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  1. Hi, I am most likely going to be changing careers in the next few years, and would like to go into something marine operated, where i am going the options for me to earn good money is not possible, so would like to do something in an environment i enjoy which is boating, or water related. My thoughts are to try find work in a boat yard doing the jobs most people done really want to do, ie cleaning hulls, minor repairs, hall out maintenance etc. But to be able to find work i will need experience, and that is what i am after. I am looking for a company or person or is willing to "show" me the ropes and let me get experience with working on hulls and the different types of jobs required. provide feedback on work and let me pick thier brains around the skills required. I do have a full time job, so i would need to fit this in sometime, either on weekends or perhaps come to an arrangement to work a few hours during the week. The only compensation I am seeking is knowledge and perhaps a reference in the future if required I live out in Porirua, but can travel anywhere in the wellington region. Could anyone point me in the direction of where i could get the experience i am after? thanks in advance
  2. Hi, is there anywhere in Wellington or Anz that I can find a replacement boom for a monarch 17? Does anyone know?
  3. I agree Willow, which is why these things need to be clearly defined, i.e. mens 49ers or womens 49ers or 49ers, dont leave it up to some small print, hidden away somewhere, and if you do ensure that whoever is accepting entries knows the small print so when applying to enter, they can reject an application on the grounds of .... do not allow a person to enter with a known breach, and then stop them from racing.
  4. 1. If it was "male only" why was she allowed to enter in the first place? 2. As she was permitted to enter, then it should have been honoured to the end, regardless of what people say? 3. If women are at a disadvantage, then surely that is their choice to enter or not, so long as they dont try pull some handicap thing. 4. I would say (because men and women are different) that in certain circumstances, there will need to be gender bias, however this should be clearly highlighted (i.e. Mens 100m) if not then it should be open to all, and not have some rule. 5. in events such as this, what difference does it make to where you finish if competing against men or women, apart from (I guess) losing to a girl. As a competitor, you should be focused on winning, and to win you need to be the best, do these people think that there are some women better than them?
  5. the fact that this can be allowed is appalling, not to mention the competitors who also verbally abused to a minor of the opposite sex.
  6. I thought if you did not cancel the TR, they would try and make contact with you (either radio or phone number logged with you vessel registration) if no contact then local CG was contacted and or local marina at destination. I guess that is more like the "intention" but i would love to know how many TR's are not cancelled, and that could mean that open TR's are not acted on anymore. perhaps stricter enforcement is required to cancel a TR if that is the case, what is the point of lodging a TR then?
  7. I think CG every now and then offer a free service. i emphasize the word "think"
  8. you got a good deal there, congrats
  9. is that the H28 that was on TM a few days ago?
  10. swartie

    Sigrid 6

    I see there is a Sigrid 6 on TM, anyone got any info on them at all, i have looked on trusty ole Google and found not a lot at all
  11. to me this story sounds like the guy didn't call in when he was supposed to (for whatever reason, dead battery etc), this raised an alarm which resulted in a "nationwide" search. the guy was found and seemed to be ok. Then for some reason some journo got hold of this story and escalated it. It came out that he was inexperienced, he still hadn't checked in and so another search was done to locate him. again he was found and still seemed to be ok, just no comms. Then I think this is where it got out of hand. the journo reported that 2 searches had been conducted however the guy will not be charged for the cost.( the outrage that us hardworking people paying taxes has to pick up this bill) at this point MNZ has to go to damage control and issue statements such as "we dont want to put people off using our services" however some members of the hard tax paying public will be complaining because why is an inexperienced guy allowed to go out. So to save face, MNZ have had to make a show of "doing" something to stop wasting money on this guy and imposed section 55 which if you read it is so generic that right now he could be allowed to carry on his travels. all he needs is proof of communications 1x radio and 1 x mobile phone is more than enough and show he has had his battery issue resolved. and prove he is able to to sail, the CG even commented that he has experience now. how can you prove you are able to sail in this country, there is no license and you do not have to do any skipper course for coastal sailing. the problem here is the journo who needs to make a living and ensure his/her story sells, so embellish the story and pushes the "hard" question. the next thing to happen will be, he will be allowed to leave having "satisfied" MNZ section 55 in a few days, the journo will do a follow up piece showing his boatmaster certificate, and his new battery, solar panel, and vhf, all of which will probably be payed for by CG. and say we have the best system in the world because we have not charged this young sailor and helped him to achieve his dream (but cost the public even more money) i am pretty sure he will change his plan now and tell his mates, he will call them once a week to avoid future issues.
  12. i thought maritime NZ is the governing body for NZ, but do not have money to pay for a coastguard service so the volunteers pick this side up.
  13. "Darius DeWett has to stay in port until he can satisfy maritime authorities that the boat has sufficient safety gear on board, and that the yachtie himself can sail the boat." I wonder if sailing from Napier to Whakatane would be enough to show he can sail?
  14. I see he has dropped his price to 3k starting and 10k buy now, however, if you look at the recent sail of 2 other boats, theone in wellington sold for a little over 1k and it is already on the hard. It is sad to see hat it has not sold yet, and hopefully someone would buy it and repair it. perhaps he needs to cut his losses and just give it away, what does he want the money for anyway? it seems as though it is the principle of selling it.
  15. Hold on wait, between 30cm and over 2m? would it not have been easier for them to state "we predict a wave over 30cm. public will always be quicker as there are more people involved with no responsability. and no trust. where as (in this instance) the civil defence, had to ensure the information is correct, then you end up with bureaucrazy, that says you are not able to send a message out without so and so's approval, and that person happens to be "in a meeting". by the time the messages and information does come out. Joe bliogs in the street has felt it, gone to geonet, and posted it on facebook with pictures of his deck chairs lying on their side. and 30 seconds later, all his friends have liked the picture and commented on how bad it was or, nah bro, didn't feel a thing. civil defence also need to ensure that their information is correct and cant be called into question so will post very vague info that can be interpretted so many ways it could never be seen as incorrect, "the wave height will be over 30cm" em, todays swell is 1.2m (made that info up) so i am sure the waves will be bigger than 30cm no matter what. but when there is a 30m wall of water bearing down on us, the civil defence were correct. "see we told you it would be over 30cm. if you want quicker alerts, then perhaps have a website that people can inclue in their posts, the posts are put up on the website and as the information is verified, then the post can be "verified" and whoever is looking at it can see which posts are confirmed by civi defence and which posts are currently just what someone is saying it may or may not be true. "get yo jetski brah, goona go ride me this tsunami I can see on the horizon"
  16. swartie


    yeah been following them on youtube, very jealous of their life i must say. cant believe they are selling her though
  17. if it was in wellington I would would do it, no tanks though. A friend of mine has a launch that I scrub for him, in return for a trip out. also helps with breath holding.
  18. Sounds like a new take on ghost ride the whip.....idiots
  19. I believe Mana has a couple of dingys they rent out, not sure the cost exactly but i thought I heard it was aout $20, but not sure if that is an hour or a day. Oneday I might find i have a bit of spare time that will allow me to get out and try sailing, have sailed my friends laser, which i loved, but he is now involved in the mid winter series and his laser is kept elsewhere.
  20. Hi, yes there is a club group, Paramata boating club, a friend races lasers there, Also there is Mana marina and plimmerton that do the "bigger" racing.else head a bit further south to wellington
  21. Agree that is wrong as it goes against their values, I can see it now, "Sorry Shane, but we said last time we would not help you, so good luck"
  22. Hey Shane, if you are having great advententures, film them and post on a website called patreon. if people like your videos, they may become a donor and give you money which you can put towards your next big adventure.
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