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  1. drew something easier, i could take flare out for people without ability to build, not selling, gifting, 13m, very stiff sailing boat, good entry, will not pound as some very expensive French offerings do 8mm plate 6mm deck, very long range tanks
  2. not the dodger we put on, was canvas, i think, i'd buy her, trubble is i had a stroke
  3. that is me with dark hair and Alan Paulsen one of my great men, the man missing in Ralph Fergesen an excellent man too we never had CAD generated plate developments in those days and more importantly we never had OSH the pieces of light strip are to temporarily space the frames
  4. Nice to know this, thanks, John became a real friend, learned much from this brilliant engineer, he was a founder at Becker Carter Furneaux Hollings I was never ever a fan of stringers, neither was John . We built the Euro way
  5. 10% of the people catch 90% of the fishTrue enuff
  6. The world is littered with old race yachts some in very very good condition but the limiting Factor is their deep-draft I can see her staying where she is for ever as an aluminium yacht builder I would never touch her with a 40 foot barge pole I know the work involved they built her 4 line honours but she was never competitive enough being that much shorter than the maxi's of the day I remember the day she left on a ship for England I also had my first yacht down there at Kings Wharf I think it was the day Outward Bound sailed for England I remember Wheels dropping a 4 litre pot of paint from the masthead onto the cork deck what a bloody tragedy that was
  7. Just stick anotice on the boards at the Clubs Akarana, Squadron, Ponsonby Sailing There should be Wednesay sailing in evenings
  8. you have a point, I dunno if I can afford to move back what would my place be worth in Ak well here 800k maybe , near Mooloolaba 5500sq/m Roos come in too
  9. smile, maybe they never heard of trim tabs, many do not but most planing boats need em, either for fore and aft or beam winds as you know yourself, trims tabs can flatten out most any boat, cheers, maybe with a setup like that they are new Kiwis:))
  10. Caper for John Hollings and Cape Providence for Tony Evens Caper was the smallest Lloyds yacht to be built in survey in NZ
  11. this was my last build ALAN did most of the design, I did contruction dwgs, eng dwgs arch, cockpit, belting design sheer cap, which is solid from a die I had made in China Everything was done in house except rig Merv Green did the woodwork fitout I started her in 99,spec for the NA market She sold into Gold Coast #Got hammered in a Tasman gale blowing 35 plus for 3 days on nose At 18500kg at departure that is with her long range fuel tanks of 1500l she is not slow 8000 kg lead in keel scheel type The second owners report shen was always first into port in the Darwin to Indo rally ahead of the cats which do slow up loaded in cruise trim I built her in al al, 8mm bottom I first started building steel Yachts in the 19 seventies then sometime early in the eighty's I went to alloy yachts and started engine rooms with the then fellow worker Tony Hambrook who went on to be managing director of the company I left because there were certainly was not room for two of us and I wanted to try my hand at building with my own company I built quite a few Mummery yachts I built two of the Cape forties and one spec Marimba the same as Eric wing had but welengthened to the boat out to 34 feet with a sugar scoop and it was in aluminium not in steel I wish I could locate that both because it was a lovely send keelerand I would love to buy it as I no longer have the energy to build
  12. What a strange statement It (not she) is not at all by the stern, trim is normal However it is spoon entry, kinda flat ike the house behind and will pound in even a slight chop
  13. Miss NZ Yes I do know as I had company building alloy yachts in nz since 85 Stopped in 2000 I used Intenational Paints tank liner No failures Simply I sanded the tank plating before fabrication The acid washed then painted iton Search millennium 55 sailing my last build on youtube
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