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  1. Surface charge is not a thing in this instance. As a Plate charges, it starts from the surface and the charge works it's way in toward the center of the plate material. Surface charge is when the internals of the plate have no charge (a couple of reasons can cause this) and only the surface has a charge. The Battery can be voltage tested with a good reading of a charged battery. But the Battery actually has no Current available. So with a load placed on it, the Voltage will simply drop away. The Efficiency part I was referring to is the Efficiency of the ALT itself in relation to the temperature of the ALT. If it is really hot, the resistance of the copper windings change and the magnetic field becomes weaker, thus the ALT will never deliver the Current that it would normally be capable of. Those time intervals where the ALT is not producing a current would be a cooling period on for those Windings. If you also note the graph, the initial leading current peak is higher than the end of the charge period and that could well be the heat rising causing that ALT charge efficiency dropping slightly. As the cycles continue, the peaks are ever so slightly higher ( I think, without going back to check) There are other mechanical causes that can do this as well, so my comment is not something to take as fact without knowing a lot more about the installation.
  2. No disagreement IT. I thought I had made the same point about the 14.1 should be 14.4. I went back and re read my post and see I did not make that very clear at all and in fact messed up the comment completely. And I can't even use the excuse of posting in the early hrs of the morning either. I see it was 5.30PM. So I stuffed up there. I don't know enough about what the Batteries are and the finer details of the Reg to personally say go to 14.7, but most certainly 14.4. is the essential Voltage point for the reg to be set to. If you go above 14.4, monitor the bank for a few charge cycles to ensure they are not over cooking. Or as IT said, if you can possibly get that information from the Battery manufacturer. Question, does the Reg have Temperature monitoring of the Batteries ?? Temperature is very important. The ambient temperature between Summer and Winter can make an enormous difference with the current output that the Reg will make the ALT produce. I used to use the Ambient Temp setting when I wanted to push a higher charge current into the Bank and the Charge Voltage rose, so as the charge time was reduced. But that also means you have to monitor the Bank to ensure they are not getting hot and to watch the ALT that it is not being pushed too hard. Ambient Temp will also make a huge difference in what the batteries will accept. So having an actual sensor can be a big advantage so as the Reg follows the Banks temp/ charge curve
  3. wheels

    Inverter help

    I was about to say the same thing. You beat me too it IT
  4. wheels

    Inverter help

    It is best to ensure that what you are wanting to power, does not have a higher starting current than the Inverter can handle. Just as an example, for older Microwaves, they need an inverter that can supply 3x the run current to start them. The new inverter powered Microwaves have soft start, so not so much of a problem. Make sure you go for an Inverter that has a Pure Sine wave output. This will run anything electronic. Many electronic devices, like say a TV, can be noisy on a sh cheaper Modified Sine Wave output. Some digital devices like say the display on a Microwave, may not work at all with a noisy supply. I would also go slightly larger in output, providing physical size is OK. So for instance, if you need1700W, go for 2Kw. Apart from that, IT has given you some real good names if you want quality.
  5. Are we talking an Elliot 1050 ? If yes, Greg Elliot would be the best person to talk to. He designed and fitted a T Keel to "Cutting Edge". He is going to be the best person to tell you what needs to be done to the structure of the Boat if any. Cost is also going to be different depending on how much you do yourself or if it is done by a professional yard. I am out of my depth on this part, but I would expect that to be able to maintain a Cat number for racing (depending on what racing you want to do) you may need a properly engineered design, hence Elliots involvement. You may also get around having to do stability tests because Elliott will likely be able to proved all the figures and the fact that he has done it before. New one off's can be fraught with all sorts of expensive issues otherwise.
  6. Looking at the smoke from the Exhaust, the wind was not that bad. But the exhaust sure was telling a different story. One of Engines being rung on hard. I would say they had a control issue.
  7. I set ours up pretty much the same as the Pic above. We had two levels of spreaders however, so the set up was slightly more complex. The only issue I had, was that the Main was a high ratio cut sail. So the top narrowed down very quickly. This resulted in the very top batten often getting caught in the jack line as I raised the main and if we were off the wind too much. Like for instance, we may have been under Headsail only and decided to raise the Main, but didn't want to round up into the wind and have the Headsail flap about against the Inner Forestay. I could never quite get the mounting positions just right. So in the end, I tied bungy to the Jack line and the opposite end on the lower spreader out wideWhen the jack line was pulled taught, the Bungy would allow the jack line to pull aft and in toward the Sail. When slackened off, bungy pulled the jack line out and forward toward the mast. So I only pulled the jack line tight when about to lower the Main. The rest of the time, the bungy kept the Jack line clear. I also had a stack pack. Like BP, I cannot oversell this idea. It is simply life changing to be able to just drop the Halyard and let it all fall into the bag, most especially if the wind is up.
  8. Two points among all the conversation. The 14.1V is a tad low. i would suggest 14.4V. All this will achieve is getting a tad more current going in. But 14.1V is not a problem as such. The slight differences in Voltages as it cuts in and out is probably an efficiency thing due to Heat. As the Charge load decreases, the ALT would cool somewhat and the heat can make a dramatic difference to it's efficiency. So as it gets a tad cooler each cycle, it is able to increase the output voltage a tad. The increase is not huge and I would not worry one little bit about it.
  9. It looks OK to me. It depends on how smart the Reg is and knowing the Cruisepro fello, it is likely to be pretty smart. So there will be a set of "rules" that the controller will be following. Depending on the internals, these rules could be simply basic sense and commands i.e. when Voltage reaches X, do Y. Or there could be a very complex set of algorithms in play that alter the charge as the Battery loads changes as it accepts the charge.
  10. The higher the alert levels, the less rights you have. This is not some form of sinister Gvt control of the People however. It is about keeping the Public safe in a time of crises. You yourself might maintain safe minimum distances, but as already displayed by those in the far North, many simply disobey the Rules. They treat it as a joke. So the entire fight to control this outbreak falls over. The result could well affect you with the Gvt having to continue of the lockdown period. Of which I personally do not want, so we all have to just suck it up and grin and bare it.
  11. You can spend three days riding GB? I would have thought that would be 10 x around the Island per day. MotoTapu is Maori for "no motorbikes" 😊
  12. Remember, you are renting a Hole in the Water. You may think the extra services are there for the Berth Holder, but in reality, they are not. They are there to maintain smooth operation of the Marina, not necessarily a service to the Berth Holder. So don't expect any reduction in Marina Fees. One would assume, but we all know who we are dealing with, so don't expect.
  13. Well that's the first month ticked off. 😉😁
  14. My Project is working on how to get a Boat again. Although I don't want to own a Boat that is going to become another project. I spied one on Trademe which is at an excellent price and size and (without an inspection) looks like it could be fairly easy to fix. But it is too far away, being way up North. And being so far away, I don't want to go all that way just to find it is in far worse shape than she looks on TM. Mind you, I have just completed a 12M inside out Boat in my Back Yard. Been lots of hard work, but looking good and is all ready for when the warmth of summer arrives again.
  15. Re the Campervans, they are not allowed to Travel. They are supposed to be in a Campground or a designated area where they are allowed to be. We are now several days into this lockdown and they should all be somewhere by now. They were supposed to be in those lockdown areas by the time Lockdown took effect. But they are not allowed to leave that area once there. Campgrounds have been allowed to take them in and then the gates were supposed to be locked. So in theory a Campervan traveling today would have no actual place to go. I don't think they are allowing Freedom camping either. The reason why Alcohol is allowed to be sold by the Licensing trusts, is because they do not want people to travel outside of their area to buy alcohol. Thus that same reason of stopping travel applies to Campervans etc. They don't want them traveling around. Even getting a Rental Car is restricted to needs of essential business only.
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