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  1. Have just finished replacing all windows in my launch (Vindex 350)- front we did glass, side we did with Acrylic. (Have also previously done them on Mercenary which are still hanging in some 10 years later!) Used Dow corning 795 - the stuff is awesome, i wouldnt use anything else having seen others struggle to key, or to handle the UV and heat. https://www.glasscorp.co.nz/site/glasscorp/files/pdffiles/dc795%20data%20sheet%20(new).pdf
  2. Marshy

    Mahurangi 2020

    Least they wont hook the pin on their bulb keel
  3. https://sailutions.co.nz/ Go see these guys - they have the parts in stock.
  4. Used it on the inside of the sunburst a few years back - was pretty impressed how easy to use. and lasted well.
  5. Marshy

    Protest question

    61.1. Informing the Protestee A boat intending to protest shall inform the other boat at the first reasonable opportunity. When her protest will concern an incident in the racing area that she was involved in or saw, she shall hail ‘Protest’ and conspicuously display a red flag at the first reasonable opportunity for each. She shall display the flag until she is no longer racing. However, if the other boat is beyond hailing distance, the protesting boat need not hail but she shall inform the other boat at the first reasonable opportunity; if the hull length of the protesting boat is less than 6 metres, she need not display a red flag; if the incident was an error by the other boat in sailing the course, she need not hail or display a red flag but she shall inform the other boat either before or at the first reasonable opportunity after the other boat finishes; if as a result of the incident a member of either crew is in danger, or there is injury or serious damage that is obvious to the boat intending to protest, the requirements of this rule do not apply to her, but she shall attempt to inform the other boat within the time limit of rule 61.3. Note 61.1.A - 4 But you would need to justify serious damage or injury
  6. Fosters Knuckle, should be stocked at NZ Rigging.
  7. Yup did the Volvo 18hp out of the old Y88 the same way, and put the new 30hp in also - so boom can handle it as they say. Just tie the halyard onto the boom at the same point that you are lifting from so there is no bending moment in the boom. Chainblock makes it way easier so that you can do micro increments up and down and then align things. but ifnot a mate with a winch handle does the same
  8. Pull into the dock on the end of K pier and they can walk you backwards into it. Disconnecting furler needs headsail dropped, and yes is harder than just a normal forestay because the weight of the foils causes the headstay to sag.
  9. Marshy

    Anchor chain

    Having dived on my anchor a few times over summer - anchored in 5 metres or less of water with plenty of chain out - not often have i actually ever seen the anchor taking the load apart from when rafted up and its on a funny angle (One of many anchors). Other than that normally anchor is side ways and chain weight on the ground and catenary is taking the load. Vindex 350 with 8mm chain and a 50lb manson surpreme (i like to sleep at night and also raft up often).
  10. Just give it a little scuff up with wet and dry sandpaper where you are gluing it- possibly the wax in the flowcoat.
  11. Mulfords Plastics on Carbine road sell off cuts.
  12. That would have been the build of Frenzy if it was in Howick. Marine Parade... Witch Doctor was done by Chris McMaster in the driveway on Point View Drive. I recall as a kid watching it come into Halfmoon bay on a barge, a second barge followed with the keel. Chris had a boatbuilder on it full time and was done properly. Has done a lot of miles since then including offshore work. - Dad raced on it halfway to Fiji only to turn around during the Coup in 2000.
  13. While we tweak the 3d printing options - anyone got one lurking in the garage to get me through?
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