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  1. Whitianga passable only for the brave
  2. I grabbed a new 6hp Suzuki this week for the Shaw, We launched today and I gave a it a brief squeeze, 8 knots. I couldn't believe how light it is for a 4-stroke Still not good enough for the NZTYA.......
  3. Is that the new sail? First sail today once we got it all sorted. Sadly too rough out but we had a nice little sail up the river. She feels good
  4. Golf GTI legal to tow to 1600kg. I’m getting brakes put on the trailer so I took it easy but the car didn’t feel it.
  5. We always squeegee the glass and usually leave the shower doors open once it’s cooled down but 10 months and no sign of mould
  6. Now the fun begins, after a few jobs.....
  7. Best thing ever. Built a new house last year and put two in. Bathrooms stay beautifully dry. Heated mirrors were a waste of money.
  8. Wet Racing, I always have this in my pocket. Loaded marine chart, with all my waypoints and marks set up. Impossible to kill and 2 AA's keeps it running all day
  9. About the same time I was crewing on an H28 in a 20+ boat winter series fleet
  10. It works the other way. They don't have to prove anything, they charge you GST and import duty. If YOU want to bypass that then YOU have to show it is not owned by a New Zealander. They can keep asking or at the end of the day they can just so no. Sooooooo, what will help is registration of ownership, policies of insurance , evidence of payment, correspondence trails. A combination of information just might get you across the line but in experience it is very hard to convince them if there is a shred of doubt. I was just involved in a half million dollars of GST issue that took 4 months and a mountain of paperwork for an open and shut case that should have taken a few minutes. We got there
  11. I'll pm you. I'm just heading out to the airfield to get some av-gas. Does anyone here have a dyno for outboards? Failing that... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Motorcycle-Mini-Nitrous-Oxide-Kit-Pocketbike-Gas-Bike-50-250-cc-w-5-NOS-Bottles-/331958844152?ef_id=Cj0KCQjw-_j1BRDkARIsAJcfmTEaetehI5ykHQdnKi_355PU2_tBmCmQZ_nsBRNalQNM7KdPPtMUcYIaAhTcEALw_wcB:G:s
  12. It goes on residency of the owner, not the status of the boat https://www.customs.govt.nz/globalassets/documents/guides/customer-guide-to-temporary-admission-of-goods.pdf
  13. Yep, most young 88s for a start. I once ran the Waikato trailer yacht champs where I was provided a young 88 as a committe boat. Old days of windward start, windward finish. We stayed on station till the leading boat was on its way downwind for the last time and he beat us to the finish buoy. I have used 2.5 Suzuki on an 1.7 tonne dragon for the last 3 years pushing in and out of all tides with no issues if it was a keelboat or multihull I would not need an engine at all. I once sailed a night race to kawau anchored in mansion house, on and off the marina In Westhaven in sundreamer with no engine, it was away being serviced. David barker never had an engine for years. Obviously some feel .2 of a hp is a valid substitute for seamanship
  14. That’s how the group rolls. Made billions selling overpriced, over packaged junk to people that can least afford it, even ran their own usury credit card for a while. Not much more ethical than the truck shops. Should have been nailed to a wall in front of the commerce commission and sustainable nz. But gave a fraction of the profits to charity and gets a nighthood instead. Welcome to corporate nz
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