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    muzled reacted to cj! in Queens Wharf Dolphins - Give us more ammo   
    If you're talking charging users the true costs then wait until people driving have to pay the true costs of roads and parking. There's an awful lot of public space being used and maintained that if user pays was brought to bear would cause many some considerable financial pain.
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    muzled reacted to idlerboat in Cat Capsize in Ausy   
    The area is not a good place in severe wind on sea. 
    Stockton bight needs caution in these conditions due to short steep breaking seas.
    Catamarans are not good in these conditions, and once rolled dont right...
    The three deceased were trapped in the hull. 
    Getting out of an upturned hull , cold , dark and being thrashed around may be a lot harder than some think....
    The two who did get out (or were possibly already out) had life jackets on. There is no question that the life jackets saved their lives.
    Please remember the size of the vessel we are talking about before too much blame is put on the make and model , like some other sailing sites seam to have focused upon.
    Please take serious note of this
    Please be awareWind gusts can be 40 percent stronger than the averages given here, and maximum waves may be up to twice the height.
    and here is the forecast for the area right now
    Forecast for Thursday until midnight
    Strong Wind Warning for Thursday for Hunter Coast
    Winds Westerly 20 to 30 knots. Seas 2 to 3 metres. Swell Southerly around 1 metre. Weather Clear.
      As a Marine Rescue skipper,  I am deeply saddened by this tragedy and our thoughts are with the family
    .And as usual I would strongly encourage all who play on the water to do what they can to increase their chances of survival, should an incident occur.
    From all accounts so far this vessel did all that is normally suggested.
    If you own a cat....  (and this is not necessarily related to this incident and I have no information to suggest anything but appropriate seamanship)
    .Regardless  if you own a cat......   then SLOW DOWN when the sea state picks up........ The rule of crisis avoidance is "likely hood" and "ramifications".
      You may think that the likely hood of trouble in a cat is less, but the ramifications are way way worse...    
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    muzled reacted to Black Panther in Electric cars, some science on the battery packs   
    Im always suspicious of articles like that HT. It took about 2 minutes to find out it was funded by the Koch brothers.
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    muzled reacted to BOIGuy in This Weekend's Achievements   
    School holiday cruise me and my boy

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    muzled reacted to Howdie2 in coast guard are commercial?   
    Coast guard skippers don't get paid! I have been one for last 6 years but have just left as maintaining my masters ticket was harder than maintaining my mnz ticket I work full time as a master!
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    muzled reacted to Ed in wellington to remove all organic life by 2050?   
    Its not unusual for them both to be wrong. The difference is science learns from its mistakes...
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    muzled reacted to Sabre in WTF?   
    It is frightening how quickly history’s lessons are forgotten. Humans really are a miserable species
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    muzled reacted to splat in Where is Yachting going?   
    Interesting discussion re costs versus utility.  If I sit down and look at boat ownership on a pure cost basis … anyone who I explained it too would most probably commit me to an asylum. Costs alone it does not add up...in fact... it is financially absurd. I earn a modest income and work very hard to do so like many do -  to pay for my boat. I have given up many things to enable continued ownership and also drive a twenty year old car that is worth less than my tiller pilot or a new # 3 jib. 
    However, the boat to me is way more to me than what it costs. It represents and delivers a pure freedom in an increasingly fast paced and challenging world, the ability to actively seek solitude, new challenges, fun times with family,  experience fear at times and provide constant learning including electrics, navigation, splicing etc
    If I look at the cost of ownership I have by way of example:
    Ross 30 - 2.9 beam , 2.4 draft , Composite construction
    10 metre Marina berth - $370 per month
    Insurance - $750 per year
    Memberships - $450 per year, VHF users subs 90.00 per annum
    Haul outs - wash and hold only - this year $800 (Cheap)
    Annual Maintenance haul out excluding time and labour - $1200
    Travel to boat - CHC to Waikawa - 380kms (4.5 to 5hrs) each time one way - $100.00
    Sails - Indicative - New Main circa - $8000-9500 - New # 1 jib - $4000-5000, New Spinnaker $3000.00
    Motor - Annual servicing by self - $300.00
    Aux fuel and oil - $800.00
    Running and fixed rigging repairs and maintenance - $2000.00 per year
    Improvements- AIS, MFD, instruments and installation at cost + 5% +GST - ($5500) 
    EWOF initial - Cabling and Certification - $550 re cert every four years ( $220 inspection fee)
    Cat 2/3 - every two years $200 minimum
    Raft Capital cost  and re - cert every three years $2000 + $850 -1000 every three years
    EPIRB, PLB - ??
    Garmin In reach annual subs???
    Lifejackets testing/certification ???
    Tools ???
    Dinghy repairs and maintenance annual - $120
    Aux motor service - $200 - in warranty
    PHRF cert - $180 - annually
    and so on - does it make sense on a boat that the market suggests might be worth 20k on a good day regardless of presentation and equipment list … nope
    Recently and somewhat ironically, I have had persons approach me to borrow my boat for a regatta...I'm not in an financial or philanthropic position to facilitate such a request as I'm sure some are and yet I feel guilty because I'm not assisting participation and growth in sailing!
    Wheels - sorry to hear about your loss - if you need a day out in the sounds please get in touch.
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    muzled reacted to Bad Kitty in Where is Yachting going?   
    FFS Splat, I think a lot of us would prefer that it wasn't laid out in black & white like that!
    Easier to pretend that it isn't that much if Splat doesn't do a damn spreadsheet!
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    muzled reacted to wheels in WTF?   
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    muzled reacted to Clipper in Auckland to Tauranga   
    Easter is what killed it, id suggest not a long weekend. People dont mind taking a day off work to go sailing, but families dont like losing long weekends.
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    muzled reacted to DrWatson in Pogo 36   
    Was pretty nice weather over in Brittany, but still quite chilly in the evenings - around 9-12C in the mornings. Glad the boat has a heater (Eberspacher D4).
    Boat was mint. Commissioning took the best part of a week and a bit, primarily related to some custom extras taking a little longer to sort out (watermaker was faulty - hairline crack - so sent back to factory; Solar to Li battery setup somewhat tricky), me taking ages to put the child-catching netting all round the boat (what a pain in the ar$e!) and that Christina and the little one had quite bad ear infections for the whole first week which resulted in some pretty careful lounging around at the marina. Not really sailing conducive health.
    Consequently the first week saw a total of 2-3h sailing wherein we simply tested the functionality of all sailing systems and running gear etc. Set up the NKE AP, tested AIS etc. (now visible on Marine traffic), and read a huge pile of manuals and documentation.
    One thing I noticed though, is that with the Code0 and a full main, on a 12-14knt beam reach, the helm is perfectly balanced to the point of being able to let it go. The boat just tracks on not wavering - best not to fall in... 
    Wednesday week ago, we took our leave of St Marine (check google maps) at 11:40 and beat out up to Penmarch, 16-19knt W by WSW. Up to 8.5knts over the water just slightly cracked off (48°T) for comfort. Around Penmarch, things got a little more exciting, as the forecasted 12-14 increased to 22-27 over the deck, threw in a reef, furled the jib and changed down to the Stays'l. Bore away a touch and made for the Raz with wind about 50-55°T. Seas were relatively uncomfortable as we bucked an outgoing tide (2.5knts) pushing up to Raz-de-Sien. Slow going and although not the most comfortable weather it was also not the worst and we needed to be in Brest relatively soon, so couldn't really wait another day for perfect weather. 
    Wee lad succumbed to the uncomfortable ride at about 13:00, returning his lunch all over the saloon. Christina went below to take over from me, and promptly succumbed to the motion and the smell (first time ever seasick) - spent the next 8h puking... ouch...
    Bore away to about 120-130T going through the Raz de Sien, by now with a 1-2knt tide with us, having timed our passage to take advantage of the ebb to flood "slack". And with 22-24knts of breeze sat nicely on 12 knts boat speed sliding North to anchor for the night in Camaret-sur-Mer at about 23:00 in the very last bit of light, using our spotlight to avoid anchoring on top of any crab pots laid in the anchorage. Ryobi ONE+ spotlight, insanely powerful.
    Lounged around in Camaret-sur-Mer for a couple of days then caught the flood and a 10knt westerly for the 10 miles into Brest harbour where we hauled out for dry storage until mid July. 
    Then drove 1200km home -  never again.
    Commissioning a boat from new is hard work.  The heater is awesome. Sitting around at anchor we use about 20% battery capacity in 24h. While sailing on AP with AIS and Plotter running that goes out to 25-30% for 24h with 12h sailing. Li Battery charges from 65-100% in about 30 min motoring (enough to warm up, get out of the marina and diddle around hoisting the main for the first time. Kiddy safe netting is a pain in the butt In marinas with a lot of current and wind gusts you can NEVER have enough fenders Dodger is friggin brilliant Boat is easy to sail fast  
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    muzled reacted to Black Panther in Drowning   
    Found this on FB worth a read
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    muzled reacted to Tamure in NZ Politics   
    You got played, when the media callously trots out a brown mother of 9 to fret about the expense of raising her children sorry "spawn" they know its red meat to the base. Now you know who the base is.
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    muzled got a reaction from Fish in NZ Politics   
    That certainly worked out well for in 'straya with The Stolen Generation
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    muzled reacted to Black Panther in NZ Politics   
    Let's assume Priscilla is 100% correct. That still leaves 9 innocent children who need to be clothed housed fed and educated or the cycle continues.
    I'm happy to pay for that through taxes.
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    muzled reacted to raz88 in Outboard for 2.7 Al bottomed rib.   
    I have a lightweight 2.7 rib, and 2 motors, an 8hp yamaha and a merc 3.3. the 8hp will happily plane the dinghy with 2 90kg adults. I use mine for the odd mission like setting a longline and the 8hp gives me the flexibility to get more places to do that.
    I like the 8 and if i had to choose one or the other would pick that. But if the dinghy was heavier and it didn't plane with 2 adults then in practise it wouldn't really do anything that the 3.3 doesn't. 
    So my advice is
    5hp if you use the dinghy a lot on your own and your dinghy is light enough to perform with you in it.
    8hp if you use the dinghy a lot with 2 people (and you have a light enough dinghy that it performs with 2 people in it)
    a 2 or 3hp if you don't use it much outside boat hopping/short trips ashore
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    muzled got a reaction from Rehabilitated in Sky Path   
    How much m.way would you get for $100M HT?
    I reckon you'd get about a km, maybe 2.  The east/west link the previous 4 way coalition wanted to build through Onehunga was $372M per km.
    I'll try and find the link but I read a really interesting series of stats on car use as primary mode of transport to get to work, Auckland was at 84% I think, lower than Detroit, but pretty much the same as most American cities.  Osaka was down at 18%.  It's clear we don't need more roads, we just need to change the way we move around.
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    muzled reacted to Elliot749 in NZ Politics   
    I’ve accurately described the current PM ( who
    Is also MP for us sadly) and her fellow loons that were installed by Winston around 20 months ago under this folly called MMP
    Iis iit now a crime to be white , middle class , law abiding , tax paying , and heterosexual in NZ ?
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    muzled reacted to Black Panther in NZ Politics   
    No but listening to you lot I'm beginning to think it should be????
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    muzled reacted to Rehabilitated in NZ Politics   
    You can't state that as fact until the first term in office arrives. When did they state that there would be no strikes, who has lied, who is horse face? Post a photo off yourself so the members can pass an opinion re your looks Mr / miss / Mrs non perfect.
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    muzled reacted to Elliot749 in NZ Politics   
    Taken from another website, but absolutely spot on, HorseFace and her band of clowns need to be voted out !
    Kiwibuild - fail
    Child Poverty - fail
    Immigration - fail
    CGT - fail
    Trains - fail
    Regional Development Fund - fail
    Trees - fail
    Road toll - fail
    Police numbers - fail
    Chief Technology Officer - fail
    Pike River - fail
    Police numbers - fail
    Speaker of the House - fail
    Regional Development Fund - fail
    Oil and Gas Industry - fail
    Free Speech - fail
    Open and Transparent - fail
    Education reforms - fail
    No Strikes - fail
    No lies - fail
    Labour Youth Camp - fail
    Homelessness - fail!
    NCEA Results - fail
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    muzled reacted to harrytom in The end of prosecutions for drug use and possession?   
    Oh these poor mislead people,it was a means of escaping from the struggles of everyday life. Yeah right. Agree with you "fish" what you do at home is your business, but why should you and I pay for their habit/mistake?? maybe help out once or twice but 3rd tough,probably easy to say that as my family are not affected by drugs or alcohol but what if it was yours/mine brother son wife??
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    muzled reacted to S.M.U. in Chains Ropes and Anchors Enduro   
    Finished at 2.02 this morning. Epic ride to the finish, shame about the cutoff but I think we've proven to the powers that be we deserve to be in the RNI fleet. Gotta love the SSANZ organisation, one day will make it to one of the messirr parties! Hope to be back for the LEWMAR triple with a few others from Whangarei.
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    muzled got a reaction from Rehabilitated in The end of prosecutions for drug use and possession?   
    I think this is the interview PS is talking about above, quite interesting (in more ways that one, they guys views on what his tertiary education level as a grower would be made me smile).
    Dunno if they should be first in line or not, but is there such an issue with this?  If it keeps them out of prison and they start paying taxes then that's surely a win?
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