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  1. No worries.. its just that you are vert vocal for someone new and your posting style seems very familiar. I apologise for any offence
  2. And thoroughly undeserved I would have thought!
  3. Oh well got to be better than a forced circumcision...
  4. Sabre


    You are probably right which really just shows that perhaps we need a non-political small talk up here? I can fully empathise with people who have chosen to ignore the small talk down in the basement..
  5. How does the timing (weather wise) work for that passage? I guess from south of the equator it would be all good? You wouldnt want any breakages or issues that would require a stopover anywhere.
  6. I am more than happy to keep paying my marina fees. End of the day my boat is tucked up safe and sound and being checked on regularly
  7. From what I have seen, boats that are well maintained and have been regularly upgraded and are advertised at a realistic price generally sell quite quickly. The rest which have fallen behind on maintanance sit on TM untill the owners slowly wake up to what the real value is. Some boats on TM have been there for 4 or 5 years maybe more. Be realistic about the cost of upgrades and factor it in. New sails, standing and running rigging on a 30 footer will be 15-20k. A new engine another 15-20k. I would just about guarantee that the cheapest of the lotus 9.2s will end up being the most expensive.
  8. Sticky slide? When you put your hand over it that would increase the vacuum and pull the slide down..
  9. Site issues are stopping me from seeing latest replies grrrr
  10. Sabre

    New Boat

    I cant see those pics.. could be just me or site issues? Whats her name?
  11. Sabre

    New Boat

    If your doing it on your phone it should be click "more reply options" and then "choose file" and then attach file.. congratulations on the new boat ????
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