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  1. Rats

    Ovlov charges...

    Sorry, What have "production costs being exported" got to do with a guy finding out a Local entity wanted to pull the front end off to replace an O-ring in an unrelated location?
  2. Could have just as easily been a mystery death.
  3. Add I,J,P and E Rig Measurements and Luff hoist for the forestay or Furler Under Rigging All except luff hoist are usually noted on the PHRF Cert.
  4. Rats

    Ryobi didn't cut it

    Personally I think Ryobi is not up to snuff, remember returning something at Bunnings and a third of the people in the returns queue had a Ryobi something or other in their hands, telling.
  5. Rats

    Ryobi didn't cut it

    Or you could get an electric halyard winch, position it so you can tail then take the line back to the winch. Have that set up, works a treat
  6. At least the sprinklers usually work just fine.........
  7. Sailmaker I worked for always used lighter fluid and he was old school, worked on Dacron and Laminates
  8. https://www.shipshapemarine.co.nz/
  9. Rats

    Beale 11.2

    Agree on the headroom forward but the trade off is a nice foredeck and a very nice profile, appears quite a slippery boat in the light. Main is a little full but material in good shape may get the luff hollowed, anyways I have committed and subject to survey she will hopefully move to Bayswater.
  10. Rats

    Beale 11.2

    Nice looking boat, its on trademe, anyone know more.
  11. Rats


    Dont understand the thinking here. Take all of the good bits of the boat and then try and sell it while keeping all to good bits to use on the new build. Why would you not sell the boat complete which is far more attractive to any potential buyer and get more up to date good bits for the new build. I think this boats gonna be on the market a long time with that sort of ask and oh by the way you have to buy a new rig etc.
  12. So I asked Customs the question here is the rather vague reply, so another query perhaps more specific will have to be made. Thank you for your enquiry. To meet the terms of returning NZ goods and import the boat free of Customs duty and GST, the boat will need to be readily identifiable (i.e. marked or numbered), the exporter and importer must be the same person, the goods must be in substantially the same condition and export entry details must be provided as evidence of the export (to confirm boat was not a GST free sale for export). From what you have stated, the boat will not qualify for the above and will be subject to Customs charges on importation into New Zealand as per the below. If the boat was manufactured in New Zealand, it can be imported into New Zealand free of Customs duty. However your shipment will be subject to Goods and Services Tax (15%). The GST is payable on the sum of the cost of the goods plus insurance and freight to get the goods to New Zealand (no freight/insurance charge if vessel sailed under its own power to NZ). Your shipment will also be subject to an Import Entry Transaction fee of $55.71 NZD.
  13. Thanks for the comments thus far, we have made enquiries of the offshore owner and hope to hear back shortly. For instance we do not know if the boat was built for them and supplied directly to them or if it spent time here in NZ and was subsequently sold. The moving offshore etc lines of thinking will not work for us, we both reside in Auckland and will be happy to sail it back on her own bottom if the numbers work out. Will keep you updated on the developments.
  14. Thanks for the replies thus far, yes we (wifey and I) are seriously looking at a nice kiwi built boat currently offshore but obviously paying GST to return it here becomes a bit of a dealbreaker. So it is a practical rather than an academic matter, it is frustrating that a govt dept is so vague and yes the answer one day to the next could hvave significant implications from a financial stand point. Will see if we can explore the previous papertrail with regard to the vessel going offshore and see what that gives us.
  15. Been a long time since I posted here Anyone know the ins and outs. I vaguely recall if a boat was built in NZ it was GST exempt to bring her back in? I have called Customs but they didn't have much of a clue to be honest, the girl said she talked with supervisor and it was 5% duty and 15% GST on agreed sale price. When I mentioned GST would have already been a component while the vessel was being built here she went vague and directed me to the website which doesn't appear to tell you much. Can anyone shed any light on the subject?
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