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  1. I leave the mainhatch and the forehatch open. Guess there is still no air flow. Wooden boat.
  2. in main saloon! Drip,drip,drip.Thinking can clamp an old sheet to the ceiling. Will it work?
  3. Wheels,tell me you were joking when you said NZ fishing companies act to ensure the stocks are healthy and maintained.
  4. Think I,ll remove and sell.Too hard to winch up and winch down.Go electric be better part of $2g.Cant see the advantage.Why would you bother? Anybody?
  5. Yes, went thru dispute, but it auto turned closed, as I didnt return the goods on time.(since never received) You tick 'refund and return' and they are meant to waive the return.
  6. Well that ended in tears.$326 actually.They tried to get more money before would send.Now they telle to return for refund and I tell them never received so rather hard. Repeat.And their tracking shows Arr AKL on11/6; deliver 13/6.Amazingly fast eh.So never again AliExpress for me.
  7. Just been making insection ports in the ss diesel tank.Is there a way of pressure testing for leaks.(No 230volts.)
  8. vic008

    Diesel bug

    My other tank can access the top. So like to cut for a inspection hatch.No mains power.Have 18v Ryobi grinder(but thats sounds a nono)Buy a Ryobi jigsaw?Are they good for cutting stainless?
  9. vic008

    Diesel bug

    What is the latest thinking please? Tank drained,(cant remove,and no inspection hole).What to do?
  10. I would expect not.If there was a sleeve inside,would expect there to be rivets visible to retain the sleeve.
  11. Thats on my to do list. What is the best thing to do with a rusty starter motor? How would a wrapping of Denso Tape work? Too hot?
  12. Very strange.Tracking my new budget buy.Says arrive in destination country, then delivered yesterday.Not!!Then notice them saying miscalculated postage and want another $20 and then it will leave China. WTF.Mind, they lied about the start of covid so this will be nothing.
  13. vic008

    VP2003 trans

    Early ones are prone to stripping the input or output shaft. In the UK there is a wk/shop who specialize in this repair for about 300(?)quid, by converting you to a hex shaft(?) What would you do in NZ if this trans loss happened to you?(just being a boy scout)
  14. No thanks.Mainly because can buy out of China for not much over $300 landed.
  15. They have 2 nipples on bottom pointing down. Think could cut rectangle hole in a washboard and have it sitting outside in the cockpit. Beauty is no installation, just need 12v. I cant run ducting under furniture cos of tanks etc
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