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  1. Whilst physically looking the same the difference between the Nexus wind transducer (wired) and the Garmin gWind transducer is in the output. The Nexus wind transducer outputs a pulse on the yellow and white wire where the pulse rate is wind speed and the pulse duration is the wind direction. The Nexus server decodes these pulses and outputs the data on the Instrument rs485 network/bus. The Garmin gWind does that pulse decoding up in head unit and outputs it as rs485 serial data which is why the Garmin gWind has to be wired to the Instrument rs485 network/bus. I am surprised that Garmin could not repair your transducer with new electronics. I am still waiting for the rigger to replace my transducer. This will be my 3rd wind transducer in 32 years. The first was the original Silva Nexus transducer. That was replaced, after a very close lightning strike fried the electronics up top, with the NX2 tranducer I am now replacing.
  2. If the mast cable is connected directly to the Network/BUS port on the server instead of the Wind port then the wind transducer is most likely a Garmin Gwind transducer. There would be a short adapter cable at the top of the mast that converts the gWind cable to nWind (Nexus) cable. The gWind transducer looks the same as the NX2 transducer with the twin fins except the gWind has a blue Garmin on the fins. I am in the process at the moment of replacing my NX2 wind transducer with a Garmin gWind transducer. Just waiting for the weather to clear so the rigger can go up the mast and swap them over. The cost of the gWind transducer with the gWind/nWind cable adapter was $740. It had to come from Oz.
  3. I am after a Nexus NX2 wind transducer (wired). I would also consider a still working Silva Nexus Classic wind transducer. A Garmin G-wind with G-wind to N-wind cable adapter will also suffice. Also after a NX2 multi control display or at a pinch a Silva Nexus Classic multi control in good readable condition. Cheers, Jon
  4. Aluminium anodes will be the best all round anode for both salt and fresh water.
  5. Half Moon Bay public boat ramp. Does get hellishly busy and car/trailer parking can be at a premium if you are not early.
  6. The Noordam is at anchor. It has no passengers and only a skeleton crew. It arrived from Tauranga earlier in the week to take on stores.
  7. Ports of Auckland has its own consented dumping area 27nm east of Cuvier in 700-1200 meters. This area has been used for many years as a dumping area including munitions.
  8. kiwi_jon

    VP 2030 buzzer

    Should sound on power on to indicate no oil pressure. Should silence once diesel started and oil pressure built up. Test once diesel has started
  9. Whatever you decide to do do it quickly as all the moorings off the Half Moon Bay Marina hardstand and wave/tide wall will be relocated to make room for the new North Pier Marina. There is mooring just off the end of Wharf Road, Big Bucks. First row off the beach. The Harbourmaster has just recently taken an abandoned launch off it, complete with homeless guy. Launch is at the tip. Not sure where the homeless guy is. The harbourmaster may be amenable to you taking that one. There is a dinghy rack across the Parade in a small reserve with loos.
  10. What services will be available over the busy summer holiday period? There will be a new ‘visitor-pays’ summer service running for seven weeks from the end of December 2019 to early February 2020. Summer services will be available at Port Fitzroy wharf. A land-based drop-off point for boaties and visitors will be available at Port Fitzroy wharf. Fees will apply to incentivise visitors to sort and separate their waste. Visitors will need to purchase a pre-paid council rubbish bag or be able to pay at the drop-off point for the on-island disposal costs.
  11. Check out https://www.boatsecure.net This is an Auckland company.
  12. kiwi_jon

    Pogo 36

    The boat is in Tahiti https://www.boats.com/sailing-boats/2012-pogo-12-50-6940017/
  13. kiwi_jon

    Kiwi Roa

    Harrytom, Can you please add http:// to the beginning of links in your posts. The forum software then recognises it as a hyperlink and makes it clickable.
  14. The Commanche you see quite a bit in the lead is Commanche's position at the same time in 2017. The real Commanche is in the 4 boat bunch further back. There is only something like 6 nm separating the the four lead boats.
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