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  1. ex Elly

    Larry Pardey

    They sold Taleisin around 5 years ago.
  2. For anchor chain it probably wouldn't last long. Better to get your chain regalvanised, then it will look like new, but lose some of its strength (maybe 20%). Go to these guys: http://www.easttamakigalvanizing.co.nz/
  3. So another GPS assisted accident maybe?
  4. Their 6-metre stabicraft had hit a moored 18-metre mussel harvester, Waide said. They were about 30 metres from the shore at low tide, he said. “Basically what happened was the guys were coming in at night after dark, and they crashed into a moored vessel out in Okiwi Bay itself,” he said. https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/122268420/lower-moutere-man-named-as-victim-of-okiwi-bay-boating-incident Looks like they were doing more than 5 knots less than 200 metres from shore. Are there different speed limits in the Marlborough Sounds?
  5. ex Elly

    American Magic

    Yes and another American team, want to use one TeamNZ's old boat. But wouldn't that break the rules of country of origin, as per deed of gift? https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/sport/2020/07/america-s-cup-2021-stars-stripes-seek-team-nz-boat-for-challenger-series.html?fbclid=IwAR33H1SIw_LeJeh8F-bVfOnp5h40qyGrFxGWTYzIoADFImBNs87B1RXfAr8
  6. ex Elly

    Pilot boat

    This is not what I was taught on the Coastguard Boatmaster course. They told us that the Waiheke passenger ferries were under 500 tons, so we don't need to give way to them. Only ferries we need to give way to are Great Barrier and Waiheke car ferries. Maybe that has changed in the last 15 years though with bigger passenger ferries being puchased?
  7. ex Elly

    Pilot boat

    Ports of Auckland said that immediately after the accident, it "took action to change the route taken by pilot boats to mitigate the possibility of a similar accident happening in future". The company also said it "addressed the issues that led to boats speeding in restricted areas, which arose because of misinterpretation around the rules which grant pilot boats an exemption to the speed limits". https://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/news/article.cfm?c_id=3&objectid=12350521
  8. ex Elly

    Pilot boat

    Wow! So just an accident, not manslaughter? "The company has already paid $220,000 to Gelberger’s family, Judge Phillips said." "It struck Gelberger about 10.50am on April 20, 2017 while travelling at about 35 knots." "There was no speed limit in that area, 273 metres from the shore at the south end of Cheltenham Beach."
  9. It can cost around $45,000NZD to ship a 50 footer from Europe to NZ. So this option could work if you are willing to take the risk, and can wait a year for it to arrive. Not sure who covers insurance, damage, maintenance, panama canal fees, etc though?
  10. Skipper fined $8500 after barge grounding https://www.sunlive.co.nz/news/247762-skipper-fined-8500-after-barge-grounding.html Taking the barge from Coromandel to Great Barrier. GPS was zoomed out, so island not shown. Radar not working properly due to equipment blocking it. Hit the island doing 12 knots at 5am.
  11. They have towed it back into port... https://www.stuff.co.nz/bay-of-plenty/122122990/stranded-ship-being-towed-into-port-of-tauranga-for-repairs
  12. Hundreds of kids in Auckland do dinghy racing, so maybe that would be a better option? Keelboat racing is mainly done by adults. There were some Variants racing at Milford, and Panmure around 8 years ago, so maybe one of those clubs could be worth trying. Other than that looks like one Variant racing at Evans Bay in Wellington at the moment.
  13. Sadly they will have no one to race against. But Richmond will be your best bet.
  14. Sounds like good work was done by the vessel and tugs to stop it going aground. Next problem is to fix the propulsion. Can they do that at sea, or will they need to tow it back into the harbour?
  15. Auckland sailmaker scammed like Team New Zealand https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/americas-cup/122036498/americas-cup-auckland-sailmaker-scammed-like-team-new-zealand An Auckland sailmaker has revealed he was scammed out of $30,000 in a copycat method to Team New Zealand losing around $1m. Rodney Keenan, who runs Evolution Sails which has international clients and suppliers, had a wry chuckle and plenty of sympathy when he heard of Team New Zealand’s loss this week.
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