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  1. Should stop you guys getting cold when eating your roast dinner in next years 24 hr race
  2. You could also try you local wreckers or mechanic for an old cast Iron engine block they work well
  3. I have in mine the fuel / oil filter numbers, impeller numbers oil grade and quantity for engine and sail drive
  4. Interesting that the prices are different between Hastings and Wellington
  5. Sounds like a head gaskit , but could be in the heat exchanger too based of you coment about the reduced flow from the raw water flow
  6. w44vi


    Zinc (saltwater) rule of thumb was replace when 1/2 used
  7. Aleana are you using copper based anti foul next to your sail drive ?
  8. They were built to a standard not a price
  9. Yes there are a few of us on here
  10. I use lanolin seems to work ok, it is easy to remove the paddle wheel and can be re apply in the water too
  11. w44vi


    Do they have "traffic lights" or is it just luck that you don't have boats entering at opposite ends at the same time
  12. w44vi

    Jump Starters

    If your after weight reduction with your battery go lithium ion. Depending on how big your motor is you maybe able to use a motor cycle battery
  13. w44vi

    Electric Car

    Cars do not have enough area to make an appreciable difference to the range. example I get 7.5 km per KWH a 250 watt panel will product 1kwh if in good direct sun light in 4 hours and a 250 watt panel is approx. 1.6m x 1m So realistically you would get 10 km of range per day if you covered your car
  14. Yes compulsory licensing works well! just look at the car drivers licensing, no one ever speeds, crosses centre lines, over takes in the wrong place, go through red lights, runs from the police etc. And that is with 9004 sworn police
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