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  1. Don't buy a Parsun. I've been to the 'factory' in Hainan where they make them . Parsun, Sail & another whose name I've forgotten...same motor with different badge.. Suffice to say they are not well made. But they look good brand new. Stay with the tried and trusted brands if you want reliability and longevity.
  2. Thanks all especially Luigi.That's nice !. Unfortunately it seems you misunderstood. It's the wooden transom that's come away from the rubberised / PVC insert frame.The dinghy itself is in primo condition and what's happened is a glue failure. Thx IT.
  3. Transom board of our inflatable has detached from its rubberised frame. Any advice on how best to repair and what glue to use ?
  4. My main beef with YNZ is where the fees we pay get spent. And Govt.grants depend on performance mean a whopping salary bill to pay mainly for elite sailing as I noted earlier. Putting up fees is easy but cutting costs is an anathema to most bureaucracies and this one is no different.
  5. And thanks to you other contributors too. This has bugged me for years. This shutdown hasn't been entirely wasted.
  6. Brilliant.....thanks KM. I'll sleep tonight unless I overdose on Appletons in celebration of your stunning scientific solution. Bill Gates has got nothing on you !
  7. So I'm still thinking........ so many scenarios...Main halyard comes down to block on mast collar then back to clutch aft. Say 50 kg. So upwards lift on mast collar 50 kg ? Surely that transfers back up mast thence to mast step ? Or am I overthinking / over complicating. BTW I wasn't good at Physics !
  8. Thanks....I'm thinking.....
  9. Thx Jim....I think I've just about got it now. It's the down ward force on the main luff that is the confusing point. But the anchor point for the halyard is at the mast crane. Then to a block on the main headboard so the load is 100 kg at masthead. So logically ( to my mind) the load at the mast step has to be 100 kg ? even if the load on the halyard is as you say? Thanks again for explanation
  10. Thanks for putting that up IT. I've waded through that lot last night and this morning, Pity the diagrams are lost. However knowledgable the written points may be I still can't understand how mast compression is reduced although it seems those with the experience say it is. Thanks again
  11. Yes...that's correct, don't bite the hand that feeds you.....in which case exactly what is their function ? Oh that's right organise the 5 ring circus for the top dogs in the Olympic Classes plus token appearancs via "Regional Managers" at centreboard regattas. YNZ IMO lost their way many years ago once they got into the big $$$$ salaries. For sure the YNZ fee that the YC's I belong to is very hard to justify as far as the rank and file are concerned.
  12. I've heard a few explanations of the need for 2:1 main halyard systems. Apart from ease of hoisting can one of you experts ( e.g. KM or Wheels )explain just how it allegedly affects the compression on the mast. Seems to me that no matter what system there are two attachment points ,top and bottom of mast, so the only effect is miles more halyard to buy and stow ? But round the bar others say it reduces compression ? How ?
  13. Don't hold your breath for credits on boat, house or car. Like petrol prices.....it's called making hay when the sun shines. And of course when its raining they wouldn't put premiums up would they ..? Oh wait...........
  14. And Jacinda . remember ( it's getting harder) she's the Prime Minister.Yep....once again its the recreational boaties that get hit. Never mind that the paddlies don't cling to any part of a mobile boat. But regulations around anti fouling / med. fan worm / etc/ get more emphasis . Is common sense defunct.? Yes ! I asked the local enforcement officer what these regs were designed to do and he told me that they couldn't get at the foreign ships so boaties were next in line. Ships stop 200 miles out and dump their ballast water . Yeah right. And it is rigorously enforced ??????
  15. Mate ...its only libel when it's not true and didn't happen. What you propose ,i.e.defending what you don't know, is how this crap gets perpetrated. Yeah,I know the fish weren't measured ,etc.etc. but I've seen the same caryy on by people who don't give a rats. And in that same bay over the years. Kudos to the poster. This is how they can be stopped. They would deny deny deny of course but may not do it again --- well done that man
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