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  1. Too tue. Qualifying standards are very low in ome sport too. 470 girls looking good.
  2. Obsessed?.... and your knot?... So YNZ runs the sport ok by you or not?
  3. So they are not perfect then? They need a senior OD class like the etchell, a cat... maybe a foiling A?. And a keelboat with more than four crew.
  4. Do tell more Knotme i am intrigued. But the way you started your post i thiught you were talking about the ekite sailors hoovering up all the YNZ funding to have fun in Rio. But you are right. As Armchairadmiral says... they should be focussing on thr sport not their obsession with land grabs. Should get the local iwi involved... or throw a few bones around the site.
  5. This link might be better, http://www.sailing.org/2016-olympic-games.php?rgtaid=12379&evntid=31365&view=fleetevent&includeref=regattapageresults25775#results__12379 I dont know if it me but the classes raced at the olympics are all boring mono centreoarders for the youth . How does a over thirty year old sailor, a keel boat sailor, or a cat sailor get to the olympics? ISAF are alienating a big chunk of the sailing community. Bit of a joke really... Looks bad for the NZL finn, nacra, and not good for the laser. 470 teams lookin g ok and 49er to come.
  6. Sailed that coast many time back in the day. I would rather battle warm gale north westerlies in summer than cold southerlies ( especially from the east quarter) in the winter.
  7. Doh!!!... Take it sailing upwind in a breeze and check the windward glass,/ joint and frame arer for movement or microcracking. $170k subject to survey ....
  8. Keen?.... organised madness! 1. Its cold 2. Mostly southerlies at this time 3. Small boat. 4. Easily trailable 5. What happened to that young fella bumming around in the gulf???... is this his new boat? Keeps the rescue service active and justifiable i suppose.
  9. yeah but you are not buying a wooden boat. You are buying GRP .. with a steel " draw back"
  10. Ive seen a few issues with Cal 40's after twenty yers. And heard of one X with a delamination from frame. I just hate steel in a boat. Especially buried away in glass. It just a cheap way of spreading loads and reducing hull thickness. I would buy it for $180k and put ten thousand away for any year twenty issues.
  11. http://www.sailing.org/olympics/resultscentre.php Interesting results so far. My Croatian freinds doing well in Laser. Euro domination with Brazilian and Argentina looking good. Early days...
  12. http://au.yachtworld.com/core/listing/cache/searchResults.jsp?fromYear=2000&Ntk=boatsUK&searchtype=advancedsearch&hmid=0&sm=3&enid=0&toYear=2000&luom=127&currencyid=1002&cit=true&boatsAddedSelected=-1&ftid=0&man=X%20yachts&slim=quick&No=10 Being blue and eventually needing a paint job... $190k. Owners love them. But what owner ewoul hate their own boat? Good boats but the steel frame worries me.
  13. Would be awesome if i knew how to attach images. How do you? Wheres the magic button? And for a fast cruising cat i agree. In the Med they are the best boats to have. Big platforms, great accom, easily driven, stable, fast and shallow, water mooring. Yeah the cabin if not right but the hull shape is great.
  14. sure some old classes have died but their replacements are few and the numbers sai!ing them low... due to cost. The future if N Z sailing is not international classes or regattas! Sailing skilss are transferable!. If we banned international dingy classes and sailed our own designs we would have affordable and better racing. The best of the bunch can then go on to the int classes at their own cost, if they want Agree that cost has played a part but YNZ ( this is right of the top of mu head)could get a designer to put a national class boat design together for home build. They could run a competition for best build and then sponsor the clubs to run build classes. And employ local builders to help out. The whole industry woukd benefit. They could form relationships with suppliers to subsidize materials then run a national contest with a big trophy, sailor of the year status, and a $100k prize money ( sponsored)to the club with the most entrants. Schools could enter via yacht clubs as well. FFS. That is a simple idea!... yet we see nothing like that from the crowd with all the money. But the biggest problem is the removal of the sports biggest inspitation for young kiwis. The dropping of the only pathway to the olympics, for the majority of the young sailors dailing in local clubs, has removed the reason many want to sail. In the past any sailor could compete in the olympic trials and have a chance of beating the "supposed" best and going to the olympics. There were plenty doing this and this one event einspired sailors to stay in sailing for many years. Kid have nothing to aim for... unless their parents have heeps of cash to send them overseas to qualify a spot for the olympics. YNZ has it easy. they just rely on rich mum and dad, mostly from auckland, to qualify the sport for olympics Look at the sailors doing the overseas regattas. They want for nothing. The whole focus from YNZ is wrong!.. and they are mot accountable!
  15. Armchairadmiral you are onto it. Right there in that o e simple post you have put forward more good ideas than YNZ has done in decades. Why do they see it differently... i think it is the "money drivers and influencers" that have to much say. Its about time the clubs put the heat on. They should form a collective group and either reject YNZ and set up their own body or challenge YNZ to re focus.
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