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  1. Gee, interesting. Not much strength In that situation, 200kgs
  2. I like charts rolled up rather than flat. They curl over the saloon table nicely when rolled inside out. I used to get charts from the Map Shop in Hamilton and he had plastic sleeves to fit, however he doesn't supply sleeves now and has gone to light plastic laminating instead. I said to him thats no good I am traditional enough to want to keep using pencil and rubber , he said use felt, no way am I using felt or white board marker. Lost a sale there. Went looking for sleeves and finished up buying a whole roll of a manufacturer, 2 kms long !! 80mm diameter so if anyone wants any let me know , can cut off 50 metres or any length really. Postage plus a bit. I see Burnsco are only stocking the common local charts ones now, any others are ordered from the official printer in Auckland as required, at least they are up to date then. The paper charts are getting thinner as the years go, my oldest are almost like cardboard and the latest very thin so in a few years they will resemble toilet paper. Which on second thoughts is probably what some people think is there only use.
  3. rossd

    Boat insurance

    Not much progress here with Baileys Insurance! Vessel Details Please advise the year your boat was originally built .......... 1978 Sorry, but as your vessel is over 40 years of age, we are unable to offer any cover for you
  4. Whats with the little bow seat? I like it. looks like a good spot for quiet meditation., in the calm anyway.
  5. Great article. Should be compulsory reading for everyone in the western world
  6. Not sure what the sentence was but the non parole time was 17 years.
  7. rossd


    Copper coat 3 years. Limpets, barnacles and rock oysters certainly cannot get a foothold. Bit of weedy stuff ,fairly easy to get off, went right over with a scotchbrite at one point that seemed to improve its effectiveness.few mussels got a hold in the corner between keel and hull.
  8. 410 CCA starting and from memory deep cycle 125a/h fla. I haven’t got an auto charge setup but oldfashioned manual switch: off,1,1plus 2,2 type trip. Have 40 watt panel permanently hard wired to a good controller on the house battery. Switch off when not onboard so batteries isolated.
  9. Yes i tend to agree Wheels Powertech Solar Trickle Charger model MB,3504 The warning is: You must disconnect the charger when starting your engine or driving. Electrical surges from the car engine when starting and running may damage your charger
  10. IT it says it has blocking diodes Quote: "The Charger will not damage or overcharge your battery. Similarly ,a blocking diode ensures that the charger cannot flatten your battery." Brought from J Car
  11. After buying a Powerteck charger I read it shouldnt be connecting when engine running as alternator might damage it. Are they just being extra cautious or what? wouldnt want it to catch fire or something. Could put in a switch but thats just something else to remember or forget. Power rating 1.5w rated voltage Vmp17.5V Rated current Imp 85.7 mA Open circuit Voltage Voc 21V Short circuit Current Isc 107mA
  12. rossd


    The marine chart measurement function is in Kms. which is a bit odd, cannot find a switch to N Miles?
  13. rossd

    Bunk Lee Cloths

    Thanks for that, I will cut it down a bit and flag the dowel , just a hassle to store.
  14. rossd

    Bunk Lee Cloths

    Am going to install a couple of lee cloths using the fabric from camp stretchers, the sprung steel support ones. Was thinking of using a 15 or 20 mm dowel through the hem already there and attaching rope around that and through the cutouts in fabric. Internet seems a bit divided on length, either from knees to shoulders or full bunk length? Also the height, some say 18 inches which seems lot to me , would not 300mm be OK? Is it going to work? Just for overnight coastal use nothing to dramatic weather wise I hope.
  15. rossd

    Optolamp wiring

    Yes looking at wires again I thought maybe not posable. Mind i also have low nav lights so masthead white ok wirh them. Bit late now though.would have needed seperate white up there
  16. rossd

    Optolamp wiring

    IT. I am wiring up an optolamp i got off you. I thought i was going to be able to use the all round white as a steaming light as well as anchor but the 3 way switch supplied allows only tri or anchor not both together. Could i wire the 2 grey wires on seperate switches so as to use both at once? I am not interested in the strobe.
  17. My understanding ,Sounds like a European couple who are somewhat incompetent. Were advised by Whakatane harbourmaster not to attempt the trip from Whakatane to Gisborne at that time. Then attempted to shelter but couldnt anchor. Sent 2 maydays , one each but couldnt give a location. After found the coastguard set there anchor which was later lost resulting in 3rd mayday. Towed back to Whakatane.
  18. rossd


    Lets hope he remembers to back out
  19. I thought the one I am building was small , just under 6 Feet, that ones definitely fore deck size. Same longways seat though a wellsford design. .
  20. If I can get myself organised I plan on going from Raglan over the top to the BOP this summer. Maybe no big thing for a lot of you guys but big for me. One thing I was thinking about was communications. looking at coastguard VHF coverage its non existent a lot of the way. But maritime NZ coverage looks really good, they must have powerful transmitters but often quite inland. They say it can be blocked by cliffs/hills if in close but out a bit OK most of the way. My wife will be at home and if she doesn't hear from me once a day starts to get silly. Mob phone would be pretty useless but if I did a TR with maritime NZ she could ring them although its not really their role I guess.I did see a Sat phone on Trade me for $500 but to operate it for a month would be $300 or something so that doesn't appeal. . So what is peoples experience with VHF for forecasts etc around the Top.
  21. I found Briski great , bit old school but know theif stuff, they will know whats happening,
  22. Like the old v8 cars and rods there are heaps in the country but total mileage not a lot. If the seagulls were all still in use , considering the10 to 1 mix there would be abit of haze over the harbours. Mind by posts above the seagull pollution is on the seafloor not the air above.
  23. So is my o/b mission critical? Just used oars up to now but where i am moored now a lot of the time when wind and tide marginal I just cannot make it under oars, maybe a hard dinghy would. looking back there has been a couple of times I have been a bit fool hardy by drifting down with tide and wind , using the oars to make sure contact is made with bow or anchor rode and one chance to grab something or else drifting off like that woman in the Med recently. Couple of back up measures, A line and float of the stern, or better still I have a little lie flat anchor to deploy should the target be missed. Handheld VHF wouldn't go astray either.
  24. Well priscilla just looked up that link on Phillip Wilson. Can never remember who built Mahoe so just looked up a survey report I have dated 1988 and it says built by Phillip Wilson and “supposedly” launched in 1978.
  25. In another thread i said I had an Avon inflatable and just brought a seagull O/B . Some one replied saying basically why the hell any one would buy one of them? mind you they do have there supporters. I couldnt think of a short answer so how about a long one. For 13 years I have owned a double diagonal Kauri mid 70s Nova 28 which is an extremely sedate craft made even slower with bilge keels. At first I had grand ideas of upgrading everything, new engine, electronics, furling sails, new sails etc. But after a while i thought whats the point , none of it is really going to make her go faster although somethings make things safer so moved a bit there. So the question is what is the purpose of owning such craft, its certainly not an appreciating asset, so it all boils down to preservation of a bit of history. I find it somewhat sad to see kauri yachts and launches for that matter rotting away so the main mission is keeping fresh water from getting into the decks and below which in the long run takes a sh*t load of money and time. Once they deteriorate to a certain point you have lost it. So I am increasingly keeping her as original as possible, original yanmar single diesel, hanked on sails , even get a bit excited when I find pulley blocks in the parts box with Made In New Zealand on them so on they go rather than those colourfull holey jobs. Thats not to say I havent given up on some things, she had a mechanical wasp log that i gave up on . I used to use a bit of cord with a weight to find anchorage depths in the Gulf which was kind of rewarding in some strange way. Have now got electronic depth and speed but ironically cannot get it to work yet. Never had a plotter but used paper charts and a pencil with a tramping GPS. Have only sailed the gulf and Gt Barrier. So with all that in mind that is why I have an Avon and seagull.
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