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PropGold vs Prop speed

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Over two years ago I applied peller clean to my 4 x alloy props, cost around $160 to buy the stuff from the same trade me trader who now sells propgold.


I hauled the boat a month ago and after a water blast the props came up mint..I had been watching them closely for the past two years and they were always very clean after a run up,even just idling in gear in marina berth.


So impressed I tried to get more of the stuff for a reapplication only to be told he now only had propgold..don't know how propgold stacks up and its a shame he stopped selling pellerclean as that stuff rocks.


However , I have no reason to suspect his new propgold is not as good as the pellerclean..he was good to his word when I dealt with him and the product stacked up as he promised.


In the end got some one to apply propspeed just cause my time was short and prepping and painting  4 x props was time I did not have...


But if I was doing just one prop would definitely do it my self again. 


Will be interesting to see how the professionally applied  propspeed stacks up in comparison to off the shelf stuff applied by someone with zero professional training or experience. 


Apologies for pics quality but these two pics show the props when freshly done and then after two years in the marina and many hours at 3000 rpm in between.


Edit..the pic in the tent is two years later.



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