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  1. Sabre

    Best AGM battery

    Thanks IT.. the PDS is in the boat so I will have a look at that. Is the DVSR on the BEP switch not up to the task? I'm trying to avoid relying on the alternator for any house battery requirements so I don't need to run the motor for anything other than motoring. I have fairly modest electricity needs so I think I would be there with just a bit more storage for night time. My battery doesn't take long to top back up the next day...
  2. Certainly marching to the beat of his own drum and good on him. That has to be some sort of record for the longest voyage in the worst designed boat in the history of boat design though...
  3. Sabre

    Best AGM battery

    Great info.. thank you all. It will take me awhile to process it all. I was quietly hoping the choice would be made super simple for me but alas....... One thing that has been made clear is that even the "experts" get the set up wrong so I need to figure it out and install it myself. Wheels, my current set up is a 110a/h FLA house plus a seperate start battery. It is charged by 150w solar through the Epever. I also have the standard alternator charging through a BEP dual battery charging cluster. I set all this up when I bought the boat and it has served me well but this s
  4. Sabre

    Best AGM battery

    In saying that I don't mind spending more for quality as long as I know it actually is good quality..
  5. Sabre

    Best AGM battery

    Thanks Wheels. My concern with the Lead Carbon was supposedly needing different charging gear which I am not interested in doing. This is based on comments in the recent thread on crew re these batteries. I am "technically challenged" (retarded) so I am not interested in trying to understand all this technology. I just want a plug and play type deal. My charge controller is an Epever 30a which I am sure has a setting for agm. The prices for the two AGM's you linked look good.
  6. Looking for a total of around 200-250ah. Has anyone done some homework on these recently and found the best price/quality etc?
  7. It was gusting just shy of 80km/hr at home from the NNW in the early hours on the 6th of July. I'm about 60km south of the Tga entrance. I have no idea who is responsible for the screw up but I have no doubt the sea conditions were pretty nasty at the time.
  8. 13km off the beach. Maybe 15ish miles from the mount..
  9. There you go. They hit problems at 12.30am on the 6th of July. Wave bouy backs up the wave height story. Max wave height was nearly 8m...
  10. I've seen the reports through several different news outlets. Along the Spanish coast. At this stage the "experts" seem to think it is just one pod due to it being such unusual behaviour. Not cool Orca's. Chill the f*ck out.
  11. But the northern hemisphere is basically upside down from us so wouldn't that cancel that out?
  12. I'm in the market for one of these but have decided it is something I will buy from a reputable business in NZ. Do it once and do it right. My neighbour got one of those chinese knock offs for his camper. He seems happy with it but he did say that it is noisey so its not for me.
  13. Sabre

    Happy end to

    Everyone loves a happy ending! And good to know what to do in that situation..
  14. Hopefully this works...
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