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  1. These work really well - if you can find one https://www.mitre10.co.nz/shop/3m-paint-odour-respirator/p/275450
  2. Many thanks for the replies. Be gentle Tom, it’s served us well for a lot of years and probably doesn’t deserve us It’s a Marinco Aquastar 100 Plus Italian jobby installed in Dubai many moons ago. Cheers
  3. Can anyone suggest/recommend someone that services/repairs water makers in Auckland. We are based out of Gulf Harbour. Thanks
  4. There were 25 Ravens in the raft up. One short of 26 26’s.
  5. Hi Tom, we’ve just done the business on the Stray Cat. Have sent you a PM with Clyde’s phone number.
  6. It was a great sight to see this impressive looking fleet as we cruised past Navy Buoy.
  7. Just arrived here this week
  8. Yes it was a stunner weekend indeed. We were at Motutara and I do remember wondering what the view would be like from up there so thanks for sharing. And yes a great book. Still have a dusty old copy sitting in the boat’s library. Cheers
  9. Random reply - Hi we were the Stray Cat anchored next to you Oneroa at the weekend. Thought there were two of us but now we are three. Must have had kittens.Apologies to OP for interrupting.Cheers
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