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  1. Getting power supply to them can be tricky in a retrofit can be tricky too. Best done with the pulpit off. Otherwise having the cables cable tied on exposes them to being pulled off by wildly flapping sheets. best done with pulpit off.
  2. 100% glad we put one in. a big benefit is the amount of moisture leaking into the house is reduced making for a warmer home. We found that we have cooler showers as the cubicle gets warm so save on hot water too. two downsides are they collect dust and showers do get mouldy quicker so you have to spend more time keeping them dry. we dry the shower with a scraper While it is still warm inside.
  3. It’s worth being vocal. Popular social change never happens without it. Consider the water quality/farms position. A few years ago there was a bit a noise around the issue and then a surge of farm-hate type editorial all over the media. It’s not that long ago and now we have Fonterra itself promoting clean waterways. I’m not saying it’s perfect but it amazed me how quickly it moved from being only the green fringe making a bit of a dance to being mainstream. The same can happen with the gulf. Go on. Make a noise. Protest and petitions work if you’re persistent.
  4. Addem

    Flying Fish

    We saw a handful Sailing from Tauranga to Tairua the other day.
  5. Thanks Ali. I’ll do that
  6. Agreed. We were fortunate that we had someone sleeping on the floor who woke thinking he’d wet the bed.
  7. Thanks IT. Good idea. Never thought of that.
  8. We replaced both. Wasn’t as hard as we were told to expect. And the old seal was quite stiff and overdue. As to the securing rings on the second seal being weak; I couldn’t agree more. We had a crack in the exhaust elbow a year ago on a long overnight trip which filled the boat with water to the floorboards before we knew about it. Consequently, with the cracked secondary seal, the cavity between the two was full of seawater and the rings you mention we’re so corroded as to be virtually non existent. (Also establishing the water alarm is NBG too. )
  9. Yes. Very disappointed. It’s too soft to use on a boat. After 2 years we have nicks and scratches and patches all over. Perhaps a pro might have done a better job but I can think what we did wrong. We measured properly and observed Redpath times. The undercoat is harder than the topcoat.
  10. Sorry for being unclear. I was referring to a general question mark about large windows on ocean crossing boats and Those on cats in particular. I don’t subscribe to herald either but that link works for me. The story is first hand from one of the crew and says the windows were “ sucked out“ in a knock down from a breaking wave. With large openings and big sea state water was coming in Faster than they could keep up with with the pumps. It seems the deck mounted liferaft was washed away so they had to abandon ship with Dan buoys only. Exhaustion came quickly so they couldn’t retrieve the two in the water who were tangled in the ropes of the raft dropped by the Orion. It sounds harrowing.
  11. Sorry Mate, not even close. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=12277520 I’ve never done an ocean crossing but have always wondered about the strength of windows, especially on those big cats.
  12. Addem

    Sold Boat

    Don’t despair. That $7200 saving will get you a nice charter in Whitsundays or Tonga. Our strategy was to downsize to save outgoings, do regular sailing on smaller or other people’s boats and spend the savings on a charter. Turned out that the actual approach has been join a syndicate (which has achieved the other people’s boat but) and regularly charter. With friends we get on a nice big cat and are way ahead of the expenditure we used to have.
  13. I only read Crew on my phone and it shows fora in date order so Small talk dominates the list, being the most active area. I’m happier not seeing it as it has tidied the lists up and I have already saved several microseconds not having to read the headings. “I can resist everything but temptation”
  14. It’s wise to never admit to being a cyclist. They seem to be the least popular of life forms. Healthy specimens though.
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