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  1. I heard Hawk was cruising around Kawau Bay area yesterday checking who is out/on board. Deodar is currently on hardstand
  2. Panama to NZ is around 6500 -7000 NM depending on route. 42 days - that is one fast Cav 32?
  3. "the perilous journey all the way back to New Zealand" - on the Coconut Milk Run ? Typical media cr*p Biggest problem would be having to provision the boat to sail from Panama (if they can get a transit) directly to NZ as all Pacific Is have closed their borders.
  4. Zindabar(?) I think, normally moored on Mahurangi
  5. Sandspit waived this quarter's fee, but then we have a large capital fund which berth holders contribute to and the waiver will effectively be funded from that it
  6. I heard they are having a re think about possibly renewing licences. Reason being they need funding for the pile area extension and if they do not sell licences then they will have to find the money somewhere else - which council does not have due to the huge blow out on the City Rail Link.
  7. we are still receiving the last back orders for our business - air freighted out of Brazil. DHL and customs are still working pretty much as normal, just that most of DHL's office staff are working from home
  8. Just for clarity Bailey's are brokers, their marine policies are usually with Vero for coastal boats
  9. Sailing NZ, I note your initial post talked about "fast" "liveaboard" and "offshore". These are quite diverse requirements and you need to have a think about how you weight each of the 3. What are you thinking in terms of liveaboard and offshore? If it is just gulf cruising and an occasional winter circuit of the islands for 5-6 mths, which is really "camping on board", then a lighter production yacht is ok (altho none of the European AWB's do much for me). But if you are thinking serious offshore miles and full time liveaboard then the reality is you will be carrying alot of stuff and need a heavier displacement boat to do so. Have a look at Peter Smith's Kiwi Roa, all the fibreglass 12m boats would sail rings around her but even their 15m brethren would sink under the load she carries https://www.petersmith.net.nz/about/kiwiroa.php Like everything yacht selection is a compromise. You have said one priority is headroom and hence sleeping berth size, have a think about what you really want to do with this yacht Another nice yacht off Trademe to consider https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/boats-marine/yachts/keeler/auction-2329520188.htm?rsqid=87e8338449034d2d82b934432648b8a1-003 he has dropped his price $80k over the last 12 mths.
  10. curious to know which marina asked you this? There is a concerning trend of the marinas inventing all sort of rules that are not actually legal requirements. They are correct to ask for an EWOF because that is the law and they are responsible for you connecting to the power supply, but a gas certificate?
  11. just to clarify this subject a bit more, if you are having work done on an existing installation then only the work performed must comply with the current regs. It does not trigger a requirement to upgrade the complete installation to the new regs. If a Gas Fitter makes this claim ask him to show you where in the regulations this is stated. Obviously if something is intrinsically unsafe eg a gas locker that does not drain overboard at all, then it will need to be addressed.
  12. There are 2 versions, the original Kiwi Breeze, Polly and others at 12m, and then the stretched version at 13m, Business First and the one on trademe (rather overpriced in my view)
  13. Finding that headroom will be a bit of a challenge, you will need to look for a heavier displacement yacht. Mull/Chico 40 perhaps, or if you can stretch the length Cav/Davidson 45 centre cockpit
  14. Actually it was worse with the Kahawai, they were sold to Australia to use as bait for the cray fishing industry!
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