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  1. Our insurance for the passage from France to NZ in a 9 year old 50 beneteau was only around 3.5k a year. Roughly 1% of the replacement cost of the boat.
  2. I agree on the sea of Cortez. Spent a season cruising there. Cabo San Lucas and La Paz are really fun places.
  3. The weiti river bar was fully closed out with surf yesterday afternoon. First time I have ever seen that.
  4. My new boat draws 2.15m and I will be keeping it up the river just past the stillwater wharf. Pretty keen to hear more of your thoughts on the bar depth and the best way to go. I am delivering it down this weekend.
  5. We never had to bribe anyone anywhere on our trip. Officials were friendly and helpful everywhere. Worst we had was in the canary islands where I made a mistake clearing out in Gibraltar and they got a bit upset with me. Oh and I had a falling out with the officials in Antigua when they tried to charge me $90 departure tax for each of my 3 boys as they were classed as passengers not crew. However the boat boys in the Caribbean can be a little pushy and half the time it seems like you are paying them to just leave you alone. They like to lead you into the bay and show you where to anchor, then come and ask for money for that service. I always treated them well and gave them a bit of money and my rubbish bags. Often inviting them on board for a beer. Once you are friends with them, doors seem to open and you are made welcome everywhere and feel safe and secure. We made some great friends with the boat boys but sometimes you get a dud. If you treat them badly then bad things seem to happen....... Mooring fees around the Caribbean were US$30 or 100EC. The British virgin islands had moorings everywhere in the good anchorages and it was hard to find a decent spot without picking one up or anchoring in very deep water. In 2018 the panama canal cost us just over US$2000 in total for under 50ft. That included agents costs, line and fender rental. Glen are you planning to wait it out there or park the boat in Grenada and come home?
  6. Put me on the list John. I would love to do some racing at some stage. Need to orser a few new parts for my boat though...
  7. B00B00

    Gil OS1

    My Gill pants did 3 or 4 hard years before leaking. They were pretty good. Having said that, I could not believe the difference to my new musto HPX pants. They were more flexible, lighter, and just felt much nicer against the skin. Never really had HPX gear before but was seriously impressed. As mentioned previously by a few people, if you are in the tropics then wet weather gear is hardly needed anyway! I didn't put on a long sleeved item of clothing, or even shoes on the whole cruise from France to NZ. As long as your bimini is good....
  8. The Motorboat II has now been passed over to the new owners and I'm just busy trying to keep my flotilla of kids boats afloat. We had all 3 Optis, and one of the sunbursts out yesterday for some family racing out front of the house, starling still in the shed getting a rebuild and another racing sunburst sitting on the lawn ready for some attention. But I am very close to pushing the button on another keelboat racing project.....
  9. Nothing happened to us on motorboat other than getting caught in some very light winds. Titanium who were just in front at colville managed to lay across the gulf in good breeze while we had only 5kts from right behind us. A 16nm lead turned into 4nm by the time the others brought the wind down to us. Serena is just much faster than us vmg running in light winds which is why they passed us quickly. Was a very frustrating day for us. Leg 3 and 4 ended the same with the boats behind bringing the breeze down to us while we could do nothing but wait.... That's sailing for ya.
  10. I had a volvo dripless shaft seal fail on my 10 year old beneteau 50 just out of Gibraltar on the way to the canary islands. It failed pretty badly with a huge amount of water coming in. By the time we noticed it there was a lot of water in the boat and the limber holes in the structure and some rough conditions were not letting enough water get to the central mounted bilge pumps. We had to go into a small fishing port in Morocco to get some flat water and bail the boat out before heading back to Spain for an emergency out. The internal lipseals had just worn out completley. Fantastic things but they really are not a case of fit and forget. Recommended to be replaced every 5 years by a surveyor who did our boat. Maybe our one had not been 'burped' (let the air out between the 2 seals) properly When it had gone back in the water at some stage of its life or not lubed.
  11. Left my dinghy in the water for one night after a late arrival to westhaven in the weekend and she shredded it...
  12. Pretty sure Metro went back on Trade me after he repaired it and put it back in the water and found it leaked badly. His repair was really dodgy, with screws and bog holding it together and the screw holes leaked. He posted a video somewhere that I watched.
  13. Motorboat is heading out tomorrow bound for the barrier and maybe Mercs. Back in on the 6th.
  14. Motorboat is teaming up with hard labour! New team name the go hard boat.... See ya all out there.
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