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  1. Not sure how legal it is, for the marina to deny you access to your boat if they are charging you. Either- close the marina and give a reduction in fees, or - leave the marina open with appropriate conditions: viz: you can only visit your boat on the marina if you have a] a mask b] gloves, and c] alcohol wipes for the gates and the keypads. This particularly as there are plenty of liveaboards permanently on the marina. Of course, this would only apply to those who live within walking distance of the marina anyway, with the current only essential driving restrictions.
  2. The advice for keying the acrylic is to give the edge - about 15mm in, a rub with a kitchen scourer- that was from Cambrian plastics in Henderson, who supplied the panels. They cut them nicely.
  3. Glasscorp sell the best adhesive for this - it's a Dow Corning product and I think it Dow Corning 925. I did my Lotus windows with it and no screws necessary. Glasscorp also sell glazing tape, which is magic stuff for making the job easier. You have about12mm overlap with the windows and the frames., put the glazing tape around the inside of the frame and simply press the acrylic onto the tape. Sticks really well. Then you can take your time filling the void with the adhesive - which of course if the messy bit! It's definitely worth masking both the frames and the outside of the acrylic.
  4. absolutely correct, both of you. I have no axe to grind on any of his other deals. So- let' stick to the facts- my only concern was to find out who had bought Metro, so that I could check they understood that the repairs had not been done on one side.If the buyer knows - great. If not, he needs to know before he puts his kids on it. How do I know this? I asked him., I also contacted him to see if he would tell me who had bought the boat - he did not. So - just the facts about one deal. Any problem with that ?
  5. couldn't find him on Trademe - is he advertising somewhere else now?
  6. Still not really the point. You pay for the marina berth and included in that is security for your vessel and fittings. If some hoon had come down to your boat and destroyed your dinghy, you would expect the marina to do something about it. DOC, as usual, with it's usual 'hands off' approach should have done something right at the start. Marinas are not natural environments for seals. If the seal hauls out on a beach somewhere, great, and we should all leave it alone. But it needs to be discouraged from marinas, or - DOC should compensate boat owners for the destruction
  7. Fyi the company was Nicebuys
  8. I've just put a water alarm into my engine compartment with a saildrive. It's a battery operated one- battery last for two years so I'll replace every year to make sure. They're cheap enough, just look up "flood alert' on the internet - cost me $14. I have it on a swivel, so I just turn it down to just above the floor when I turn on the seacock. Worth a try I thought
  9. This is probably an unintelligent question, but how do you look up a particular seller and his goods on trademe? I looked in members for rudolph shack, which is one of his monikers, but no results.
  10. 1. Does the noise come in at 2500, and then disappear again with increasing revs? I've got the same noise from your description, comes in at 2000, disappears at 2200. Therefore no worry really. 2. Are you sure that it's an engine noise, and not a harmonic from some other structural component? I had that on my last Yanmar, and it turned out to be a slightly loose panel. Cheers
  11. This is the fellow. He bought it for 7500 off vero insurance, put it on the market 2 weeks later for 12500. Didn't sell it,took it off the market and took it up to Mahurangi and a mooring off Scott's landing. On one of his videos selling another boat at Milford, he mentioned he'd sold Metro. That's as far as I've got.
  12. hmmmm- interesting coincidence,, the guy who bought the boat off the insurance company was called Jason. I believe he had another boat for sale a couple of weeks ago at Milford MArina if it is the same guy.
  13. I h ad this Lotus until the Auckland storm hit, and wrote it off. The hull was badly damaged and the quote for repair was over $50 grand. It's a wooden boat and the hull was pulled off the stringers and keelson. It was "repaired" by a bloke who bought it off the insurance company, in a week and has been sold on. I have been unable to determine who the new owner is. I'm concerned that someone has bought it and doesn't know that the repairs have only been done on one side, and the other, under the water tank and sink etc has not been done. I'd hate to think of someone out in it in rough weather. Yeah- I know its' "buyer beware" and that people should get a survey done, but sometimes it just doesn't happen. If anyone knows of the new owner, and can get them to get in touch with me, I'd appreciate it, for safety's sake. cheers Alibaba
  14. alibaba

    sea fleas

    I've had exactly the same. Whenever I have swum and scraped the hull. They attach and bite and itch. Solution, get the least hairy person to do it. Over you go missus
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