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  1. Romany

    Ovlov charges...

    Lights blue touch paper - standing clear
  2. Der. Answered my own question. http://www.port-tauranga.co.nz/cargo-and-shipping/harbour-conditions/
  3. Flat as at admin tho. Thats probly a good thing. Anybody know where i could find that info for Tauranga? More interested in the bouys info than in the harbour for obvious reasons.
  4. Seems a bit mad that one company can prevent another from being able to compete. If Smuggler etc had something different to offer surely they have the right to toss their hats in the ring. There must be more to the story.
  5. Why so deeply against it BP? Surely you would agree an effective coastguard can be a good thing?
  6. Aside from just the fact of being in NZ which is a big deal, I can't see you missing much else. Pretty sure it will be available on pay TV. With all the airfare spend that you'll save u can hopefully afford the full ppv package.
  7. Romany

    She's Back...

    Fish in your conversation the leopard seal guy did u establish if there is a way that a non marina based water user can establish where the seal is? I think that would be a good thing. Do u have any contact details for the guy?
  8. Romany

    She's Back...

    She probably does not eat the dinghy - rather, just rips it apart? Without wanting to re-start that discussion re getting rid of the bloody thing, I personally would feel more at ease if I could know where this animal is at any time. Does anybody know if DOC has investigated popping a tracker, rather than a cap, in its ass?
  9. Romany

    Lost posts

    I dont post much because I mostly like to think about what I'm about to say and being of Libran star sign that takes time. Clearly software is set up for a more "shoot from the lip" kind of audience - as many posts demonstrate.
  10. Romany


    Thanks i thought as much. I have relocated pond pump & filter set up today. Probably shoulda done that to begin with. The 168 fish probably started out as 5 a few years b4 we bought the property but it is a big pond - about 2.5 x 6.0. Its a roundabout thingy in our drive and gotta liddle bridge an all that carry on. Anybody know anything about pond liners? Helpful i mean.. I'm a bit dark on it because the bloody thing didnt leak until we had it cleaned. Pond cleaner chick now unresponsive.
  11. Romany


    I have a fish pond. Dont ask why but i have. Furthermore it developed a leak and so i had to rehouse 168 goldfish. Part of the rehousing requirement was to oxygenate the water in the bath tub that i repossessed from the 3 sheep (again, don't ask why i have 3. Or any, for that matter). So - i bought a little 240vairpump from the fish shop (picture of its guts is attached). It bloody fell into the water and no longer works. Is it retrievable or junk?
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