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  1. Yip which is why we avoid dealing with Chinese suppliers wherever possible. I'm sure there are some good ones out there from China as far as diesel heaters go but it will cost you more by the time you buy a few of them.
  2. I've gone down the Chinese route and got burnt. They are not all the same and many of the ones peddled here in NZ are not supported at all. The models and parts change all the time and the controllers are rubbish. Noise is an issue as well with the cheaper ones. The manual that came with the unit I purchased was not relevant to the model supplied and the auckland based distributor was down right rude and had no idea how to support the product. If you want to do a quality installation, go European. You won't regret it.
  3. Yes but that's not the point BP. Those in the public sector almost and I do mean almost have a guaranteed job. Those in the private sector, not so. That is a huge difference and the point I was trying to make. I agree fully that we need public servants however it's pretty rich when the public sector are bleating about how bad they have it. At least they have a job. Many in the private sector don't and won't for a long time. As always times like this affect the small guy and the poor, the rich well not much. I don't begrudge or belittle anyone but I'm honestly sick of hearing about all the so called 'heros' out there at the end of the day they are doing their jobs..... well done to you... you have a job and will get paid for it. The bite is not now, it will hit us in 2-3 months time, we will see how smart people are then.
  4. Basically sailing is so wide and generic, like boating. The general idea is water is dangerous so therefore ban it. Surfing was banned which is crazy and probably now back on as the backlash was strong. You don't hear of many surfers getting in the sh*t. I assume that when we go to Level 3, the marina's will at least allow access? Generally I find boating is more dangerous in the marina than out in the ocean, wiring and gas projects, drinking, falling into the water etc etc . I don't think many people are 'chilling' right now Kevin unless of course you have a cushy government position living off the tax payer tit. If you own a business or employ people or have a bank breathing down your neck the 'chill' rate will be fairly low. Any activity that allows one to revitalise one's perspective on life is important and you can't claim that running, surfing or biking are more important than sailing. The unseen factors here that no one will care about will be the depression, suicide and divorce rates in 8 weeks time when we get back to the new normal. Maybe at least it will give Herald and Stuff something other than Covid 19 and Trump to report about. I'm all for people using common sense and get out and about on ya boats, what's the worse that can happen? The police have no power and at best will slap you with a don't do that again.
  5. Probably right! Point is he's pissed about the very short notice on closure. Anyhow it's sorted now as he's been able to remotely access the boat via wifi from the carpark and turn things off apparently. Be interesting to see if berth holders can get rental relief due to no access.
  6. The lack of silence from Marinas is amazing. I'd suggest that given there is no access, there should at least be a rental reduction. I'm also interested in the insurance situation given lack of access to check and insure your yacht is safe? What if it sank due to a leak and bilge pump failure? I have a friend who's brand new battery bank will be overcharging as he's just installed Lithium batteries and left the solar on them without a regulator as he was expecting to get back to the boat in time but was not able to. Who covers that cost? Is it the same all over the Country with access, have marinas locked boat owners out?
  7. Maybe a Farr 12.20? Although 6'4" headroom maybe an issue. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/boats-marine/yachts/keeler/auction-2565176114.htm?rsqid=0284f2cf989443ceb492424df94db5c1-001
  8. Yip you need one, take it to Enertec and for a small fee they can sort it to your spec.
  9. Has anyone seen this product? https://www.green-yachting.online/ . Basically allows you to change out the 230 VAC heater element in your water heater for a 12 or 24 VDC version and use excess solar charge. On the new boat i'm considering this as an option.
  10. The band on my one came off. Had to put a new band on but the Yanmar guy who serviced it said I hardly needed to worry about it as the leak alarm would let me know and also that it would only be a slow leak if you got one. It's quite a basic seal really.
  11. A sight glass is a good way if you don't want a gauge. You can put calibrated fill marks on it as you fill the tank, easy to make out of clear PVC and fittings.
  12. Has anyone got any first hand experience with the trukit? https://truekit.nz/collections/all/products/true-kit-discovery?variant=30006782022 I need a fold up boat rather than a hard bottom one.
  13. Red cod and dog fish is all I ever remember! And that was over 40 years ago!
  14. classic but who actually fishes in Lyttelton harbour? Virtually no one
  15. Did some work on that one a few weeks back, fast ride.
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