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  1. Had a tour around the site on point Erin this afternoon, not my project but a tidy little operation
  2. Understatement of the year award contender right there😂😂
  3. Wait, where do you park the chopper now?
  4. Another option could be to park you car on your boat!
  5. Hmm, I thought you could get up to 4 days parking at z pier🤔 http://www.zpier.co.nz/z-pier/getting-there/
  6. In all seriousness, why not? surely some of your crew could? I know I did last year Alternativly get your crew to car pool and park at Z pier, its only $20 per day and you can buy 4 days at a time.
  7. What is it about people who Beth at Westhaven? HMB, WestPark, orakei and Bayswater Al charge about the same, have less parking and less facilities plus are much further away from decent links yet there are no threads on here moaning and complaining about them. What do they do better, despite having less facilities and changing the same money?
  8. Ed

    Ovlov charges...

    It’s all too easy to forget the very real cost of holding stock, especially in a low volume market like the marine industry. if you can wait for the drop shipped item from the us, and also the extra delay from COVID and potentially some justifiable interest from customs then go for it. If you need it tomorrow, it’s not unreasonable to pay for the convenience. I do concede the 400% markup quoted above does seem a bit rich though
  9. Rubbish, I want to, and do, use the trains every day. The northern motorway will soon be at a standstill In the mornings of all the bus users users permanently switch to cars. Just because you love your car doesn’t mean it’s the right solution for everyone. In the same vein busses and trains don’t suit everyone. the problem comes in that motorway upgrades are paid by central government, but public transport is only funded by local councils, both with very different political agendas
  10. Perhaps even just 1 decent 360 camera so you can look wherever you want
  11. yep, looking forward to it, hopefully this year we'll get to do all three courses!
  12. Ed


  13. Repairs to the legs apparaently
  14. From here: https://www.linz.govt.nz/sea/charts/information-about-charts
  15. Ed

    She's Back...

    Yep, got that text too. Impressed that they took the initative and notified berth holders
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