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  1. Same thing. SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) is simply the standard of test used to determine the Viscosity of the Oil. The W simply means winter (not weight) and is placed between the two sets of numbers purely to divide them. When there are two numbers, say the 15W40, the 15 means that at freezing point, the Oil will have a Viscosity or "Pour Rate" of 15. The Oil itself is normally this lower rating. As oil is heated, it thins very quickly. Additives are used to fortify the viscosity of an oil as it is heated. In the 15W4- case, the oil will remain at a 40 weight viscosity as it gets
  2. SAE 15/40 ends up having a very similar Vicosity to a mono 30. Except a mono 30 remains a much more stable oil. So I would expect 30 would actually be the better performer than the 15/40 in a box like this. That is simply my opinion though.
  3. I forgot about this. No not at all Doc. Just a little bit over is enough to cause major issues. If anything, it is best to be slightly under than over with the oil level. Especially if the Engine/box install is on a downward angle for a direct to shaft coupling, these things become a major headache. Advice was to fill with exactly the quantity of oil the service manual stated the box takes and not to use the Dip stick at all. And in one case I know of, the mechanic reduced even that amount of oil. Even slightly reduced, there is enough oil to get picked up and run around all gears and bear
  4. Plus she was underwater for about 2 weeks. I expect that when someone starts seriously looking at it, they are going to find a lot more damage than it looks initially in the Pics.
  5. Good catch mcp. You are correct. As usual, these subjects are always more complicated than simple explanations. The Epever has a user defined set up. So I am pretty sure it can be configured to suit. In saying that, it may well be more complicated and involved than Sabre wishes to get. However, as said just above in Aleana's post, AGM's are not all created equal either. The specs are extremely important to understand and the charger needs to be set up just right, or the batteries will die in a very short time. Sabre, it is probably well worth buying from someone that can install and a
  6. No you don't need anything special with lead carbon. Only Lithium requires specific charge equipment. And that is why I did not suggest Lithium. It is more expensive than just the very expensive battery. The advantage with Lead Carbon is that you can charge with all the standard gear you have. But as it will accept a higher charge current compared to standard LA, then you can use bigger charge gear if you so wish. Thus if you are buying a charger, you would want to get something close to the batteries max input charge rating to take advantage of this. If you already have the charge gear, the
  7. Go for the Lead Carbon. There are a couple of options to suit budget. Far faaaar better choice and If money is not so important, get a Narada. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/caravans-motorhomes/parts-accessories/batteries-inverters/listing-2783275888.htm?rsqid=e874c0e0720b4a22874022a1c89aa82f-002 A slightly cheaper option but still high quality is this one. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/caravans-motorhomes/parts-accessories/batteries-inverters/listing-2784737863.htm?rsqid=eb8e62c0c1b945db9b98bfd46ade5234-002 And cheaper again, but still good https://www.trademe.co.nz/motor
  8. I have heard of a couple of stories of Orca supposedly "Playing" with boats. I have no clue if they are really playing or not. Possibilities could be that they are knocking Barnacles off them, if that is a thing. Or maybe a Bull is being boisterous and thinking a Boat is a rival or threat. Maybe a Female (Is that a Cow?) is being precious of her young if there are any. They are intelligent animals for sure, but I imagine they can also misinterpret a Boat among their Pod. Playing IMV would be light bumping. In both occasions I had heard, it was more than light bumping. One had their rudder brok
  9. Port and Starboard lights are still the same side as they are all around the World. The US is different in only which side you keep colours upon entry and exit to a Harbor.
  10. Did you try super cheap. I am surprised Repco didn't have one. These things are as common as chips.
  11. Thanks for clarifying that grantmc
  12. I have a good friend that has his Boat in a Marina in Turkey. It's cheap to do so an he has a local that looks after it for him. He goes there each year and Sails the Med. Food in Turkey and Greece and in between is dirt cheap. Of course there will be some Med Countries that will be astronomically expense as well I am sure.
  13. No nothing to worry about. Today it is just one of our common flu's that rounds our planet each year. Th H1N1 virus. The death/infection toll is what it took for the World back then to gain "Herd Immunity". And even with Herd Immunity, that did not mean that in the years after 1920 (when the pandemic officially ended) People no longer died from it. In fact it still kills the old and frail today.
  14. Not the only one to be wiped out. The Spanish Flu killed (officially) over 50 million people around the World. Unofficially, it is thought that the toll was closer to 70million. Some Historians even stretch that out to 100million. At minimum, over 500 million were infected. At a time when the World population was only around 1.8 Billion. Just imagine that percentage being applied to today's World population of around 7 Billion. And the idiots argue that it is against their Human rights to have to endure a few weeks of lockdown, or wear a mask in Public.
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