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  1. Frickie

    Route 66

    Hmm can't wait.Route 66 _2018 SQUARE Poster-sponsors.pdf
  2. Frickie


    yes, our experience of the Colville channel was long and unpleasant.... Winds were high 20's to low 30's with 30 odd deg shifts - so not really a problem. Sea state was awful, steep and confused. Might have been more manageable but no visibility. With pitch black and driving rain we could hardly see the bow, so hammered by whatever came at us. Daylight would have been a challenge but a heck of a lot less difficult. We actually got through the channel (5 hours in a short channel... that is slow going), but ruined all of the crew doing it (two handed). Boat cleaned now and set to go again. Hopefully Nigel gets a good break (he has just had a bad one), and gets to the TT start line.
  3. Frickie

    Vor 2017

    Scallywag should not have lost the crew overboard, but yes the recovery was good and somewhat lucky too.
  4. On a 24 Ben as well, interesting
  5. yip #1 good times on WO. Ran full main and J3 all race, loved the downhill, and went ok back up hill too. Had a couple of crew that hadn't been out for a long time (one sailor hadn't been out since we dropped the rig over a year ago), and we all enjoyed ourselves. Sad to see the damage and some hurt bodies on other boats, but all in all looked like people coped pretty well.
  6. Frickie


    I would agree on that.
  7. yer sorry, I ordered 20 kts. They had a special on as everyone else had been ordering only 10 knots lately.
  8. Just sailing.... Single-handed race this season
  9. We are in, just entered and costumes are ready to go. Wind has been ordered and excitement levels rising.
  10. True, me tackle is a bit bigger ("Wellington" keel) and the boat is heavy (Volvo 9hp ballast), but I don't have any issues with the ST compared to the pin head that was on there when I bought her. Upwind, in moderate conditions I don't have any greater heel - so long as the leech is left open to get the twist required in the upper 1/3. Just need more outhaul and a bit less vang, and the sail really looks after itself. I would still reef at the same times once winds are over moderate. What I do have is a small 'flattening reef' at 150mm (or 200?), that I use solo over about 15knts, that is well worth getting in any new main (IMHO). Downwind is where you notice the extra sail area of the ST, great for those pesky no extras races! It is rare to have up too much sail going downwind in a R930! Reaching is the area I am still working on, in the CC this year I couldn't keep the boat balanced from Hen & Chicks with the wind on the beam. Coming home I experimented with using a (bigger) A3 instead of the A5 and a reef in the main. That did seem to help. So, I think a std keel and ST are a good option.... esp if the rig is designed for no strings at the back of the boat.
  11. I love my ST main... and very strong sail too. Wouldn't go back to pin head. Same sailmaker as Changed, just as happy.
  12. Early forecast for Sunday's BBYC race around Motuihe is light SE, this is Race 4 of the Vining Singlehanded Series.
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