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  1. Relapse looking the best at the moment. Good to out a bit. Gets really patchy between Bare Island and the Cape.
  2. In close going quiet. Relapse looking OK at th moment. Spent almost a ful day staring at Bare Island in 2014. Gave it good width the next time.
  3. Cool Change will be there.
  4. When the date is set they will come!
  5. Yeh! Another race weekend for the single handers. This time it's the opening race for the BBYC single handed series. Start is at Motukorea at 10.00AM on Sunday. Still time to join the fun! Entries and details from Buckland's Beach Yacht Club.
  6. Richmond Yacht Club Single Handed Race - Sunday 3rd November starting at 1.00 PM. Will be a nice harbour course and extras may be used., All welcome. Entries directly through the club.
  7. Changed

    Battery Drills

    Trying De Walt this time around. Appears good and great value. Also got their right angle drill to try as a winch it. Al use the same batteries.
  8. Armare Solo weekend – Sat 5 Oct and Sun 6 Oct Get your entry in now for this great fun weekend. It is Race 1 & 2 of the Vinings Single Handed Series. You can do just this weekend or the whole series if you like. Start by North Head sail up to the lovely waters by Whangaparaoa Peninsular to finish off Gulf Harbour marina where we will all park up for the night. There we will all enjoy a few beers, a feed and some tall stories with the team at Gulf Harbour Yacht Club. The next morning we'll start off the marina and make our way back to finish off Westhaven. Prize giving will be in the PCC club rooms that afternoon. If you would like to enter just the weekend of 5/6 Oct, please send your entry form to the PCC office. If you're keen on doing the whole Vining Series then enter at the Richmond YC. Day 1 Sat 5 Oct Single handed No extras - start 1100hrs (yellow flag) Single handed Open Div – start 1110hrs (white flag) Day 2 Sun 6 Oct Single handed No extras - start 1100hrs (yellow flag) Single handed Open Div – start 1110hrs (white flag) Entry fee for PCC members $40.00 and for non-members $60.00. Please send your entries and your fees to the PCC office. On the bottom of the entry form (attached) you can find the Club’s bank/account details.
  9. Onlt two weeks until the opening weekend. Ponsonby Cruising Club is the host club for non series entrants.
  10. Richmond Yacht Club presents; The Vining’s Single Handed Series. If you’re interested in the ultimate sailing challenge then enter this years Vining’s Single Handed Series, hosted by Richmond Yacht Club. Entries are now open. The first two races, hosted by the Ponsonby Cruising club are only a month away. Time to get the boat transitioned to SH mode. Once again we are fortunate to have Vinings, Mariner and Kiwi Yachting as series sponsors, Ponsonby Cruising Club, Bucklands Beach Yacht Club and Devonport Yacht Club partnering with Richmond, to cover the ten race programme, and new shirts. Some of us are getting quite a collection.This does allow for drops. When organising the courses we have tried to reflect competitor interest in a full mix of short and long courses and will still run an extras and non-extras divisions. Once again the Route 66 and the night race to Mahurangi, both Richmond organised races, will provide that added challenge. The opening weekend’s first race will take us on a longer Gulf course finishing of the Gulf Harbour Marina. Gulf Harbour Yacht Club will be the host club for that evening. The race home on the Sunday will finish at the Westhaven tower. I will send the sailing instructions by email as soon as Grant has finalised the courses. Remember where Piripiri is? Just a clue. Would be helpful if you could get your entries completed sooner rather than later so we can size the shirts.
  11. Nice facilities in Southport.
  12. Changed

    Robert Hick

    Thanks for that.
  13. Changed

    Robert Hick

    Was wondering if anyone has an email for this Oz designer? The web one is now defunct.
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