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  1. Much of the maintenance is due to the complexity or otherwise of systems. If you can be satisfied with simplicity there will be a lot less stuff to look after and fix. Add shallow draught beach ability copper coat Antifoul outboard motors solar panels and a free standing rig and you have pretty low maintenance. Won’t suit most people though.
  2. Well easier to be able to motor sail in both directions as well as having the motor always facing forward whichever way you are sailing so it catches less water. Be good when manoeuvring onto mooring etc to be able to push sideways etc too. Will need to spend some time with the boat first to see what we want though.
  3. Talking sail covers the new boat is a tidy up project which has deep u shape booms for the main and jib. Thinking of making zipped boom bags that can be tied into the bottom of the boom as lazy bags with the lazy jacks but the whole zipped bag could be removed with sail inside for storage in the hulls for winter. That and maybe a rotating outboard mount inside a beer keg or similar so I can motor in both directions.
  4. I have had them on many different boats from 28 to 46 feet and would not be without them. Always leave them up too. If you have full battens and good cars with a lazy bag you can just let the halyard go and the sail drops into the bag. Too easy. Can also use as a back I up or replacement for the topping lift too. If the batten ends get caught on the way up you can pull the cords forward but I just go head to wind and watch what I am doing
  5. I would guess more than that but lots on moorings and not actually going out much. A boat on a mooring can be pretty cheap accommodation with not a lot of bills to pay. Much less expensive if you don’t need to keep it mobile.
  6. When we lived aboard in Australia we caught rain water. Never ran out or had to get water from shore. Around:200 litre storage and a lot simpler than a water maker.
  7. Yes plenty of places to stop on the way. Would be nice to spend a summer up there but I still really like Barrier and its a lot closer
  8. Bp I think I saw your old harryproa parked up at norsand in Whangarei a month or so ago
  9. So far I have found it easier to keep one end as the front where the anchor is and the other end the back with the motor and auto pilot. There is advantages to shunting so I will set the boat up to do that mostly. Possibly a 180degree swiveling outboard bracket plus ability to use the auto pilot in both directions
  10. Around 9ft solid glass sailing dinghy from around 1970s , alloy mast , mainsail rudder oars etc, can also take an outboard, in Auckland and available for pick up after lock down cleared .similiar to a seabird and in pretty good condition. Not super light though $550 Dave
  11. Just brought the 12 m harryproa back to Auckland from taipa, nice sail over 4 days, didn’t end up shunting as I had a tiller pilot and the outboard on one end so couldn’t be bothered changing that around or going backwards. Will give it some love before next summer once things get back to normal. B8B5D75B-B434-448F-BA73-7701D7C747FE.MOV
  12. Last couple of boats we have had we fitted the gas canister stoves, quite adequate for us and as far as I know don’t need inspections. We would spend less than $50 a year on the canisters at not much more than $1 each. We have an alcohol stove on Oryx but the gas is quicker and cheaper.
  13. People have tried that and failed.
  14. People have tried and failed. Don’t think its worth the risk.
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