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  1. I've been playing it for years. It's pretty good, although sometimes gets frustrating people driving their boats straight towards you to force a penalty.
  2. Yeah new carb is my backup plan. The screw has a needle on the end of it. Presume it’s of a special size.
  3. Thought it might be worth asking here just in case...after a high idle screw for a early Honda BF100 outboard carb. Apparently not made by Honda anymore. Looking elsewhere for alternative parts but just in case someone has an old one lying around in bits.
  4. Spare a thought for us southerners, we’ve yet to have two days of consistent weather...still waiting for spring to arrive.
  5. Hard to see in the pic, if it has a lock mechanism then that will be it.
  6. I’ll have to grab one when I’m at the yard next.
  7. My Bonito has a wire topping lift down with a length of line that attaches to the boom. The height is adjusted by two clips and is a pain to use as it only gives two positions. After looking around the other Bonitos in the yard, they all have a wire/line combination as well. However, each has a block on the end of the boom that the line runs through. These blocks have a locking system, kind of like a cam cleat or something built into them which allows adjustment of the topping lift by simply locking off the line. I’ve been searching far and wide for one of these blocks, but without knowing the name it’s a bit hard. I wonder if the hive mind knows what this bit of hardware is called?
  8. Yep. That’s after taking it to a shop who sat on it for 2 months to tell me it won’t start.
  9. Well I’ve been running it all morning in the drum and it seems to be running pretty well. Even idling in gear which it never used to do properly. Next step is to give it a good run around the harbour. I guess the morale of the story is, keep cleaning the carb. Thanks for the help guys.
  10. I may have sorted it upon another cleaning!
  11. So I did some fiddling today. Took the bowl off the carb and confirmed that plenty of fuel is squeezing through. Put it back on and now when I prime with the bowl drain open I get a steady flow of fuel. I had given the inlet valve another spray of carb cleaner so maybe something was blocking. So now I’ve been playing around with it this afternoon, sequence to get it running is: 1. One pull on full choke 2. Two pulls on half choke and it starts. It’s idling high, adjusting the idle screw lower results in it stopping. Pushing the choke in slowly results in it stopping as well. I’ve played around with both the idle screw and the high speed screw but I’m not 100% sure on what the settings for the screws should be, or even a rough starting point to allow me to tune it. Could it still be a float issue? Is there a method to test if it’s an air leak?
  12. Sorry for the late reply guys, in Hawaii at the moment. Jim, I’ve taken the carb drain out and priming results in not much fuel coming through, nowhere near what’s squirting through the hoses when priming. The bulb is tight when priming, I’ve just replaced the tank, hose (with new primer) and put an in-line filter in the hose.
  13. Oh really? I have cleaned it twice now with spray carb cleaner. Sounds like I may need to give it a long bath in the stuff.
  14. Thanks Jim, a 5mm squirt seems about what it’s doing. Idler, it does have a float, I’m starting to suspect that might be the issue.
  15. I’ve been battling with reliability issue on my pre-97 Honda BF100 4-stroke. And I think it might be the fuel pump. If I prime the bulb and then crank it over it sputters about 2 seconds then stops. Afterwards if I open the drain valve on the carb very little fuel comes out. I’ve disconnected the fuel line into the pump and primed it, that’s certainly working. I’ve also disconnected the line from the pump to carb and that’s priming fine too. However if I crank the engine I just get a small puddle of fuel come out, certainly nothing like when priming. Is that expected? I want to be sure it’s the pump before tracking one down from overseas.
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