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Particularly liked this


Rumours & Lies:


· ‘Rental' is still getting new foils.


· ‘Akarana Express' is still getting a new coat of paint.


· ‘Creepy' is in Little Shoal Bay recovering from the last windward leeward race day


· 'Tigre' has been working steadily on breaking every foil in the boat.


· 'Deeds' is in line for the receipt of some diving accessories after the last windward leeward day


· 'Voom' has sold -welcome Mr & Mrs Clipper to 8.5 racing -we are looking forward to seeing Voom flying a hull


· The ‘GDT’ is out there under her new owners and racing in the occasional winter series race


· Lucifer has been out of action over the winter with Laurie contesting a number of match racing regattas and coaching in Europe


· rumours of various small scale experiments with lifting foils .... with a view to scale up to 8.5 size.


· ‘Still on the Hard’ (drive) is just about ready to relaunch...ok this is rumours and lies

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Sorry that the GDT can't come out to play, it's shored up alongside Creepy et al at Little Shoal Bay getting a lick of Super Go Fast paint, a new carbon prod, sheets and a rudder fix. Big Props to Jase and co for all the help & advice.

Mast jammers also being moved to accommodate dinkier owners with burning calves.


Not so sincere thanks to everyone who has seen fit to gleefully point out where the forward sections of our ama's are no longer mates with their bulkheads. Ignorance was bliss. :) :)

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'Mrs Clipper" wasn't so sure about her new name... :D


Give her a choice then "Mrs Clipper" or "Barbie"



Kyle, you have met "Mrs Clipper".


I dare you to call her barbie. I certainly wont be. Have you seen her frown - boy oh boy. That look could strip paint.



There is already one poor girl who still seeems to be called "Barbie", even after many many years.

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