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  1. Nice! Enjoy your next lot of cruising.
  2. Sabre I think you nailed it! Some use predictwind also.
  3. That is Stunning! Thanks for sharing.
  4. Pardon my poor education but what on earth is front runner? Any relation to road runner? Ducking for cover now.
  5. Battgirl

    New Boat

    Congratulations. Enjoy
  6. Lovely photo BP. Well done
  7. Priceless BP! Well done you
  8. Congratulations to Josh Junior for being NZ's first Finn Gold Cup winner. Well done that man
  9. Yeehaa have a happy and safe passage
  10. Nice work Oracle1. I hope all your crew are enjoying the faster sailing
  11. They are great guys. For my 30ft baby I got a great deal on 20mtrs of 8mm G40 chain and a 25 pound manson supreme anchor.
  12. Chains Ropes and Anchors, North Shore
  13. For my 30ft I have about 300ml left from 4l of pettits vivid - 2 full coats plus extras on waterline, keel, rudder, edges.
  14. Thanks BP I need a good laugh today.
  15. Battgirl

    Pogo 36

    Looking good! Exciting stuff
  16. On possibly his last offshore trip from South Carolina to San Diego via the Panama Canal,this sailing legend is off the coast of Cuba. He has a yb tracker on board.
  17. Battgirl

    Icebox tips

    Dometic 68l bin completely surrounded by woolly R2.4 insulation and filled with 3l bottles of frozen water on top of food etc and air gaps filled with a wet bath towel and polystyrene. Food keeps cold and water stays frozen at least 5 days
  18. Jean-Luc Van den Heede has won. What an awesome sailor
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