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Found 3 results

  1. echoesof88

    Ross 490

    Hey Crewers, I have a Ross 490 two man dinghy that I have been sitting on for a LONG time, which I have recently ovehauled and intend to get into seriously sailing it. Have noticed that about once every 5 years or so one comes up for sale on trademe, or if someone asks you what boat you have and you respond they come back with "oh i knew a guy who had one of those"... So, in an attempt to bring the Ross 490 community together, and for me to get a gauge on how to set mine up properly, id be dead keen to hear from anyone who owns one. Im based in Blenheim. I have #18 Ile Flottante Cheers Andrew
  2. Looking for a replacement wheel for the Dinghy Wheel - Yachtsman brand One of the wheels fell off (dodgy split pin) and can't source spares. Cheers Scott
  3. I'm looking at getting an inflatable dinghy as a yacht tender but what should I consider? I figure the collective knowledge and experience here should be able to point me in the right direction. I'm looking for something that can carry at least three people but I can stow on the foredeck of a 9.5m yacht and be able to drag up the beach and launch single-handed so not crazy heavy or large. I'm tending to an alloy RIB but I'm open to suggestions given a good reason. I don't have an unlimited budget so second-hand is also an option. What should I avoid and what should I look for?
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