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  1. Sorry for my part in some thread drift . . But the US being outspent on the military by China is ludicrous.
  2. The chart below, like US military accounting in general, seriously understates US security spending - the figure in the chart DOES NOT INCLUDE: spending on the entire US itell system (NSA, CIA, FBI, and more), spending on vets pensions & health care, nuke weapons R & D and production, and much else. https://www.pgpf.org/chart-archive/0053_defense-comparison A fair estimate of total annual US military spending is around $1.2 trillion, about 7% of what used to be our GDP. https://www.fcnl.org/about/policy/issues/wars-militarism/pentagon-spending
  3. By any honest measure, the US spends more than ten times as much on the military as China. Don't trust the Blob.
  4. For sure, as you know . . the effects of tornadoes are usually restricted to particular areas - sometimes only meters apart. Don't ask the Sweetwater Seas how we know.
  5. Yeah, thanks. All those posts by Rehab made it difficult to access what others had written.
  6. Another problem with e-charts is that it is pretty easy to zoom out a bit to far on your nav screen - and if you do that, some hazards will not be shown. I can think of several fairly recent examples of boats hitting the beach and/or reefs for that reason.
  7. AJ Oliver

    She's Back...

    Hey, now hold on a minute there pardner . . . I thought we were the apex predators !!
  8. He was a key part (from skipper to head honcho) is what, five consecutive AC victories? Six? I doubt that will ever be equaled. I met his smarter brother once when he dropped into our club - very unassuming and gracious person.
  9. It is a very good film, but leaves out a huge amount of important points from the original book - Ott's Sharks and Little Fishes https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/411611.Sharks_and_Little_Fish which states that, among other things, the German submariners did not hesitate to murder officers who were incompetent or cruel. If the movie/TV versions were accurate, they would show that. But that would not boost the war-heroic narrative, would it?
  10. My first downvotes - just so crushing !!
  11. your restrictions are tougher than ours, we'll just have to wait a month (or more?) to find out if yours have been more efficacious. Here by the Sweetwater Seas, for now all the yacht club facilities are closed; but the marine service folks are still allowed to splash boats, and we are still allowed to be out there. These rules are state-by-state in the US; and they can change at any time. Wheels et al make a good point about recreational boaters tying up rescue/first responder resources. Your attitude of "all in this together" will get you through it. Love ya to pieces
  12. Come on now Mr. Knot, you do have an interesting perspective - well, mostly But you need to be respectful and play nice For myself, I'd like you to be able to stick around for a while. (On lockdown here by the Sweetwater Seas, the Admiral and I have been watching a good bit of old US film "noir' on YouTube. Dark stuff, a lot of it) May you find peace, or peace find you - whichever comes first
  13. I'm tellin' ya I've got a million of them ! or para tu esposa . . Te digo que tnego un millon de ellas ! With apologies to James Durante - long ago humor.
  14. Speaking as your pet gringo - only one account
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