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  1. I can only speak on behalf of myself but I stand in awe to most other species. Humans as a collective are quite successful at being predators but this has only been the case for a vanishingly short period of our existence. At the individual level our brains are still those of prey not predators, hence the fear response whether rational or not to a true predator in proximity to you. I would expect to see indifference to another species in my proximity as the marker of dominance not the adrenaline fueled fight or flight response that the seal evokes. Progress derived from following the scientific method is likely what makes you feel so confidant to make a claim of dominance. Yet the view that you hold is not supported by scientific reasoning. Your view whether you know it or not is founded in an antiquated view made up by philosophers during the dark ages about humans being central and the purpose of nature is to serve us. There is no scientific basis for that rationalization and there never was. So if I should stop killing ants, swotting flies and eating meat (which I do not eat) am I now entitled to ask of you to stop using the internet, electricity and modern medicine? If the above is a bit too much all you need to know is that we have very different views of what respect for another species means and that rationalization does not lead to progress.
  2. I do not think she cares what we think of as her natural environment from our point of view. She probably just figures any place where she can have a sleep and catch some food from time to time will be sufficient. It is also natural for things to adapt as best they can to change, unfortunately not animals are as apt at adaptation as she appears to be. Point and case is just look at how difficult some of us are finding the adaptation to the change of a leopard seal becoming part of our environment.
  3. Hi all, I have decided to let her go on $1 reserve since work has taken me abroad. I would rather the boat be enjoyed and kept in good condition than let it become another one of the neglected boats. Please share if you know of anybody in the market for a boat! https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1845004666&ed=true I wonder why more people dont syndicate boats among a couple of club members or friends...
  4. New Force is for sale. Type: SR26 Construction: GRP with wooden core She is a really fun boat both for racing and weekend adventures. She comes with a dinghy and a 2hp Yamaha outboard. At present she does not have an outboard and that is reflected in the price, a 8hp long shaft outboard will do the job. $13,000 ono. If interested please send me a message, then we can take it from there. She is currently out of the water and will likely go back into the water after the weekend. Sail inventory: 1 x Big roach in good condition 1 x Dracon main OK for cruising 1x No1 Genoa Kevlar very good condition 1x No2 Carbon in ok condition 2x No3 Dracon in ok condition She also has a carbon fibre prod. Two anchors both with chain. Inflatable dinghy with aluminum hull in good condition with 2.5hp yamaha outboard (new 2016). She has all the gear required for CAT4. Engel 12v refrigerator Small generator Gas barbecue Small solar panel And many other bits and bobs.
  5. Thank you for all the advice, much appreciated.
  6. I am after some advice regarding the best qualification to get in NZ to allow me to charter a yacht in europe for a vacation. Options appear to be coast guard coastal skipper, RYA equivalent to the coast guard coastal skipper or ICC? Whats the benefit/difference between coast guard and RYA qualifications any opinions?
  7. Hi Ian, I had a similar mooring line tension issue on my swing mooring about 300m from the halfmoon bay ferry terminal, earlier this year. I had quite a lot of mussels on it (about 30cm diameter) my moorings previous service was at a similar time to yours. I ended up going to the boat at low slack tide and winched the line up bit by bit clearing the mussels off. It was about 2m worth of them, that sorted my issue completely. Before sorting it out, the mooring buoy got pulled under by the current on me, disappearing below the surface when I let go. It was a fairly unpleasant start to the weekend not knowing where my parking spot went or why. Be aware of that happening since it leaves you with a bit of a sinking feeling. Good luck
  8. I have been described as many things, a fat bastard not one of them, so I may be ok. The boat is on a swing mooring so when I go to the top it might just swing around one additional axis, and some charlie going down the tamaki river at 5 knots might just send me swimming in his wake
  9. Its the masthead kite that I need to take a look at. Hmm fair comment Crocket, is there anybody on the forum that knows the answer? This is Grey Goose and prior to that her name was New Force she has a little bulb on the keel.
  10. Hi, I need to make a trip to the top of the mast to replace nav lights and inspect/fix/replace a pulley potentially. Is the pulley size at the top fairly standard, any guesses what size I should consider getting before making the trip up there? Any other pointers? Cheers, Johan
  11. Thats what I am after, thank you will make contact with them.
  12. Hi, Can anybody please give me a link to where I can find a form to rent one? Cheers
  13. Hi Guys, Thank you for the response I will try to get photos this weekend or the corroded area. JP
  14. Hi all, I went to look at a boat today and saw some corrosion on the aluminum mast. The corrosion occurred just below the rubber boot seal where the mast goes through the cabin roof. The corrosion formed a 3mm hole all the way through the mast at the leading edge. Does anybody here have any experience with this type of problem? Is it a problem?
  15. Ah excellent. PM sent thank you.
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