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  1. Equinoctal storms have been with us for ever. A high harbour bridge taking trucks that are larger, longer, with a larger area than ever before of flat sides, ( possibly lightly loaded? ) into a prime (high) position for such an occurrence to happen. What is unusual is that it hasn't happened more often.
  2. I wouldn't have thought so, they are generally pretty close to their sources. I'm sure the wind strength and wave height would be available from the harbour records. Havn't they got a wave buoy out there?
  3. A lubricant for fitting tyres.
  4. someone reversed the negative!
  5. There is always 2 sides to any story, what I found interesting was that that the engine failure was reported as the reason, correct, except the reason, 50k wind, 5m swell, low tide, picking up the Stb. buoy, chain and anchor block, wasn't mentioned at all. Editorial perogative, maybe? I'm sure if it was studied "riggerously" there would be, or, perhaps there is already another take on it.
  6. An aside re a yacht returning to NZ because a crew member (1st time sailor) couldn't handle being out of sight of land, the yacht and crew were cleared in, but when leaving the 2nd time a few days later they had to re-do Cat1 although nothing Cat 1 wise had changed.
  7. Sorry Allan there ain't much between Turkey and Greece except water, Oh and now oil, good to catch up the other day, guess the spindle moulder is hard at work once again?
  8. Latest Professional skipper mag gives a very different reason for the Tauranga debacle, As per the Mag, basically the ship was sent into a 50+ knot wind with 5 +m swell, on a low tide. Apparently the engine didn't fail, until it had picked up the stb bouy, relevant chain and 10 ton block in its propellor and this stalled the engine, leaving it to drift on the outgoing tide, only being stopped from running ashore after the tugs were recalled to assist. Fingers are being pointed at the harbour authorities for sending an underpowered ship (apparently well known fact of this class of ship) into a
  9. The Euro is what did for the Greeks, everything worked (in Greek fashion) with the drachma, endemic corruption, offshore fiddles for the big boys, but somehow it all worked ( Italy similar but with the mafia thrown in) How Greece worked is spelt out in Pitmans book of Law! The only thing said about Greece was:- A contract in Greece is an agreement to continue negotiations!!
  10. Only until the bow falls off!
  11. I think you have to understand Greek culture, Greeks tend to promenade in the evening, often ending up at a / the local Taverna for a late meal around 9 / 10 o/clock. During the day the same Taverna feeds locals / workers with very reasonably priced tucker. No noveau quisine. Would be hard to find in NZ as most restaurants want to cater to the upper end of society. Ie those with lots of dough or expense accounts. NZ is in reality a low wage economy that would do well with copying the Greek way, just need a couple of million Greeks.
  12. Rainbow charters (B.o.I.) back in the 1970 /80's had a very manageable dinghy, rowed extremely well, can't remember the design, maybe someone elses memory is better than mine.
  13. Not a lot of water in Herekino, much better to go into Whangape, quite an interesting Harbour. We spent a couple of weeks in there. We went several miles up the river. You shouldn't have a problem at the entrance (keep to starboard as a rule, but no.1 eyeball will be the best guide. once you have found it) tidal of course, you need to find a hole to accomodate the keel. We used a drouge to keep us in the stream (at Anchor) on the outgoing tide. Incomng tide wasn't an issue as you were captive in your "hole" Before we learnt the drougue trick we were deposited high and dry a couple of times.As
  14. ????????? to much oil, too tight alt belt???? Hard to visualise either causing the engine to do what it was doing ???? Sounds like tui beer ad, "all good now" yeah right!
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