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  1. freedom

    AC day 4

    Great - Thanks island time
  2. freedom

    AC day 4

    Could someone please post the link like they did yesterday where I can watch todays race - TNZ v Artemis. The'' app'' in my region is hopeless. Thanks much appreciated.
  3. Well I have settled for a Hobie 18 with wings. Getting out 2ce a week at the moment on the Müggelsee in Berlin. Taken lots of different people out already and very pleased with the boat so far. It has a several improvements to be made but that is part of the fun. Loving being back on the water again sailing fast. Trapezeing off the wings is fantastic. Also diving off them when there's no wind is great fun as well. Thanks for the advice. Cheers Alan
  4. Thanks for the comments. Thanks for the vid Wannabe. And yes I got to keep reminding myself its mainly for the non-sailor fun aspect compared to the racing fun. Its mainly lake sailing here so waves arent really an issue. The Hobie F18 looks like its the best value for money. The Topcat club here assure me as long as it has 2 hulls then they will be happy. Topcats are surprizingly expensive compared to Hobies and Nacras. Will post a pic once I get it. Cheers
  5. Here is the link to the Hoby Tiger: http://kleinanzeigen.ebay.de/anzeigen/s ... ref=search Here is the link to the Nacra Inter 20: http://kleinanzeigen.ebay.de/anzeigen/s ... ref=search The Topcats are most common around here but me to Clipper am a bit skeptical of the non dagger board design. Has anyone sailed any of these 3 and has some experience?
  6. Correct Clipper. Topcat has no daggers. Whats so 'yuck' about that?
  7. I am living in Germany now and finally have a chance to buy a small 2nd hand cat to sail on the lakes. There seems to be 3 possibilities here in the 5.5m range: TOPCAT, HOBY TIGER, and NACRA. I want the boot to race occassionally but mainly for my children and friends to enjoy and have fun and hopefully get a taste for sailing fun. If anyone has some experience with these boats and can give me some advice then i would appreciate hearing from them. Cheers PS: Great to hear and see Freedom in action
  8. Bummer that Dean and the boys couldn't extend their great start. Looked like they were nervous and tacked to soon twice.
  9. Awesome Bill - Looks like a lot of fun for the family
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