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  1. It's all about supply and demand. More demand ,less supply equals a screwing. Stand by to get screwed like KM says. Drive all the stakes in you like but if there's someone waiting to take your place it doesn't count. Panuku's meeting is only window dressing to placate the Council. Like Council consultation it is a waste of time but ticks boxes for so called democracy. Get with the programme people.
  2. Are you nominating for YNZ then ?
  3. Not only not for profit organisations . Many business's turn out to be not for profit for shareholders ! But CEO's & Staff cream it. And don't overlook substantial Directors fees
  4. It's a great lurk if you can get it. Boards of Directors do policy, drawn up by the CEO & Staff which gets rubber stamped by said Board . Then go to conferences, that are in reality junkets.Staff then do more or less what they like, CEO keeps Board happy & we (the people) pay and obey. Very rarely does this system come unstuck, like Jenny Shipley, but when it does its spectacular. Everyone runs for cover . YNZ will unravel and the momentum has started.
  5. Just like all secret societies. They can ignore the peasants for so long and then.....revolution. It 's like Rachael's hair.It won't happen overnight but it will happen
  6. My brother belongs to Mt.Maunganui Fishing Club which is part of Mt.Ocean Sports Club. The other clubs are Mt.Dive Club and Mt.Yacht Club. Apparently Mt.Yacht Club has the cheapest subs of the 3 so all the social members join the YC at $70 a head. YNZ thus cleans up around $30 each from these social members ...about 200 of them he tells me or about $6000 . Obviously the closest these members get to the water is when they are at the bar. (clubhouse is built out over the water). Nice work if you can get it. See why YNZ is hanging on in there. Look at their salary bill largely funding the 5 ring circus and elite dinghy sailing, mainly Auckland and you can see what a bunch of suckers the rest of NZ is being played for
  7. Some good advice in there. Go for a diesel inboard, fibreglass hull & deck ,and above all go for a boat that doesn't need TLC,or work. You'll soon burn up the price difference and still have a boat worth what you originally paid.
  8. Like the Govt ....they'll get you anyway they can. Why didn't you leave her off and just make a $50 donation ? I'm thinking of resigning from all but one club and making a donation equivalent to the full sub at my others. I can still participate at those clubs because I'm still a member of an affiliated club...and those clubs will be better off financially....
  9. I would like to know what benefit I get for my levies as an average member. .Thats not unreasonable. My club(s) seem to just pay because they always have and apart from Rules use don't seem to get much other benefit apart from occasional visits. I also found that there is no direct democracy in Board appointment. Commodores apparently get to attend Board meetings but get no vote. Appears, at least on the surface ,to be an old boys network dragging funds from near and far. Including us. Obviously they have become a self serving law unto themselves. I don't accept that they don't monitor Crew and this forum. They just ignore it because they know they can....without consequences. Shame !
  10. So I'll have another go. What is it that YNZ does for it's fee (s) for the average out of Auckland yacht club member ? Leave out Olympic, Elite and high performance coaching and management. What is the arrangement if you belong to multiple clubs ? Do they get the same fee from each club? Is it time for amateur sailing to cut them loose and go back to yesteryear (NZYF) run by amateurs with occasional honorariums like most class organisations function.
  11. Quite right Priscilla ---- and general DISarming of the population, or at least the law abiding population. We're all exposed to the same sort of threat of the individual facing the might of the State.. And individual rights are under continuous threat in favour of the so called common good.
  12. I remain of the opinion that whether or not he did it he should never have been convicted on the evidence presented at the trial. Too many speculative opinions ,changed evidence and police shenanigans. Read the transcript and it doesn't make enough to convince you beyond reasonable doubt. I read about Guy Wallace in the media the other day saying he was pleased Watson was there because Wallace reckoned he was next on the list for a conviction. Watson is reported to sometimes be sullen and angry in gaol and that's why he's not ready for parole after 22 years. Just say he didn't do it and put yourself in his place . You'd be sullen and angry too ?. IMO there's too much doubt. He's done 22 years, parole him now....no new (expensive) trial and no payout if a new trial finds him not guilty
  13. Temerity was the lightweight from Cambridge
  14. Some people just don't get it do they .
  15. Don't buy a Parsun. I've been to the 'factory' in Hainan where they make them . Parsun, Sail & another whose name I've forgotten...same motor with different badge.. Suffice to say they are not well made. But they look good brand new. Stay with the tried and trusted brands if you want reliability and longevity.
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