen and heard, a well looked after and well spec'd boat can get multiple offers in the first week of listing. Until you own a boat, you would not believe the time it takes to keep it in good order. Any that have sat for more than maybe 2 months, have probably been let go, i.e. there is a pile of work to be done to get them into good order. That said, Aleana's comments re the current situation with the virus etc, if you actually want to part with cash right now, I'd expect you could cut a very good deal.
  7. Yes, the Covid 19 thread is in marine. It started off as a 'lets go sailing and avoided' thread, but it just turned into a general 'world is ending' king of thing. Not dissimilar to every other corner of the internet at the moment. There is a second Covid 19 thread in smalltalk. Its more along the lines of insurance issues.
  8. I would say the critical factor if you are worried about sailing speed and the need to motor, isn't the design of boat, but the state of the sails. More so, for beginners, the state of the sails is critical. Old sails are baggy, they have no shape. When the wind blows you heel over and get over-powered. You then reef to control the power, but are then under powered. You get both scared from fighting to control the boat, and you are slow, so you get pissed off, and motor. Or you get sick of it and take up golf... If you have new sails, when the wind blows, you accelerate.... you sail fast, it is easy to control the power when the wind gets up, you can flatten the sail (less healing force, better pointing), and you can twist them out (spill power at the top). You are happy, you get the boat in the groove, and soon you are entering club races, or sailing further, in a wider range of wind conditions... There are some boats that are notoriously under powered. Chico 30's I think? Almost anything made to fit an IOR rule. Most other designs, just get good sails...
  9. Fish

    Very odd noise

    New bearing going in. One plate needs to have a hole slightly larger than the bearing outside diameter, but small enough to sit on the end of the strut squarely. The other plate has a U smaller than the bearing diameter, that just fits over the shaft. You then have a third smaller plate (scene in this top photo) with a U smaller than the bearing that fits over the shaft. The main plates have holes for the threaded rod of course. Pick up Whangaparaoa if anyone is keen to borrow it.
  10. Fish

    Very odd noise

    Old bearing coming out. The parts for this cost less than a travel lift, lift and hold... for any lurkers out there wanting to make their own. This one is 1 1/4 inch by 1 3/4. We have loads of space between the strut and hull, so haven't trimmed down the threaded rod, but it only needs to be twice as long as the bearing, plus plate thickness's, washers and nuts. Scaffold tube cut in half, held together with cable ties to get started, pushes the bearing out of the strut. Threaded rod from Bunnings (or any more reputable hardware store). The key part is the plates. We got these made at a local engineering fabricator. Painted them ourselves with a can of something in the shed that protects from corrosion. Then all you need is 2 spanners. If there is two of you working on it, take 4 spanners... takes maybe 10 minutes to change a bearing from go to wow, including taking photos. If you get a brass bearing, freeze it, keep it on ice in a chilly bin, and it will slide in 3/4's without evening having to push it. Once it warms up it sticks in nice.
  11. Fish

    Very odd noise

    Fairly sure we have had scale on the shaft under the cutless bearing. We put in a new shaft when we did the engine. We had scale on the taper, cause that wasn't mated properly when we changed a prop. I doubt scale would cause what you describe, but it could be a symptom. Scale under the cutless bearing is likely to accelerate wear of the bearing, once it gets sloppy you get all sorts of random noise. Generally just lots of noise and vibration. But you can get structure born vibration that makes very odd noise in other nearby parts of the boat. Before we last changed out cutless bearing, I was regularly looking in the lazarette locker for something that had come loose.... there was an odd rattle. The other thing it could be is prop cavitation. Its unlikely, unless you've changed your prop, or have somehow changed or damaged the very tip of a blade. Cavitation is when the prop tip is too close to the hull, sounds like a high pitched 'pinging'. As revs increase you can't hear it, the frequency increases until its just more white noise... Can normally only hear it on clam still days at low to medium revs, i.e. its very hard to hear over the environment. If you are familiar with large pumps (water or wastewater) it is the same noise / phenomina as when a pump impellor is worn, or the pump is dead-heading (stalled but still spinning around). I would change your cutless bearing first. A warn bearing causes all sorts of noise and vibration in the drive train. The brass ones are fine, the phenolics are cheaper but don't last nearly as long. We have a pulling tool if you want, and it fits your boat. We do ours between tides on piles. Takes two of us less than 10 mins from start to finish, and no need to drop the rudder, haul out and all that bullshit. The tool fits 1 1/4 inch shaft, 1 3/4 bearing. Pick up Whangaparaoa. On the anode question, I understand why you want to avoid risk of over zinc-ing, we have had soft wood cut out cause of over zincing, (DD kauri with glass skin), but we now only have a zinc on the prop shaft. I know the classics banned anodes, complained a kiwiprop failed after 3 years, but no anode...
  12. Loving the new platform IT, really good new features and I logged in just fine with my display name (it did offer my email as default, which might be confusing people). Thanks for all your hard work on the site.
  13. Fish

    Test pic

    Piripiri Pt, Okura Estuary, inside the Long Bay marine reserve? Show off, looked like a nice day.
  14. Fish

    Very odd noise

    What sort of cutless bearing is it, and is it in a strut or a dead wood? And how old / what condition is your drive damper plate in?
  15. Appreciate your hard work IT
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