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  1. wheels

    Diesel bug

    I my view, in nearly every tank installation, there is a design flaw. The Fuel line does not come from or go down to the very bottom of the tank. The idea is that it then does not pick up water. That is just fine and dandy if there is another way to empty the tank of water on the bottom. As said in above posts, the Water is actually where the Bug lives. The Bug can be either Algae or Bacteria or both even. Both live in the water. Algae does not need Diesel to live on. Bacteria feeds on the Fuel. Very simply, remove water and keep it out and you will never have a problem. (unless you introduce dirty fuel from a contaminated supply). The best idea if it can be done, is to have a part of the bottom of the tank that is lower and water will eventually run to and accumulate. A drain tap fitted to that low point then allows removal of water. Then next best is to have the Fuel line run to the bottom and have a really good Fuel/water separator. Good ones like Racor are very expensive. You could be spending in the realms of $300 and much more depending on size. The filter elements are not expensive and are high quality and you can now get elements that are hydrophobic, so water will not pass through at all. You need to keep regular inspections to ensure water does not accumulate in the filter. Racor also has a bowl that will send a signal to a light or alarm if water fills the bowl. The simple fact to remember is, No Water, No Bug.
  2. That would make an interesting day for the Pilot. I wonder if Rigger was at the Helm....(figuratively speaking, realising the Pilot doesn't actually helm these Ships)
  3. Biased views, just like Racism come about from ignorance. Biased views of the Gvt or Police or whomever comes about in exactly the same way. Maybe the evidence was tampered with. Maybe it wasn't. We don't know and we should not jump to silly conclusions based on the past. That is paranoia. Yes we need to use the past to learn from and one can only hope that we have used those past situations and have seen improvements. If we don't, then we are no different than the idiots in the US that believe they have the right to own assault rifles to protect themselves against their Gvt. The SW evidence situation needs to be worked out in court. If you understand how hard it would have been to tamper with that particular evidence, and if it did in fact happen that way, then we have to consider a situation of extreme conspiracy and an operation of the calibre that one would expect from an SAS secret raid. I consider that scenario as the least likely. But I could more easily believe incompetence due to lack of skill and procedures in a Forensic lab back in those days.
  4. At the moment, it is speculation. I am not saying it was not purposeful, but proving the evidence was tampered with is not going to be easy. However, incompetence, well yes and that is the loophole in which they are using to bring this case back to trial. The evidence was not handled in the way that it should have been under normal lab prceedures. We should not paint all in such positions as corrupt. There is always going to be situations where someone may well be. But if we just give in to a view that all Police are corrupt, then we are in a worse situation. It brings about anarchy and tears apart a society. And I also have several close friends in the Police Force and they are great guys and totally honest and saying the Police are corrupt is an insult to them and others good cops in the force. But as this is not in the open discussion forum, I will not take this argument further.
  5. What evidence was planted? If you are referring to the Plastic bag and Olivia's hairs suddenly being found, that has not been proven as tampering. It is only speculation.
  6. No I don't think they were dishonest. But certainly not what we today would consider as "Good" Detective/Policing skills. All those Detectives bringing about similar results of many wrongly convicted people are all gone from the force today. They were old school. Bad habits, non professional. They viewed a suspect as if they were judge and jury and convicted them in their own minds, instead of looking at and for facts and facts alone. Today, our Police tend to be a lot more "professional", receive much better training and have had many examples of very poor Policing history which has actually resulted in major improvements today. The rest comes down to the ability of the Defense and Prosecution providing and arguing those facts. To be honest, I really think if the Watson case was presented in court today, we may actually have a very different outcome. There are so many holes in the story, you could drive a bus through them. Not being privy to the defense info presented in court, I can only assume many of those points were never argued. The main hole in the story I see is purely time. There is simply no possible way that Watson could have traveled the distances that were described within the time stated. And that time discrepancy is by no means small. It is huge. Absolutely impossibly huge. A complete physical impossibility. The only way it could have been done is in a power boat. Was this ever argued?? The main area I still have real concern with though, is the Gvt Officials and their seemingly poor ability to view facts and say something is wrong with this case. But then again, if they are bound under the same way the law works with needing new evidence, maybe it is not their fault entirely either.
  7. There is one and only one reason why Watson is not being released. Purely and simply, he will not admit remorse, because he will not admit guilt. I think that tells you a lot about the guys character. Choosing to remain somewhere you don't want to be purely because you want to remain honest with yourself and everyone else. That's real integrity in my book. He is one of only a few that have basically a true life sentence where one can remain locked up for ever, with the only chance of Parole being subject to acknowledging one's guilt. Our legal system is no different to many other Countries around the World. We can't call it "Broken", but we sure can say it needs to be changed. Once a jury convicts a person based n the evidence presented, that evidence can no longer be re questioned. No matter how silly the evidence is. Only new evidence can ever be heard. In this case, the new evidence is in relation to the handling of the Blanket and if it is possible the Hairs could have been introduced to the Blanket accidentally during the Lab tests. Not that the hair was unlikely to be Olivia's, which has already been considered by the Jury and cannot be revisited. Personally I don't like the way our legal system works. But it is what we have and we have to live with it.
  8. 15kts?? That can't be right. Surely a mistake. Or is this the first of the usual WTF's we the Public usually start to have after a Gvt purchase
  9. Just to let interested People know, this batch has all gone.
  10. Specs here if anyone wants to know. https://www.ritarpower.com/uploads/ueditor/spec/RA12-150.pdf
  11. Yes they require someone that knows what they are doing to set them up correctly. CRA can either do that for you or advise you how to do it.
  12. My mate that does the metal recovery side of things has some batteries that have just come out of a backup system. 12V 150Ahr things. Long thin looking things. I have placed a tester in them and it tells me they have a SOH of 100%. As far as we know, they have never been cycled. They have come from a very sophisticated system and kept at optimum float voltages for their life, which is ruffly 3yrs. They are VERY heavy, VRLA type with bolt terminals. The price will be around the $180 each mark, although I need to confirm that with him. Or said another way, will nail him done with a firm quote so as I don't say a price and then find he has changed his mind. Obviously freight would be a killer, so remember I am in Blenheim if you could be interested. Just let me know.
  13. The Buoy's used by the Marlborough clubs were made by themselves. They take a Windy Buoy, cut a hole in each side and seal a PVC tube through the thing, A lenght of tube sticking out each side and the top rope threaded through the tube. When unhitched from the boat, the eye sits in an upward attitude about 1 to 1.5m above the water level (depends on buoy size and length of tube sticking up) so as it is easy to hook with the Boat hook and then slip over the bow. Works really well. CRA make a hard buoy version. A SST tube it used instead of PVC. Much harder wearing. The tube is flared both ends to seal tightly against the plastic and stop water from ever getting in. They will also foam fill them as well and that makes them unsinkable. The down side of either of those systems is keeping the top rope clean so it moves through the tubes freely. I did have an issue with one of these on my boat when in a fast tidal stream where I was moored at Hobsonville. The buoy would spin around and round the rope and would vibrate on the rope. It also slowly wore into the rope. So I had to tie the buoy above the water once connected to the Boat.
  14. We used to try talking people out of using a Fergi and thus only sell when someone really needed one because there was no better alternative. They are great for spotting your buoy, especially in the dark and the ease of accessing the top rope is second to none. But there the positives end. They are expensive, require a lot of expensive rope work for the top line, if you want it to work perfectly and the real big negative is the knocking on the bow. In the right conditions, they can come against the bow and knock away and drive you completely nuts if you are trying to sleep aboard on the mooring. Then the issue of the constant knocking and wearing away at paint work. The magnetic thing, I don't see the point. Whats the difference with using a boat hook on a small float tied to the main mooring buoy like we all usually do? You end up having to have a magnetic boat hook on board and have to stow carefully away from Compass etc and you would still need a boat hook for general purposes, so more clutter.
  15. wheels


    AGM and GEL are also Lead Acid batteries, but have a different means of covering the plates with Acid. I will start with GEL batteries, because the rule is pure and simple. Gell should not ever be Equalization charged. Unless you have a very specific instruction from the manufacturer that says you can . As soon as Gel gasses, it is shot. Not all AGM's can be EQ charged. As IT said, check with the manufacturer. The battery has to be designed for this to be able to be done safely. It requires specific design in the interplate connections. This usually results in more expensive batteries and thus tends to be found in the Brands that have big reputations and prices. FLA MUST be EQ charged regularly. All lead acid batteries sulfate. This is a natural occurrence every time you discharge. The electrolyte in Lead Acid battery is Sulphuric Acid. A brand new fully charged battery is lead and sulfuric acid. As the battery starts to discharge, a chemical reaction between the lead and acid produces Lead Sulphate and electrical energy. Lead sulfate is a soft material that naturally covers both positive and negative plates. The deeper the discharge, the more lead sulfate will cover the plates. Once the load is turned off and it is time to recharge, lead sulfate is easily converted back into lead and sulfuric acid. This is why it is important to charge batteries back to 100%. If you don’t you will not convert all the lead sulfate back into the active material. If a lead acid battery is not immediately recharged, the lead sulfate will begin to form hard crystals, which cannot be reconverted back to soft Sulphate. Thus the longer and more frequently the Battery is discharged and the longer the battery is not allowed to be fully charged, the less energy the battery will be able to reproduce. Standard recharging will never bring an LA Battery back up to full charge and thus will always be undergoing sulpation and creating crystals, Big heavy FLA batteries can require an EQ charge of up to 8hrs for them to be fully recharged. You can usually tell if your batteries are sulfated when the open circuit voltage (OCV) is low. To measure the OC Voltage, fully charge the batteries. Then leave to sit for at least 10hrs, 24hrs preferable. A fully charged good condition battery should be 12.8 volts or higher. Some can read 13+ Volts. A sulfated battery will be “finished” charging, yet only have an OC Voltage of 12.2-12.5 volts. It will give very little energy back when under load. It is a good point to add, when battery capacity is down, a line is eventually crossed between the economics of energy in and energy returned. If you didn't pay for the Power being pushed into the battery during charge, it isn't so important. But if you do, there is not economical point in supply say 1000Watts of energy in to the battery and getting only 100Watts of energy back out.
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