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    Sailing, why else would i be here?
  1. Wouldn't surprise me if Oracle, Coutts, Ellison, were just dragging it out, given how public TNZs situation is, they (Oracle) could easily push it till it falls over and offer a few of the crew and shore crew from TNZ some offers they couldn't refuse.
  2. Sold, can't edit topic title.
  3. **UPDATE** Got the motor going tonight, would edit original post, but no edit button, reply will have to do =)
  4. More Pictures can be found here on my FB profile https://www.facebook.com/quismiff/media_set?set=a.1028678358122.4519.1260228182&type=3
  5. 28'6 Sandy Jones Design/Built Half Tonner. Purchased as a project 5 years ago for $10,000. I have put $5,000+ worth of electronics, sails, sign writing, squab/sail covers into it. 2 years ago the prop shaft broke at coupling and the Mrs got pregnant. Unfortunately my project went to the bottom of the priority pile. Tried to start her the other day and she wont start. I just don't have the time or money to get her up and running again. I have had a quote of around $600 to fix the prop shaft. Not sure what is wrong with the engine but was working ok 3 months ago so could be an easy fix. Don't wa
  6. TVS at tiri, any bets on a finish time yet? Snitch tracking is good, despite what appears to be a couple of gear bags left behind... computer laggin =(
  7. what a hell mish that was!!! 26 hours to whangarei town basin... is that some kind of record?? started out great, reach out of the harbour, tight reach to tiri, and all going well, by kauwau however the wind decided it was going to bugger off... at this time it was also starting to get dark... so on the outboard goes, but can only run it at about quater to a half throttle because it only just had the water intake in the drink... so it was a slow trudge up and took hours to pass the island, layered up the socks and pants and shirts and set in for a cold night on deck, cat napped between
  8. how many other Half Tonners keen? Ruffian may be... depending on location and how much work i have left to do... too cold to sit on the piles trying to work without power :lol:
  9. hopefully this weekend, looks like sunday, 10 - 20 and from the east its been a mish with timetabling 4 people that we're all free at the same time, i don't envy the skippers of friday rums and weekend races... although i'm glad i'm not organising the people =P
  10. left whangarei with www.wind.co.nz telling me it was about 25 knots from the north east and seeming okay and according to various other sites through the day peaking about 35 ish not allowing for gusts, got there and listened to now casting and sure enough in the 2 hour trip metservice was right. so we called it off, plans are in 3 - 4 weeks time, probably just in time for the next bad cycle to come through. boat looks good, needs a good deal of tidy up work above the water line, float switch in bilge was jambed so she had a bit of water down inside, but inspection revealed it was the coc
  11. would love to reconsider monday, but have too many things over the next couple of weekends to be able to do it, and having to work the week is a bit hard too... hmmm MDO ... and i couldn't agree more K. it is supposed to be the other way around....
  12. hmmmm i sees what you mean... will keep assessing the situation... every site says something different... it all seems un predictable... maybe i should try and find a 'happy' medium and hope that its close on the money... might sit down with the charts on the pc tonight and have a play...
  13. yea its that Hartly ex TL systems =) know any more about it? i am planning on some nasty stuff, wet weather gear, boots, lifejackets harness(s) and i've looked across all options of weather this weekend, and hoping it sorta sticks between 10 and 20 not allowing for gusts, may have to man the traveller... it looks like its ene now and swinging more east in the late arvo... but who can ever tell with our weather... ngunguru entrance that bad with a nor east swell? i thought it was mainly sou east? i'm up for adrenaline, i could use the wake up call... need to be reminded i'm not 10'
  14. have a delivery cruise this weekend on a 30' Trimaran, its a hartley or piver type, so a big bulky cruiser type, but have been told she can have legs in anything upto 30 knots, she has been set up for offshore, though i'm yet to take a look at the boat, just out of curiosity as to how high i can point her and how they generally handle, the delivery is from little shoal bay in auckland to ngunguru in the north, so about 82 NM or so. forecast is saying 10 - 30 with a nne direction... sails consist of a main and furling genoa and some unknown, will ascertain all this on saturday.
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