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  1. Yea I read that this morning. Bloody tuff reading. Any miniscule doubt that he was a scapegoat has completely gone. Panckhurst also questions whether a photo of Watson at Furneaux appearing to show him clean-shaven, can be relied on. He suggests the camera’s flash may have erased Watson’s stubble, yet, conversely, made others in the photo appear unshaven when they weren’t. Instead, Panckhurst says “there is ample evidence” Watson was in fact unshaven, as most witnesses described the mystery man.
  2. Sabre

    Larry Pardey

    From what I read Larry has just passed in the last couple of days.
  3. Not jealous at all.. 😥 https://www.stuff.co.nz/travel/destinations/pacific-islands/122257077/coronavirus-escaping-covid19-in-fijian-paradise
  4. Yep, apparently the process will be costly but they are highly unlikely to lose their ship. Great headline though.
  5. Is this the sort of thing you are talking about?
  6. Yes but hard to have much sympathy for him. I have seen his name pop up on FB more than a few times related to ripping people off.
  7. Sabre

    Barton Wincher

    A friend has a non Barton version and rates them very highly. Not sure if these are the same (his are grey) but a cheaper version here.. https://www.trademe.co.nz/2694476099
  8. Sabre

    Boat insurance

    Im with Lantern/NZI. No survey was needed and happy with the premiums. 41yr old boat.
  9. Sabre

    Diesel bug

    I have the bloody bug to deal with too. Looking to replace the ss tank with plastic.
  10. Certainly seems possible. I guess we should just be greatful the front hasn't fallen off..
  11. Personally I would like to see it towed out of the environment...
  12. Very cryptic... Is it to do with this? http://www.crime.co.nz/c-files.asp Bizarre that the police wanted the details suppressed but SW didn't... Watson appeared before the court again on 28 April and was remanded until 29 May. Watson’s lawyer asked the court to lift the suppression order but police opposed this.
  13. On the ballance of probabilties, SW was set up and shafted by Rob Pope plain and simple. Rob Pope got promoted and SW lost a big chunk of his life. Justice?
  14. But even this critical evidence was surrounded by controversy. Around 400 hairs were taken from the blanket, mostly short and dark. On an initial examination, an ESR scientist failed to notice any matching Olivia’s long, blonde hair. But, six weeks later, after reference hairs had been taken from Olivia’s clothes, the scientist re-examined the blanket hairs and discovered 15cm and 25cm blonde hairs that ultimately proved to be from Olivia or someone from her maternal blood line. Complicating this was the fact that the scientist had examined the sample hairs from Olivia’s home and the tiger-blanket hairs, on the same day at the same table, leading to concern about accidental contamination. Doubts about the hair evidence were further compounded by the discovery of an unexplained 1cm slit in the bag holding Olivia’s reference hairs, the scientist only able to suggest she’d inadvertently cut the bag when using scissors to open the envelope it was in
  15. Sabre

    She's Back...

    Not sure if you are referring to my post on the previous page but I suspect you are. My thoughts were based on having shot literally thousands of animals in the head as a pest control contractor and not a single one of them lived.. not one. I'm a 100% confident if I shot Opha in the head she would no longer be with us. Does that make me one of the muppets you refer to?
  16. At Westhaven carpark obviously. Whew back on topic Zozza! 😬
  17. Hey Bazza, check out this pic of a superyacht with a car on the front deck... Maaaaate.. hold my beer!
  18. Thanks.. I'm well overdue a good nautical read. I just ordered a hard copy 👍
  19. You could argue working is "marina related." Hard to pay for marina berth without it.
  20. I use metvuw first for big picture then Windy for shorter term planning. Also monitor nowcasting when sailing. I've found Coastguard forcasts are so general and vague they are practically worthless.
  21. Sabre


    Note to self. Dont read posts on battery management. Keep head in sand, cross fingers and all will be well 👍
  22. I think they told me the same. Allow time for a few emails back and forward sorting the finer details and then the freighting, customs etc. Realistically I would expect 4-6 weeks.
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