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  1. Lydia

    SSANZ Triple etc.

    Hi all, Looking to crew on a boat for the SSANZ Triple and other upcoming events if anyone is looking for a partner in crime, or knows of anyone looking. PM or flick me a text, Lydia 027 358 5229
  2. Anyone looking or know someone looking for a co-skipper? My ride has had to pull out!
  3. Hi all, Looking to crew on a boat for the SSANZ Triple and other upcoming events if anyone is looking for a partner in crime, or knows of anyone looking. PM or flick me a text, Lydia 027 358 5229
  4. Your a legend, much appreciated!
  5. Hi, Is anyone racing (or cruising) out of gulf harbour on Wednesday evenings? I'm injured and looking at being someone's rum tart for a little while. Mostly I just need to get out of my house so if your are, or know someone, who's looking, it would be appreciated. Lydia 027 3585 229
  6. Spectacular, If not I'll flick him a message.
  7. Morning, I'm looking for a skipper to help me get my boat down from Gulf Harbour, Auckland to Seaveiw, Wellington sometime near the end of January. Someone who is willing to take on a bit of a tutoring role, as I'm certainly not the most experienced sailor out there, would be ideal. Boat Details; Type: Monohull Yacht Make: Challenger 35 (Trident Marnie UK) Rig: Cutter with In Mast main Furling and Headsail Furling Engine: Volvo Penta 28hp with 150l diesel tank The rig is currently out, having the standing rigging replaced and all the furling serviced. Winches will also be serviced prior to departure. All rum and/or alcoholic beverages supplied. PM me for further details
  8. Lydia


    (I accidentally posted that before I was done) There are also a couple of C&C 34's https://trademe.co.nz/1139145390 https://trademe.co.nz/980251958 The majority of the time I will be sailing solo so I don't want to go bigger than 40ft but I also don't want to be any less than 30ft. Thanks in advance.
  9. Lydia


    Hi all, So I have got down to a shortlist of a couple of boats but I would just like your thoughts on how each would handle rough seas. For the most part I'll be in and around Wellington and the sounds, eventually around NZ and then offshore if all goes well. I'm not so worried about getting something close to Cat1 as that's a 5 year plan that I have time to work towards. I also haven't ruled out buying something bigger and better later on, that would be better suited to offshore work. I mainly want to get in before the summer season this year. At this stage I have a budget of around $70k. So on the shortlist I have; A Raven 31 https://trademe.co.nz/1147513170 A Alan Wright https://trademe.co.nz/1046675527
  10. Lydia

    Opinions wanted.

    I'm not sure where the horse came from, but thanks for the help. I'll keep trying Fng until I can get through.
  11. Lydia

    Opinions wanted.

    Wheels - FNG can't receive messages apparently. And by KM do you mean Knot Me? I'm all about the sponges and water. With a tad of oil for the fancy bits in the cockpit. I think if the teak does need removing I'm more inclined to go with replacing it rather than any of the other "fake" teak options. I could probably get away with a painted deck, but she just won't have that same pahzazz, she is a classic after all, with standards to maintain. Does anyone have any suggestions of surveyors out of Auckland? If they are good at finding leaks in teak decks that would be a bonus.
  12. Lydia

    Opinions wanted.

    The boat is currently in Auckland and I'm based out of Wellington, so she will be moving back this way at some point but if I find better prices up there then I'll keep her up there for a bit. I have a gut feeling that there won't be enough teak left to re-caulk the cabin top. I'm prepared to maintain all the exterior wood. Excited even, im quite a meticulous cleaner.
  13. Lydia

    Opinions wanted.

    The owner was here until a week ago and is quite a lovely chap, and he'll be back again at the end of the month. He's aware of the canvas and decks, I just don't think he's quite aware of the costs of replacing them. As of my previous offer I had 90% of the money saved up I'm just trying to get a gauge of how much in total, repairs and all, I would need to borrow from Mr Bank. There are a fair amount of boats on the market at a similar size some quite nice too, but unfortunately I have quite particular tastes. She's a boat that will last me the next 15years at least. Im prepared to spend a fair amount of time and money on her. The rigging was all new last year along with the Genoa and storm sails. The main was new in 2006 and the staysail is probably original. So I'm looking at a couple of new sails before I go anywhere extreme. Which is fine with me. Other than those three issues, she's a pretty swanky boat. The interior, aside from needing a clean, and a couple of new Led's is near to faultless. The engine is in immaculate condition, it's been completely rebuilt and even has a crank start. 4K is a good number for new canvas. The teak price has blown my brains out. Do you know of anyone I can call to get some more accurate prices? Negative is good. I would rather know than not know.
  14. So I've found a boat I would like to make an offer on. It's all a bit hush hush as I know there is another offer already on her, but I want to get as much info as I can before deciding how much I should put myself in debt to counter offer. I have a couple of major concerns at present. The teak deck is at the end of its life, and in an ideal world it would be completely replaced. The cabin top at least. So my question is how expensive will this be? I'm aware it's on the costlier side of things but she's not a boat that would suit anything other than teak decks. I've read a bit about sanding and re-caulking teak decks. There seems to be quite a few mixed opinions out there. My worry with sanding and re-caulking is that you won't see if any of the screw heads have leaked and caused any damage to the balsa core (a fair few are exposed on the deck at the moment). She has a LOA of 29" and a beam of 10", the cockpit also has a fair amount of teak. The next thing she needs is a complete new set of canvas, so dodger, Bimini, Boom cover, hatch covers and a staysail cover as its not on a furler. It would be cool if the Bimini had side covers so I could enclose the cockpit in gross weather. Again I'm wondering if anyone can give me a rough estimate on where I would be looking, price wise. And last but not least, she has a leak. The owner is no longer in the country, but apparently was not aware that there was one. There was a bit of cosmetic damage to the paint on the ceiling where the diesel heater flue goes thorough, this I think, is quite common? But the cabin top was also damp where the mast electrics came though. Has anyone had any experience in repairing leaks like this? What am I in for in terms of finding the extent of the damage and then the repair? So any opinions and/or pointing in a direction for more information would be greatly appreciated.
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