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  1. The trouble with Wanganui is as much related to river conditions as sea conditions. Following heavy rainfall there can be big standing waves at the entrance. Not a big deal leaving since you can pick your day but be wary entering the Wanganui Moles after heavy rainfalls. The positives are that after a big flood the seabed there gets smoothed out easing the waves encountered over the bar when you give it a few days. I would make a crossing to Port Hardy on the NW side of Durville. It has a very big sheltered harbour. In WW2 the Japanese fleet sunk in the Battle of Coral Sea was reputed to be headed for Port Hardy after it had been scouted for suitability by a Japanese submarine.
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    I saw Leander was used in the TV mini series on Ed Hillary (voyage to Antarctica). Some clever shots there. I guess the Japanese communal dormitory style of sleeping arrangements is a little bit off-putting but otherwise a nice vessel. Are you still involved with her? What was her career with the Japanese? Is her former name Joshu or Yoshu? The only Japanese vessel I could find to match was Yoshu.
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