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  1. Sandspit YC is a bit further North, they have mixed class / cruising, races and the bonus of Kawau bay area to practice in.
  2. I guess your daughter is a Variant on a theme?
  3. Raced on variant back in the 70's, sailed extremely well and often surprised larger yachts with its ability, It was a fin keel, not twin keels.
  4. unfortunately the pipeline North just isn't big enough to move all the extra capacity to Jaffa land. Huge dollars to upgrade said pipe.
  5. Unfortunately their (YNZ) focus is far too narrow. In my opinion this will not change with the current incumbents, they have a well paid sinecure that allow them to continue without regard to the wider sailing community, why? because they can. With yacht clubs being spread from the B.o.I. to Bluff there is not a great chance of the bulk of "members" challenging the status quo. After all the Authority that they should be able to voice their concerns is the very one who isn't listening and appears to have no intention of doing so. Who, what, where is the body that audits organisations like YNZ ?
  6. In the past it hasn't been very hard to get a year extension, maintenance, waiting for parts etc. Only works once though.
  7. There is a very ubiquitous alloy extrusion used on caravans and anything that needs a bolt rope attachment, generally pop riveted. ( Ullrich NZ ) extrusion light Awning rail UA1430. Double sided awning rail UA1406. Numbers may be the same in France / Switzerland or will have a European equivalent No.
  8. BP have a look on Noonsite, under places that are open now to cruisers Fiji is included, A clear test before sailing and a 14 day journey, once they clear you (only entry point is Denarau) you are free to visit all the Fijian islands.
  9. ! couple I know cleared for Aus, kiwi's with Aus citizenship, they checked both ends and were told no problem. BP I think you are overthinking it, you've got 4 1/2 months away, if you leave soonish. That's is if your plan is to return to NZ next summer, otherwise carry on, You can always bolt for home if the situation changes for the worse. Fiji is open!
  10. I have seen alloy fittings that take a bolt rope riveted onto either side of the boom, the tent, with a bolt rope sewn in can be rolled up against the boom when not in use, or removed altogether for passage making. much more controllable than being draped over the boom and keeps it clear of lazy jacks if you are using them
  11. Not bias as such, just based on observations of previous and current police practises. they have their share of the good, bad and the indifferent. Pope thought he was destined for greatness, SW in jail was a feather in his cap, (he thought) try as he might, he never made it to the top???? maybe his superiors knew or saw something that wouldn't have done the image any good. They are very sensitive about that image, see Wally Haumaha, ask Louise Nicolas, the late Peter Ellis, David Bain, SW, Rex Haig, etc. etc. One can only hope the new commissioner is their is a new broom, just in the door who will give us reason to see things differently. A huge job and not for the faint hearted, after all the current police culture takes no prisoners. Civilians excluded.
  12. 2 hairs, 2 cartridge cases, same result, 20 years down the tubes, all done by the largest armed gang in NZ, the fact there are some good cops in there doesn't alter the result. Oh, and we pay them as well!
  13. China makes good stuff, China makes crap stuff, we are generally burn't by the NZ based importers buying cheap and our desire / need for a bargain. It is a re-run of Japan in the 1950's, 20 years later they dominated almost every manufactured item imported here, made with quality and precision that Britain, America, Europe etc. could only dream of. Now China is the new girl on the block. She certainly doesn't fit most NZers ideas on freedom of thought, religion, etc. But that doesn't seem to trouble them and / or those in Business and the NZ Government doing trade deals etc. Our down side is that the Chinese plan 100 + years ahead, we struggle with a 6 to 9 year political cycle and very limited longer term view. Unless we find a way to exist outside the market economy that relies on endless (unsustainable) consumption? Hmmmmmmmmm!
  14. Don't know if you have starlings in your neck of the woods, but they "love" stack packs, of course as well as sail cover that allow them entry, a 25mm hole is enough for them to make themselves at home. I have eyelets that allow me to lace the ends up, saves looking at shitty sails all day.
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