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  1. Hi not sure Peter hill made it for oryx his catamaran. Possibly a wells ford? Design. Anyway I initially thought it was no good as its quite narrow and tippy with only one person. But its very light and rows great as well as having sails. With 2 people or some weight in it it becomes quite stable. Was planning to keep it when I sold Oryx but the buyer talked me into letting it go. Should be easy enough to build as it doesn’t have much frame work
  2. Further north there are lots of little places you will be able to get into. Taipa river where I bought my proa from is easy at high tide and has a few local shops.
  3. Lots of boats there will be uninsured. My last boat was there this time last year next to the yellow tri in one of the photos.
  4. ex TL systems

    Jim Young

    He walked up for a chat one day about 5 years ago when I had the catamaran catabatic anchored in close at takapuna beach . Really nice guy and in great shape mentally and physically for his age Was a privilege to meet him ,I offered to take him for a sail but he was happy to just chat and have a stroll on the beach.
  5. Some people have made there own with plywood and carbon. Spending more time and less money.
  6. They don’t have to be that expensive to start second hand. I have sold a few lately at 650$ for a complete second hand foil set. I have a foil sup board for sale for $900. My mate is planning to sell a sup with foil for 1000 soon. Or you can roughly bolt a foil on to a board you already have with some extra epoxy etc. easy way to start is behind a boat. Only needs a 8hp on a dinghy to get foiling. When it gets expensive is when you want to get better gear once you are addicted.
  7. At our age BP if you want a new water toy and can afford it then you should get it while you can still enjoy it and by the way I just happen to have a lovely solid glass sailing dinghy available for sale in dairy flat for just $600. Plenty of room for both you and Angela
  8. I seem to have the same condition as you. Bought 3 isups lately as well as the multiple hard Sup’s and surfboards I already have. The ones I am really liking playing with have foils attached and ride 2 foot above the water. Can’t wait to get back into it after a recent knee replacement.
  9. Well you do have the hair and nails just that its more toe nails and back hair 😀
  10. Just bought a Sup to use on the boat. There has been some discussion on here before but might be worth grabbing one if you are interested and can afford it. Less than half price at 399 for what looks like a pretty good one with paddle etc. The surfboard warehouse Seems like in summer you would struggle to get one second hand as cheap. No association with me and I haven’t seen it yet so don’t blame me if they aren’t as good as they seem.
  11. To make it easier picking up solo you can put the bouy beside the cockpit and connect a line already prepared from the bow to the bouy rope. Then pull it in from the bow. Make sure the bouy rope is solid and maintained Or a light line with a small grapple to throw over and pick up a short floating rope tied to a second bouy. Once you are connected from the bow pulling up the main rope shouldn’t be hard. At my Pole mooring if it looks difficult conditions I sometimes anchor beside it then row a rope across then just pull myself over and pick up the anchor once settled And reverse when leaving if conditions are difficult. Prefer to take my time than end up drifting into another boat
  12. Certainly all true but still even the phone when cruising locally is so much better than we had years ago which was compass error Paper charts bearings dead reckoning etc. Sailing solo its nice to be able to quickly check my position while still keeping an eye on surroundings and sailing the boat. On an offshore trip I would want back up gps whatever the main system was.
  13. I have navionics on my phone plus iPad plus open cpn on a laptop but mostly just use the phone.
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