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  1. It's off now and still being towed astern out to sea. The tug holding it amidships had a decent roll on with the beam seas.
  2. Sort of official if the PM says so but certainly "case by case" https://www.fbcnews.com.fj/business/blue-lanes-to-allow-yachts-and-pleasure-craft-sail-to-fiji/
  3. BP what's this "buying bait" of which you speak? Whangaroa is alive with bait fish and a packet of sabiki's will secure more bait than you know what to do with.
  4. Welcome to NZ. I spent a month on a trawler in the PNW last year and like your picture. Just before Whangaroa, Mahinepua is very pretty and doable with your draft. Whangaroa isn't that big so check it all out. If you are planing on a long stay a flounder net is worthwhile in the eastern arm. Some nice day walks around the harbour
  5. I was there (anchored out, never went ashore) and gave evidence at the trial. A book or TV program spun entirely from the police/prosecution side would be an interesting read or watch. Or even a balanced program. But we will never see that will we.
  6. Only stopped at Minerva once and the Tongan naval boat was there as well. The key issue seems to be whether or not you will be allowed to come back to New Zealand come cyclone season
  7. Sulphating an EV battery? Not sure if that is possible for Lithium based batteries.
  8. HMB Electrical are good for sure. Sent them an email to have a look at my installation, just to be sure, earlier today as it happens. I use the heater a lot.
  9. Quite a while ago we got Pantaenius to change their policy wording. Their rules indicated non stop only up the Red Sea. That wasn't safe with small crews and the option of waiting head winds out behind a reef or in an Marsa far better. They changed it for us (and subsequent seasons) and we ended up with a picture of Infinity on their marketing for a while. Quite a while ago now but they are a pretty good outfit at heart. Only been to Bonaire of the ABC's, very nice but quite limited. The marina back then was tiny. Trinidad a better option if you need work done or boat storage, but some personal security concerns back then. Not sure if it has changed. The rules for the hurricane season used to be anywhere south of Grenada.
  10. Thanks Veladare, good to know. Assuming we get the nod for Level two on Thursday, seven weeks is a long time and no surprises very few stuck it out and isolated in one place. Looking to head out as soon as they will let us and the weather looks OK for now. Cycling was allowed all the way through because it's safe. I now have my doubts.
  11. Two laps is a pretty good effort. Great boats. Another leaving for Tonga pic, this time from Tauranga.
  12. My first keeler, sold sight unseen to a bloke in Manila. Heading into Whangaroa.
  13. Or rent a bike. Most years now I rent a bike and do a tour with mates from my farming days. This year it was a Ducati seen here at Poolburn up the Ida valley But trying hard to drag the thread back to boats we went up past Mavora Lakes and loaded on the catamaran for the trip across to Queenstown.
  14. Not quite that old but 25 years ago today leaving GH for Tonga for the first time on my own boat.
  15. I went boating today. All the way from my berth to the travel lift in HMB. Interesting that kite surfing is OK at level 3 looking down the Tamaki.
  16. When someone does get the virus and develop antibodies will these: a. Protect them from re-infection b. Super sensitize them to new infection so you get smacked harder in round 2 (think dengue fever which many cruisers are sadly familiar) c. Absolutely no idea what effect it will have (perhaps the honest answer with current knowledge?)
  17. darkside

    Old life raft

    We had one that was a little too enthusiastic to open. We kept the valise under the saloon table on the cat. We came back from dinner in Mahon and the cabin was full of liferaft. One of the boys was quite small and managed to crawl in to press the deflate. Luckily there was an agent over in Palma and he packed it back up with a fresh test certificate. No idea why it decided to inflate.
  18. I paid NZD1000 on trade me complete with the fixed aerial. Only used it a few times at the Barrier to test it and then for a month in Alaska. Never used the fixed aerial, the unit always worked fine without it.
  19. To any laid off pilots I have a new grader in my yard if you want to have a crack. Looking forward to the announcements of the successful "shovel ready" infrastructure projects.
  20. I'm a little confused but does this mean I have to paddle board to the Barrier?
  21. Yes we have been lumped in with jet skis as risky behaviour
  22. Will recreational boating come back under Level 3? How about full access to marinas for maintenance etc?
  23. The one that annoys me most is the bloke at the Mokes. Bit of a favourite spot over Easter. You are right not lots but more moving about today it seems.
  24. Lots of boats on the move today according to marine tracker
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