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  1. 😄😄😄😄😄😄 I guess I am now getting old. Please read your regs. RED OVER GREEN IS A SAILING MACHINE,,,,,,, yep. ... they dont make them but..... colregs state the above. (I have them on my boat). _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ rule one... If you comply with colregs... then ..you do... !! You DO NOT HAVE TO BUY A COMMERCIAL PRODUCT. Rule two... You are an idiot if you cant be seen.... if you value insurance more than your life then get off my water... Rule three.. The biggeron rule... If they are biggeron you...stay away !! you may have legal rights.. but arguing them from a cold wet coffin is pointless... Rule four... You should know where you are... and where other shipping is.....TALK... THATS WHAT THE RADIO IS FOR... dont be an arrogant sailing idiot.....just say ...hey I am at lon..dot...lat...dot...can you see me ? They will then take a lot of care.... Rule five... dont expect sympathy from then rest of the world... ... im not going to explain this last.
  2. 👍 The value of what you have done is more than the out of pocket cost. Its knowing your engine better, Knowing that often the charges for these kinds or repairs are "marine" ...Knowing that often there are other ways. So often you will hear ...leave that to an expert... OK...but if you are in the middle of an ocean passage , you may not have access to said expert...Wouldn't it be better if YOU became that expert ? ....I could say more...but the experts get upset..
  3. The batteries will last longer on than off. Commercial and emergency battery back up systems sit on a charger of some sort permanently . Letting the charge drop and then running it back up is hard cycling, which has a finite number in any battery system.
  4. The hawser cap with a chain slot is .Iike most boat things a very old idea. It can't work with most modern winches. The gypsy and entry port on them does not allow enough clear space. I have done them on big vessels , but of course they don't really need them... If you get joy in building ..build. If you want to ⛵ sail ..keep it safe and simple and sail.
  5. I find that the one minute 35 seconds to tie my very tidy winch bonnet on, (and stuff my plasticine in if going off shore) no problem. I like full and clear access to my winch ...definitely on deck with no sides, tops or lockers to foul ropes or trip on. I also have a rope capstan (along with chain gypsy) which I use for a number of different jobs. These jobs may have the "pull" from any direction. Be very careful with lose chain or rope solutions on deck. If you have to bugout in a hurry in deteriorating weather this can be very dangerous for a lot of reasons.. My chain runs into a locker , but l have chosen to have the drain go via a pipe to my middle bilge. (Through a collision bulkhead) I dont like exterior drains in this situation because they put water back into the locker in heavy weather..... but then I dont have any below water through hulls...
  6. Yep..kids plasticine.. The coloured sticks that when they all get mixed together end up grey/ brown. !! It stays soft enough that it won't do any damage if it goes through the winch. My blob is about 8 years old ..
  7. A large gob of plasticine !! Tried and tested by hundreds of cruising sailors. Stuff it in the hawser pipe before sailing . Lasts for ever and is close to 100 percent water tight even with big greenies ..
  8. idlerboat

    Very odd noise

    Why would an anode cause problems?
  9. idlerboat

    Keel cooled

    I have had keel cooling for many years. The system has done 1000s 0f NM with no problems. I also have a dry exhaust. Even in the hottest water it has never been a problem. (In fact I have looked at putting in a bypass valve to increase the engine temp.) The benefits are many, one of which is being able to motor in waters that have a lot of "stuff" in them. Being able to use a completely un-marinised engine can save thousands of dollars, which in turn can help pay for the keel cooling. The engine parts are then cheap , off the shelf "normal" engine part costs. I run an Isuzu industrial engine.
  10. idlerboat

    Bunk Lee Cloths

    I use the large plastic "squeeze to undo clips. One at each end and one in the middle. This allows you to have the middle and foot end clipped and the head end undone for easier access but still holding everything in in a rolling sea .. And seems to be more comfortable for those prone to "the ills". When its very bumpy you clip the head end one up. The width of an average persons shoulders is as high as you ever need to go..to fall out over that means you have put the mast under water !
  11. idlerboat


    I have a evakool 60 litre fiberglass , it has been going continuously for 10 years... And as been mentioned before.. We make ice cream : )
  12. Hi LM, does the carby have a float bowl ? If so the float and / or needle valve may need attention.
  13. Apart from the obvious addition of something else that can go wrong principle...A lot of cruising yachts I know have tried them and then got rid of the because they stuff up their anchors self stowing. The benefit of not having one mainly applies to an all chain rode. As long as the chain rides in the set groove of the anchor / bow roller it will rotate to the right orientation for self stowing. This is not always the case for anchors on a swivel (or rope rodes)..
  14. .... some boats have "show tillers" ... they are kept down below and put on just for along side display or special occasions. The normal tiller is basic and impervious ...
  15. idlerboat

    Masking tape

    .....automotive plastic mask.... The stuff designed for twopak. Just practice a little on removal time. To short and the finish will string, to long and it will show brittle notches.
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