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  1. At .8650 you may struggle to get into Division 3 depending on entries across the fleet
  2. Bay Week entries are open so the sooner we get your entries in the sooner they can confirm Division C W/L's https://www.topyacht.com.au/db/kb/series_select.php?EventID=1292
  3. Yeah noticed that too. Pending any changes, rangitoto/motutapu is not a mark of the course, you can leave it either side
  4. Race report - Deep Purple Tough day at the office. North easterly of 25/35 knots, extremely rough and first mark 25 miles to windward was always going to be tough for a 25' 600kg traileryacht in a fleet of 30/50' keelers. The small boat division, most of which are bigger than us were given the short inshore course as conditions were unsafe for them But if you don't start you are excluded from the series so out we go. Almost half the fleet didn't start or didn't finish but we kept going at times going sideways more than forward. Oh for a #3 jib and second reef. We rounded Gannet Rock a distant second to last but the send home was fun albeit with no chance of catching the leaders. Lots of bursts well over 16 knots, 14 boats passed and a great gennaker run from Haystack to Rangi Light. Anyways we crossed the line 15th and last (22nd) on handicap in our division. 22nd out of 37 finishers on our course so pretty respectable. On the bright side, Deep Purple took it in her stride, needing nothing but a bail out of water to be ready to go again. Crew Rob Shaw was awesome. Thanks SSANZ and team for putting on the series. One short race to go in 4 weeks, a nice 10/15 knot SW please. A small glimpse of us on the start.
  5. Yeah Purple boat breaking especially. Watching the weather...
  6. I’m a 4 club guy but one I now get for free. Presumably YNZ get a levy still. interesting open email to YNZ blooming the rounds on fakebook from Waikawa
  7. There was a good turnout of them in the the last SSANZ race too.
  8. Yeah but then they can do this, coastal 2014, our very average 930 half an hour in front of the first S34 and 2 hours in front of the first Y88 and look at the boats behind us....
  9. Y88’s are twice the price and S34’s up a marina size. Good boats though nothing beats a 930 for bangs for buck in a 20knot sw coastal which was one of the wishes cruising accepted
  10. Used to see a lot of them on Flying Dutchmen and the like
  11. usually something like these http://www.bartonmarine.com/products-winches-and-winchers.asp https://shop.classic-boat-supplies.com.au/bronze-winches/wilmex-bronze-winches/bronze-snubbing-winch/ https://fostersshipchandlery.co.nz/products/harken-snubbair https://www.marine-deals.co.nz/manual-winch/cleveco-w14-nylon-sheet-winch Theres also something like the cleveco without a handle socket but can't find it anywhere
  12. Scarlett fever or start me up. $25g or less and all the racing you could ever need
  13. I know of 3 sport trailer yachts keen to race in C division including ourselves. Definitely going and waiting for entries to open. i don’t think we’ll have any problem getting the numbers
  14. I hear one of the channel marker buoys somehow seems to have got ripped out too ......
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