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  1. The yacht mentioned wasn't on the rocks either. Waikato Regional Council posted that hours after the photos and recovery operation was well under way by the locals. Why we are part of WRC I have no idea but they do nothing for this part of the coast except feed incorrect information to the media
  2. An hour till high tide, roads closed......
  3. High tide this afternoon is going to be interesting. As will the next few weeks on the water. Some big wood on the beach
  4. Yeah but common story, got in after a night away, take the gear home, gonna come back and tidy up......... then pop
  5. Munched a friends dinghy last night. Mullet boat berth
  6. Front beach Flaxmill Bay, should be okay if the wind swings south like it’s meant to
  7. Just went down and checked everything. Doubled up my stern lines and chucked an extra on yours too, just loose, just in case, that port stern has a bit of load on it
  8. I set it up right yesterday. Hired a cherry picker so I could get all over the rig with a tension gauge to get the stays right. They were so out of whack. The mast was plumb but I raked to 2 degrees to Robs figures. The mast steps forward so the side stays have to be off to drop it. But the forestry was disconnected and no marks. The centreboard is directly behind the mast so doesn’t carry much rake, 2 degree now. Ive installed a compass and depth sounder, added a 2:1 fine tune to the 2:1 jib sheets. Re-routed control lines and today made up the first of 2 carbon pipe berths.
  9. A seagull outboard and no shirt. I looked like Jesus from the back
  10. I remember once as a kid trying to go from Martins bay to Kawau in an 8’ ply dinghy with a seagull. No life jacket, no phone. Luckily I couldn’t get it started but I did end up with a lot of welts on my back from the starter cord.
  11. About 2 hours after low tide
  12. Whitianga passable only for the brave
  13. I grabbed a new 6hp Suzuki this week for the Shaw, We launched today and I gave a it a brief squeeze, 8 knots. I couldn't believe how light it is for a 4-stroke Still not good enough for the NZTYA.......
  14. Is that the new sail? First sail today once we got it all sorted. Sadly too rough out but we had a nice little sail up the river. She feels good
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