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  1. ORION AND SMUGGLER MARINE AWARDED COSTS Following an almost four-year court battle, the High Court sealed an order for costs against Sealegs of around $500,000, to be paid to Orion and Smuggler Marine by May 26, 2020, or proceedings to liquidate Sealegs will commence. Additionally, a combined damage claim of $11m is being filed against Sealegs. The damage claim arises from the injunction issued in December 2016, which prevented Smuggler, Stryda, Orion and other associated companies from manufacturing and selling amphibious craft. https://boatingnz.co.nz/orion-and-smuggler-marine-awarded-costs
  2. Don't blame the retailers for your goods not arriving. The problem is the couriers.
  3. Woohoo, sailing is back under level 2! Winter series starts this weekend at Westhaven. Squadron on Saturday, Richmond on Sunday. Limited to 10 per boat. Contact tracing for all crew. No prizegiving at the club.
  4. Stranded at sea for months due to Covid-19 and refused port three times, sailor docks in Fiji Wong Tetchoong set off from Singapore in February but the coronavirus pandemic meant he could not find anywhere to dock https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/may/05/stranded-at-sea-for-months-due-to-covid-19-and-refused-port-three-times-sailor-docks-in-fiji
  5. Well spotted Deep Purple. Your research has paid off!
  6. All boats must slow down to 5 knots if they want to come within 50m of another vessel. RRS are what allows racing yachts to exceed 5 knots within 50m. In this case RRS overrides colregs. Harrytoms last post is quoting from the YNZ Safety rules. These have no bearing on right of way.
  7. I think oven cleaner should help.
  8. Kelly Klink said some were coming ashore and using the island's scarce resources, including getting their groceries ordered to the island. She said some boaties were being respectful, isolated and self-contained, but others were putting them at risk. "We have a freight boat that comes over on Tuesday. One boat had come over to the island and ordered groceries, and someone from the community had witnessed him coming to get his freight straight off the wharf, 14 banana boxes of food. That's utilising resources that the community needs and our people need to bring their food in," Klink said.
  9. Incorrect, Peter was only helmsman. Glen Ashby = skipper.
  10. No - he is involved in the anti-AC/ alternative AC/ AC spinoff which goes by the name SailGP...
  11. Poor old John. Got asked to leave the business - 2 weeks later he was dead. Sounds like he had a way with the ladies though!
  12. Some boats take on water. Surely people should be allowed access to their vessels to bail out the bilges on a regular basis?
  13. April issue of Boating NZ is free online due to Covid19, here https://boatingnz.co.nz/some-lockdown-relief/ Interesting to see that Coastguard has merged all 4 regions into one mega organization. Also a new company has a $1.4m grant to develop electric ferries, made of carbon, using America's Cup designers.
  14. For boats arriving in Australia quarantine starts from date of departure.
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