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  1. So? Make the Temp controller switched on by ignition switch, and by fridge switch. Then, when the engine is on, AND the fridge is on, then the compressor will go if the fridge is not fully cold. Completely automated, nothing to remember. The other thing is, its only fully cold if the eutectic fluid in the tanks is frozen. For the best hold over, it needs to change state, this holds much more energy. If you are only using it as a fridge, it should have different fluid mix than if its a freezer. Then you get max hold over time before it needs to run again.
  2. Are you asking me Steve? Or a general question? If it was me, it would depend on the type of boat, and budget. Certainly for a racer LifePO4, but for a cruiser, I'd be seriously looking at Lead Carbon (NOT lead crystal!) as an option.
  3. This is a Stupid decision and will effect peoples well being, if not their lives. It is not realistic to tell the yachties out there to "go home" as voyages and seasons must align for small vessels to have the best chance of safe passage. There is no way to come to NZ safely once a cyclone is present! Most passages from the Islands are min 10 days, most of the quarantine is already done, so the risk is minimal This is a very big loss to the local marine industry Yep the director general may be a good doctor, but he obviously has no understanding of small boat vo
  4. Why not use a temp controller? Then you can leave it on, and it will switch in and out to stay in the programmed range. see https://www.amazon.com/Inkbird-ITC-1000F-Temperature-Controller-Fahrenheit/dp/B07R46D44T/ref=sr_1_6?dchild=1&keywords=12v+temperature+controller+Celsius&qid=1600579290&sr=8-6
  5. Id have to say that as that is a support strut for the center span, and the outsides are the "clip ons", that the entire structure is likely compromised, not just the center lanes. The clip ons remain open.... I hope the engineers have this right!
  6. Yep. Now used in most Volvo saildrives.
  7. Mikem why sae 30? Ive not seen a spec for that, only the sae 15w 40 I mentioned above?
  8. You have to have one of the accessories, wifi or Bluetooth. Ebox-wifi-01 or Ebox-BLE-01. There is also a wired solution, but I’ve never seen one...
  9. Actually, it takes up to 10 hours to get an agm back to 100 percent. Regardless of your charging system, it’s in their nature! (well, chemistry). So if you think you have done it in an hour or two you are mistaken. It’s fully charged when it’s at the absorption voltage, and the tail current is about 1 percent of capacity. If you can’t measure that, you don’t know how charged it is. So “all I added was a little fridge”. How much does it draw? Does it cycle or run all the time? So then, from amps draw and time on, you can work out amp hours. Once you know that, add 10% for charging losses.
  10. OK Sabre, here are my suggestions. Get a PDS for your existing battery. Ensure that the EPever is set to exactly those volts, for both bulk and float, measured AT THE BATTERY. Not out by 0.1v, exactly right. EPever units are not that bright, and will only do bulk for a set time, not by volts or current. Some have a constant, non configurable gap between bulk volts and float, especially if yours is one of those, you may want to consider a better one. Even if you upgrade the battery, you will have to do a matching alternator/ regulator setup, so step 2 would be a decent external regulator f
  11. Maritime NZ report Latest issue of newsletters or media release. Problems? View i
  12. Well done! Would not have been a fun last few days. Tough time of year for a circumnav of NZ! Not sure about "true" catabatic winds in the sounds, but I've had the masthead of Island Time in the water on a mooring in ship cove from a big downdraft off the hills... Held us flat for a few seconds. No sail, just windage in the rig.
  13. Thats good. At least it appears he can lay the entry. Hope he's not too beam on. As Booboo said, the only other option is Jacksons bay... Best wishes
  14. He’s on AIS. Shows he’s changed course and closing the coast, but on this track he won’t make Milford. Needs a bit more southing
  15. Off Milford this morning, running north
  16. My opinion, for what its worth; If it goes over 50, and with 8m seas, he wont be able to make any headway into it. At this point your options become limited, depending on the gear you have. 50 knots is not uncommon in this area, and has hopefully been planned for. Different designs are a little different, but; heave to, sea anchor(Para) if needed to stay hove to, or possibly dodge (say 40 deg to wind under storm sail and usually motor, moving slowly enough to maintain headway) or turn and run, preferably with a drogue. This last loses the most distance made good. Running at speeds
  17. The Southern Ocean is not to be underestimated. The Fiords themselves are mostly (Very) deep at the entrances, but a couple do have shallow(er) parts. There is no bar like a river mouth. I understand it is not common to have breakers across the entrances. Yes it will be less than pleasant there tomorrow... Sails for 50+ knots would have been a basic requirement for me before departing on such a trip. Tough time of year for this, you have to expect to get a beating at some stage.
  18. NFI ! I'll see if I can work it out...
  19. Quite right! I read the numbers backwards! its in 60 odd meters of water. Doh!
  20. Hmm, the Pukehina wave bouy is out in the middle of the bay, some 60 odd Kms off the beach, not at the harbor entry... Could be right though, the bowentown bouy was showing similar significant wave heights
  21. Not in Auckland, and but I used petite? Vivid white when I did the solo tasman. Great when your racing, easy to see the foils ( for weed/debris) but needed wiping every 3-4 weeks.
  22. I have it on good authority that this article is less than accurate, and that the vessel was not compelled to leave. Two distinct sides to every story I guess...
  23. Going around North Cape now. Conditions off the west coast next week, esp after Tuesday, wont be very pleasant!
  24. Just finished the upgrade to the latest version of the software. Please report any issues. Thx
  25. It'll just be a leaking seal - its just a hydraulic ram. Never pulled that specific model apart, but I've done a few. Strip it and have a look, seals should be available from a bearing shop....
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