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  1. that was due to loadings on the clip ons, not the blow over risk. I notice these days plenty of trucks use the clip ons. Neither the original bridge nor the clip ons were designed for trucks up to 50t
  2. I remember the Broadway shop well - it was more or less opposite Teed St near the Remuera Rd intersection, likewise cannot remember its name There was also a good timber supplier by the Orakei Railway station
  3. not sure what you are getting at Wheels. Zatara (US flagged) received clearance out of NZ late June/early July on the basis that Fiji had pre-approved their entry subject to negative COVID tests before leaving NZ. They still had to stay quarantined for 2 weeks upon arrival at Denerau and were tested again
  4. the Zatara crew are a good example of the latter. It does not look like Australia or NZ is likely to let them in so their only bail out option if they want to leave the cyclone region is to head north to Palau or Guam, ie US territories(sort of in the case of Palau)
  5. I would speculate with the election only 6 weeks away the government just does not want to make a decision about something like this. Also I think resources here are stretched as it is so they do not want to add to it. I was told by a police contact that even though time at sea is isolation from the "common sense' perspective, it is not the case legally. You are only considered isolated in NZ once in NZ territorial waters. I remember watching the Zatara videos, they spent ~22 days in quarantine at Fiji before they were cleared in.
  6. he is/was a bit of a mystery man. I understand he was principally Salthouse's in house designer, and also designed quite a few boats built by the Wilsons, who related to the Salthouses (and the Brookes) by marriages.
  7. just about all modern cargo ships have only one engine, even the huge Maersk container ships and the bulk carriers, eg the Valemax ships. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valemax#Design
  8. Meranti is quite heavy. Whatever you use seal it thoroughly with epoxy, exposed unsealed end grain takes up moisture like a sponge . Marine grade plywood is called that because of its glue grade, not because the wood is treated or sealed. Boat builders here used to get plywood tanalised but I do not think that is available now.
  9. Kiwi Roa is in Baffin Bay, this is probably her
  10. I have seen suggestions that a Borax solution is better than bleach based products for mould/mildew removal and preventing regrowth. have not tried it yet
  11. marinheiro

    40' Boats

    Westpark/Hobsonville berths are "big" for their rated length, my 14.5m yacht had space to spare in a 14m berth there, one guy squeezed a 15m yacht into his 14m berth. The modern trend for berth naming is the "length" is the length of the berth, not the size of the boat it will accommodate, you need to discount min 0.5m for boat size. I remember a few years ago the yacht Activator was built to maximise boat to berth ratio, vertical bow and stern and fold up bow sprit
  12. The challenge is always getting through Peel Sound with the risk of the wind driving ice down from the north.
  13. Is the boat being commissioned in NZ or offshore? If the latter I have heard it can very difficult to get insurance for NZ flagged yachts
  14. He tried to queue jump the Australian immigration process. he came to NZ on a 1 month visitors visa, having represented that he had been accepted for resettlement in USA. Obviously had no intention of leaving NZ, overstayed with the help of his Green friend and the government being selective about enforcing the law. Suggest you start a thread in Small talk if you want to continue this discussion
  15. yeah like this guy who lied thru his teeth to get a visitors visa and now we are stuck with him https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/politics/122166500/iranian-writer-behrouz-boochani-granted-refugee-status-in-nz
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