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  1. I've been meaning to comment on this for a few days. Its not often Wheels and I disagree on technical stuff, but in this case the voltage of 14.1 is not a minor issue IMO. That voltage, rather than 14.4 -14.7 (whatever the PDS says for your specific batteries) will make an enormous difference to the time taken to charge the batts, and, in fact, they may NEVER get to 100% if not within the manufactures recommended voltages. So, before replacing the reg, check the voltage sense connections and cables for correct connection and cable or terminal issues causing voltage drop. If the voltage cannot be corrected, change the regulator for one that can. Regs are still cheaper than new batts.
  2. I have all cable sizes in stock up to 95mm2. Can make any cables you may need. However, I'd suggest that you keep the inverter as close to the batt bank as possible, to minimise cable requirements. So an inverter with a remote switch or control panel is good.
  3. The Admiral has a Macbook Pro for work. I'll have a look on that...
  4. What's the platform your using? (PC, mac, iphone, android phone etc.) What operating system and version (eg windows 10, android version etc) Finally what browser and version? If you can give me that I may be able to duplicate and then resolve. At this point I've not seen this issue on any of the platforms I have - Windows 7, 10, Mac, ipad and android phone.
  5. Mastervolt, Victron. Make sure that the case, if metal, is grounded. Good ones have a ground stud. Also, the DC input should be fused, and the AC should go out thru a RCBO. If its cost sensitive, a powertech one from Jaycar are ok...
  6. Please note there is a current SCAM sending people an email, saying that their crew.org password has expired. This is a SCAM. Please do NOT click the link in the email, simply delete it!
  7. Think I've got one. We'll be back ashore later this week, and I'll have a look.
  8. More races (14) than Charlie barr, three wins as skipper and two more as team manager.
  9. This thread has run its useful life. Several posts are verging on personal attacks. Because I can't be bothered issuing warnings etc, this thread is now locked. Move on.
  10. Just because I'm bored, and recalled this thread, I measured the headroom. 6 ft 3 in saloon, (1.915m) about 6ft 1 in fwd head and cabin. 1988 Farr Phase 4..... Bunks are all 2m long. On a boat 11.97 m on deck, 12.8m overall.
  11. How is it ok to go cruising? You have to stay where you are. If at home, your stuck there. Same at batch or boat. You have to stay where you are , in your bubble. I fail to see why this is so hard to follow.
  12. Nope. If you are already out, living aboard, you are still supposed to stay there. As at this morning, I just called the maritime unit and asked. You can go home ( if you have one) but then must stay there. Otherwise you can not move except for safety, medical, or food.
  13. I'd say we are considerably less threat to anyone else, compared to most ashore. We are about 130m offshore.
  14. Youd be wrong again. You were allowed to choose to stay in your batch or boat, if you were there at the beginning of the lockdown. This is still the case. I'm in the boat, since the beginning. I've spoken to the police, my neighbor is in the waterpolice. They have no issues with what we've chosen. The same rules apply to us as to you at home. Minimal time outside of the boat, trips ashore local only, for food, medical or exercise. 2m gap, dont touch anything anyone else may have touched, wash hands. Only difference for us is we are allowed to change Anchorage for weather, if unsafe to remain where we are.
  15. A couple of things would concern me about that graph When the alt drops its output, it does not go to the same voltage each time. This could be a voltage drop in the voltage sense wires. Do they go directly to the batts (only via a fuse, not to a bus bar or another cable etc) ? Its essential that the voltage sense cables get the real batt voltage. They MUST go to the batts. The negative for the unit must also have basically no resistance. An issue in either of these wires will cause malfunctioning. Seems to me max voltage a d float is too low. Change the batt settings to wet cell and try again
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