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  1. You've got to admit Darkside & BP, that despatching a boarding party of 6 big blokes, quite probably armed is no way to encourage polite discourse. I think its quite accurately described as "gunboat diplomacy", was firmly resisted and I dont think there is more to it than that. BP - regrettably i think u are right about cruising.
  2. BP I understand the concerns you have but it seems in this instance we are not looking at cruiser behaving like an arse I think the master of sailing vessel seems to be well entitled to preserve his ship and crew, and simply stated directly (perhaps a little less than diplomatically) his intentions. For goodness sake - it is an uninhabited reef miles from anywhere, and the naval ship masters attempted use of Covid-19 as a tool to take control of what is undeniably disputed territory was laughable. The navy tried to bully the yachtie and got what they deserved. I'd suggest that the the fact there was no boarding simply meant Tongan Navy were engaging in posturing - a game of huff and puff, or at most - conducting a training exercise. Do you think the yacht skipper was wrong, or behaving poorly?
  3. have pm'd you with this. Crappy copying but I can't do much about that. Good luck.
  4. No doubt this should allowed. In a global economy where scraps are increasingly becoming the main course, we ought to be in like a hungry dog, but the question would be who to lobby to encourage fast tracking legislature change?- or is that too politicised to be allowed in this forum? Imagine if the west island beat us to the draw - that would piss me off. why do FP local authorities insist on departure BP?
  5. where I could buy an inflatable dingy fender. Pretty sure the fender strip attached to the dinghy permanently and were not those pvc two piece jobbies. I recall seeing them (i think) on Ellys' dinghy years ago when I sailed a lot in the "up to 26's"
  6. hi SeaEagleii, found it. Main 23'0" luff, 10'0" foot. Attached a couple of jpegs. Not particularly clear but if u need better pm with your email and i will try to scan and send to u. Are u having helm issues?
  7. I still have plans for the variant i owned years ago Let dig em out and I'll confirm if i have sail plan.
  8. my 1st boat was a Variant - glassed over kauri hull, teak cabin sides and cockpit coamings - had awesome 'Le Vac' shitter that seemed impossible to block:) As with any boat, reef earlier than u think, sliding sideways on yer ear is never fast and also bloody uncomfortable. The one thing I never was happy with was that at anchor she seemed lively, 'sailing' this away then that away - probably a consequence of ratio of anchor warp to chain. I often wondered if having more metal would've calm her down but had moved on by the time I got that idea. Rafted up to the mother ship would be a great idea for the kids and then cut 'em loose or let them hang off the back of the big boat as they get confident.
  9. and lets not start talking about Dr Maxwell. Evolve or become extinct came into my mind.
  10. Are they drillling for oil or is it just a convenient parking place?
  11. Misinterpreted rather than distorted, but yes, my bad..
  12. b4 anybody gets the wrong idea I was not being facetious.
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